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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I want concealed carry permits revoked for all except those with special needs…especially in Arizona

Arizona gun nuts

I can hear the screaming already from those gun bubbas that have to pack heat just to prove their masculinity.  And don’t throw the 2nd Amendment at me because I really don’t believe the right to bear arms includes necessarily outside the home.  And if you people keep pushing this you are going to find yourselves without the right to even own a firearm, putting your buddy Wayne LaPierre and his organization the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) fanatics out of business.

For years the NRA has refused to budge on even negotiating over new gun control regulation.  And this has now come back to haunt them simply because the American public no longer believes the NRA’s bullshit about your “absolute” right to own a gun.  Nothing, particularly in respect to the U.S. Constitution, is absolute and this will be a key factor on any future decisions by the Supreme Court in deciding on gun control.  Just get used to being on the defense.

The Associated Press is reporting, “The next big issue in the national debate over guns — whether people have a right to be armed in public — is moving closer to review by the U.S. Supreme Court.”  It’s time to get these cowboys off the street and restrict the right to law enforcement and those with special needs.  I mentioned Arizona in the headline because there are people walking around all over this state that shouldn’t be carrying a gun.

Because of loose Arizona gun laws, loosest in the nation, you can buy a gun with no background check, use it without any training, and carry it anywhere you want to, including a bar.  Thanks to a Republican legislature that is one bullet short of a full cylinder, the gun nuts thrive here brandishing their toys with relish.  And although an Illinois federal appeals court struck down a state ban on carrying concealed weapons, there is disagreement here with other federal courts.

These courts have upheld state and local laws banning concealed weapons based on the Supreme Court’s ruling that individuals have the right to have a gun for self defense.  In Dist. Of Columbia v. Heller, the court ruled in favor of Dick Heller that allowed him to own a handgun in D.C. for self defense in his home.  Many have interpreted this to mean that the Supremes just might consider the banning of concealed weapons permits outside of the home.

The AP article points out that these split decisions between appeals courts is the very thing that whets the Supreme Court’s appetite for a juicy case.  UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, who published his book, “Gunfight,” last year believes SCOTUS just might take on the challenge.  Winkler thinks the Illinois statute would fall if put to a test before the Supreme Court.  He just isn’t sure how far the decision might reach re. an outright ban.  We’ll take our chances.

I’ll settle for the high Court to take a look at the whole concealed weapons issue, which could put yet another nail in the coffin of Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Assn. (NRA).  This organization and its radical management must be stopped and now is the time with the recent gun carnage in Newtown Sandy Hook School and other mass killings.  There is no doubt that gun control is on the move and the momentums is very encouraging.

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