Thursday, May 28, 2015

Undeniably, Gun Deaths Up Nationwide

Gun deaths are up across the country, significantly in some states. Nationwide they are up 12% but Maine had the highest increase of 93%. The analysis was done by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution researching through government statistics, insurance industry data and reports from state vital-records agencies over the past decade. Five states had fewer gun deaths: The District of Columbia, California, New York, Maryland and Illinois. All five states have pretty strict gun control laws. Here are some more interesting figures:
California, the most populous state, reported 3,026 deaths from firearms in 2013. Georgia, with the eighth-highest population, had the sixth-most gun deaths: 1,262. Others in the top 10: Texas (No. 2 in both population and gun deaths), Florida (No. 3 in both categories), Pennsylvania (No. 4 in gun deaths, No. 6 in population), Ohio (fifth in gun deaths, seventh in population), North Carolina (No. 7 in gun deaths, No. 9 in population), Michigan (No. 8 and No. 10, respectively), Illinois (No. 9 in gun deaths, No. 5 in population), and Tennessee (tenth in gun deaths, but only 17th in population).
It is fair to conclude from these figures that stronger gun control laws prevent gun violence. Not all of it, but one life saved is worth the passing of the legislation.


  1. Yet, our politicians who are owned by the NRA and who are voted into office by ever smaller numbers of right-wing extremist electorate will do nothing to curb the insanity.

    It's disturbing, how unwarranted death is fair game to an industry which produces absolutely nothing in the way of valuable necessity.

  2. Some Interesting Poll Data - yet, our politicians continue to do NOTHING. And they will continue to do so, until we insist they do otherwise.

    77% of NRA members favor a waiting period for purchase of a handgun

    82% of American support limiting the sales of military-style assault weapons

    94% of police chiefs favor requiring a background check for all handgun sales.

    Support for background checks on private gun sales, including gun shows:

    87% of American
    83% of gun owners
    69% of NRA gun-owners
    Support for limiting handgun sales to one per person per month:

    65% of Americans
    59% of gun owners
    Support for registration of handguns

    79% of Americans
    69% of police chiefs
    61% of gun owners
    59% of NRA members



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