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Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Agony of Stupidity


The New York Times reports, "On Podcasts and Radio, Misleading Covid-19 Talk Goes Unchecked." We have heard promises from Facebook and Twitter for months, yet this Nov. 12 headline from the New York Times. Freedom of speech guaranteed by the 1st Amendment does not include purposely killing people with misinformation and for profit. Here's a recent example...

On a recent episode of his podcast, Rick Wiles, a pastor and self-described “citizen reporter,” endorsed a conspiracy theory: that Covid-19 vaccines were the product of a “global coup d’état by the most evil cabal of people in the history of mankind.”

“It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body,” Mr. Wiles said on his Oct. 13 episode. “This is like a sci-fi nightmare, and it’s happening in front of us.”

Does it get any stupider than this? Obviously we aren't talking the typical social media like Facebook and Twitter, but podcasts are a form of socializing, and, it is free of government regulation for the time being. Wiles is dead from Covid-19 but we wonder how many innocent victims he took with him??? Tsk Tsk


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Agony of Stupidity...Dying from Misinformation


Two daughters are motherless because their mother, Cori Taylor-Wall, like so many other idiots, believed in the senseless and laughable crackpot misinformation on Covid-19 she got from the Internet. The kids claim they were her life, which makes no sense because, if they had been, she wouldn't have acted in such a foolish way. More from the daughter Kellie...

"described their mother as a “supermom” with a big heart, but had grown unhappy with her anti-vaccine stance."

There is no excuse for a mother with two loving children begging her to save her life, to not take every precaution in the book. "Unhappy with her anti-vaccine stance" came a little late. But it seems it is what all these dumb deniers say in the end. Tsk, Tsk.   READ MORE.

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