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Monday, February 22, 2021

PARODY: Nevada brothel gals say they can work at arm's length


This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy!

The saying in 'sin city' is, "What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." It becomes even more appropriate since COVID-19 hit the strip about a year ago. I haven't heard of a Las Vegas variant yet, but with the way crowds gather there, transmissibility would not be acceptable to the CDC. The brothels are shut, the girls are out of work, and the Johns, well, they're forced to bring their wife or girlfriend without.

Dr. Fauci would, of course, recommend wearing a mask, a move that I believe most would agree would make it much less amorous. plus eliminate certain amenities. But as far as the social distancing, another of Fauci's precautions, is concerned, it was sex worker Alice Little who said, "We could easily do work at arm’s length," just like they allow with massage therapy and dental services. Think about that for a moment and you'll come up with unlimited comeback cracks. However, Nevada regulators were completely stumped which led them to reexamine the rulebook for size and methodology specifications.



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