Latest survey Bernie Sanders within 6 points nationally

Bernie says, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
This is the latest poll showing Hillary Clinton's lead on Bernie Sanders is down to only six points, although I have seen others where he is either even or ahead. Go figure. The NBC News SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll has Clinton at 49% with Sanders 43%. She is down four points in a week, the Bern up 2. Although Hillary Clinton recently turned her campaign focus to the national election, these figures plus more below should give her pause.

Demographically, Bernie has improved his voting preference with men, while Hillary has declined. Sanders with a 47 percent to 45 percent advantage here. Clinton also drops in white voting preference in a week to 45 where Sander's numbers have increased. In the same period Hillary dropped from 50 to 45 in Hispanic preference and 68 to 64 percent in the black vote. We'll see what another week brings along with large state April primaries.

This has become a trend that must have caught the attention of the superdelegates that at some point have to decide just who the American Progressive public wants as their nominee, as well as who can win the election in November. The numbers are clearly screaming Bernie Sanders.

Shallow media concentrates on Donald Trump

In yesterday's post I pointed out a specific example of how the media is skewing articles and broadcasts toward a mention of Donald Trump to take advantage of a ratings hit. "Susan Sarandon MSNBC interview example of media Trump obsession" points out how the barely mention of Trump in the interview leads to him as the headline, as if Bernie Sanders were an afterthought. When in fact Sarandon gave one of the best evaluations of the Bern's qualities I've ever heard.

This all started with a read of The Nation article, "Trumped by the Media," which points out how Donald Trump has commandeered and corrupted the U.S. media. The Republican Party has been helped measurably because all the attention has increased their voter turnout, which in turn hurts it for the Democrats. "On Super Tuesday, Democratic primary turnout was down roughly a third from 2008 levels." But the GOP turnout was way up.

When you tie this all in with barriers created by Republican passed voter-ID laws, and the media is owned and controlled by big corporations, you have to wonder just what is going on. Here's what Bernie says: "In the United States today, six media conglomerates control almost all forms of mainstream media. Consequently, fewer and fewer people are determining what we watch, hear, and read — compromising our access to accurate and unbiased information."

Here's more from The Nation: "Anyone who understands how the modern media shape the narrative, as opposed to simply reporting on it, knows the answer. As of late February, the wrangling between Trump and his top two rivals (Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz) was given twice as much time on network TV as the Clinton-Sanders contest." It sounds like a combination of chasing ratings while at the same time denying Bernie Sanders his time just because of his message.

And finally, here's the ultimate example of corporate greed over doing the right thing:
"CBS chief Les Moonves says of the ratings and revenue bonanza associated with the Trump moment: 'It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.'"
Bernie Sanders couldn't have made his point any better.

Susan Sarandon MSNBC interview example of media Trump obsession

Susan Sarandon
I just read an article in The Nation that reflects the shallowness of the U.S. media. It is obsessed with Donald Trump because any mention of his name improves ratings. And that is because a hell of a lot of mentally challenged people think the man is...I'm not sure what. As they say, like minds travel together and MSNBC fits the mold. Susan gave Chris Hayes an outstanding interview on what Bernie Sanders is about. But this is how the network billed it:
"Susan Sarandon on voting Trump:'LOL'" 
Yes, that was their headline today and although it will attract the Trump lowlife, it speaks nothing to what Susan Sarandon said about Bernie Sanders, all of which was great. If I didn't know it was "ratings baiting" one might think MSNBC is pushing Hillary Clinton...or Donald Trump. The Nation article also cites a Tyndall 2015 report showing 234 network minutes for Trump compared to just 10 for Sanders. Pretty pathetic, huh.

Well, here's the headline MSNBC should have used, followed by the Susan Sarandon interview again: CHRIS HAYES GETS THE REAL SUBSTANCE OF THE BERNIE SANDERS CAMPAIGN FROM SUSAN SARANDON. Here it is:

Mitch McConnell gets it shoved in his face

It was the pompous idiot Mitch McConnell who said President Obama's Supreme Court nomination would never be allowed to be voted on. More of the same crap fighting anything the President proposes. First, Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican from Illinois, in effect thumbed his nose at McConnell and said he would meet with the nominee, Merrick Garland, and he has done so. As far as I know, there has been no reaction from moron Mitch.

And then Vice President Joe Biden said, “It’s frankly ridiculous … there is no Biden Rule.” He said McConnell was, "...quoting selectively” from a speech he made in 1992... "The longer this high court vacancy remains unfilled, the more serious a problem we will face — problem compounded by turbulence, confusion and uncertainty about our safety and security, our liberty and privacy, the future of our children and grandchildren." Biden said.

Just today 16 Republican senators said they will meet with Garland. MSNBC reports, "That includes senators up for re-election in Blue States, such as New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte and Illinois’ Mark Kirk, who will be the first Republican to actually meet with Garland..." MSNBC continues, "At least three GOP senators also back a hearing for Garland’s nomination — moderates like Illinois’ Kirk and Maine’s Susan Collins, plus Kansas’ Senator Jerry Moran..."

Obviously Mitch McConnell does not have the backing of at least 25% of the chamber he leads. It's time for this blockhead to be put out to pasture. One thing is for certain, Bernie sanders won't put up with his idiocy when he gets to the White House.

Susan Sarandon on Bernie Sanders-MUST SEE VIDEO

Chris Hayes interviewed Susan Sarandon on MSNBC and any Bernie Sanders supporter must see this 24-carat lady talk about how she sees hope in the Bern for this country. And for those of you who are in Hillary Clinton's camp, or even conservatives who are looking for real change but have decided the Republicans will never have it, you just might find your goal here;

Take a look:

Bernie Sanders buries Clinton in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii

This isn't just momentum, this is a mandate. For Bernie Sanders. He swept the

March 26, caucuses with imposing victories that should convince everyone--most of all Hillary Clinton--that the Bern is far from out of this race, even considering her lead in delegates. Bernie bounded through Alaska gleaning 82% of the vote, Washington 73%, Hawaii 70%. These states are pretty representative of the west coast, where Sanders hopes to do the most damage to Clinton's lead.

Of course we switch to the Midwest and then the east coast in April starting with Wisconsin, then New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Clinton has a 2.5 point lead in Wisconsin, in New York, Clinton with a 20 to 40 point lead, Maryland she is 20 to 30 points out front, and Pennsylvania again 20 to 30 points. Some of these polls were taken in early March so it is possible the results have changed favoring Bernie. The balance of April later.

With the Bern's momentum/mandate from March 26, it is really more than likely he can expect a better return in all of the above states. From there it is a mixture of geographies until we get to California. 

Bernie Sanders sweeps Saturday Primaries

Bernie Sanders decisive sweep of Saturday's Primaries in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii prove the momentum for the Revolution is still as strong as ever. Yes, Bernie trails Hillary Clinton 1,712 to 1,004 in total delegates, but when you remove the 469 superdelegates, her lead is only 268. We know the superdelegates could go to either candidate between now and July. The Bern thinks, and so do his supporters, that he will prove to be the most electable in November.

RealClearPolitics RCP poll averages show Clinton 50.0 to 38.8 against Trump, but only 46.7 to 43.8 with Cruz. Sanders is 54.7 to 37.2 against Trump and 49.6 to 41.2 with Cruz, a clear higher margin of success. The key here is the forces working to defeat Donald Trump seem assured of some success and if so, that would leave Cruz where Hillary holds only a 2.9 spread, Bernie 8.4. And John Kasich beats Clinton by 6.5 where Sanders beats him by 1.

The minute the superdelegates sense that either Hillary Clinton is floundering, or Bernie Sanders is commanding the attention of the American public and can't be stopped, which becomes more evident each day, There will be a mass exodus of superdelegate votes to the Bern. 

Is Elizabeth Warren "Cheering Bernie On ' just short of endorsement?

Elizabeth Warren-Bernie Sanders 
Elizabeth Warren today said about Bernie Sanders, “He’s out there. He fights from the heart.” Then followed with, “This is who Bernie is, and he has put the right issues on the table for the Democratic Party and for the country in general. So I’m still cheering Bernie on.” And she is so right. You cannot find another candidate in the last century who has campaigned with the level of passion for his cause, and with an honesty in his presentation than Bernie Sanders.

In the past Warren has said, "Bernie's out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about." And back in January a Fortune magazine headline blazed, "Elizabeth Warren Makes Bernie Sanders' Case Better Than He Does." Warren and Sanders make the same case for a Progressive way to improve the country we live in, although Bernie goes a bit further in his health care plan. The pair would make an unbeatable combination in the general election.

And if Elizabeth Warren did endorse Bernie Sanders, it would not guarantee a primary win but it would certainly beef up Bernie's support and most likely send his momentum skyrocketing. That may have already started with a new Bloomberg national poll out on March 24, showing Bernie Sanders at 49%, Hillary Clinton 48%. The Bern can compound on that with Washington state, Hawaii and Alaska caucuses coming up tomorrow. So get out and vote!

In 2009 ThinkProgress did a survey and found that 47% of Americans were Progressive/Liberal, 48% Conservative/Libertarian. Since then the U.S. has slowly but surely moved toward a more Progressive political philosophy which hasn't been evident due to the loud mouth Republicans and the Tea Party. Their thinking is if you scream the loudest, you must be the best. Donald Trump is now the epitome of this belief.

It's hard to say what Elizabeth Warren will do but today's kind of "almost" endorsement will go a long way.  

Republicans win by blocking votes

Voter lines Arizona 2016 Primary
Arizona will do anything it can to prevent the minority vote and it did prior to the March 22, Primary by shutting down several voting locations...mostly where blacks and Hispanics live. Tucson, to the south, had twice as many places to vote in Pima County than Phoenix in Maricopa, and is one-third the size of Maricopa. Tucson is also much more liberal. But it isn't just Arizona, it is all over the country in Republican controlled states.

MSNBC reports, "North Carolina’s voter ID law and other rule changes kept a significant number of would-be voters from the polls, reports suggest. And ID laws in Texas, Alabama, and Virginia also appear to have had an impact." NCs Governor is a Republican, as is Arizona's. It was redistricting that has created these pockets of GOP control and the only way to solve the problem is for Progressives to come out in November in local elections and vote it down.

And here are the facts to back all this up. ThinkProgress has the shocking numbers; "...researchers found that in primary elections, a strict ID law could be expected to depress Latino turnout by 9.3 points, Black turnout by 8.6 points, and Asian American turnout by 12.5 points.” And this is just what Republicans are shooting for, repression of voters that vote for Democrats. In addition, the young vote waits until Election Day so how many Bernie Sanders voters were lost?

There's more from ThinkProgress: "The impact of strict voter ID was also evident in general elections, where minority turnout plummeted in relation to the white vote. 'For Latinos in the general election, the predicted gap more than doubles from 4.9 points in states without strict ID laws to 13.5 points in states with strict photo ID laws,' the study found."  If the American public doesn't find this completely unacceptable, then, the empathy of this country is in the sewer.

Like I said before, it isn't just Arizona, No. Carolina or the other states mentioned, it's wherever you find a "wake" of Republicans. Wake is the name for a group of buzzards. 

Bernie Sanders Sayings

If you look at the newspapers here - the Washington papers - most of the discussion deals with campaign gossip.

Where are you older voters for Bernie Sanders?

Older folks vote and they vote early
It still astonishes me why the older voting crowd hasn't come around to Bernie Sanders side. Hillary Clinton is still drawing this group when all the negative factors like his Democratic Socialism have been explained in detail. It might be the recognition thing and as the Bern wins more states it will change for the better. Sanders' younger voters are a driving force for him but the older crowd voted 72% to 45% in the 2012 election.

Clinton used Tony Bennett and Jamie Lee Curtis in her promotion so Bernie should enlist Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito and Steve Wozniak who have voiced support for his candidacy. Bernie Sanders is 74-years-young and as is evidenced by his campaign, well up to handling the White House. If he could capture at least a large portion of this base, his worries over delegates would be eased significantly.

The question is, are these older voters for Clinton also donors or are they just the result of polls? This headline makes one wonder, "Clinton claim on small donors is ‘mostly false,’ PolitiFact finds." According to federal disclosure data, small donors account for only 17 percent of the dollar amount of Hillary Clinton's campaign. When you spread this around several demographics Clinton claims in her camp, apparently the older voters aren't that excited over her candidacy.

Bernie Sanders raised raised $5.2 million in the 18 hours after the polls closed in New Hampshire. It's this kind of enthusiastic response he could generate with older voters who apparently are not reacting similarly to Clinton now. Since this group has a tendency to vote early, Bernie's campaign workers must get to them earlier making a strong case for their candidate. This age range is averse to radical change so the Bern needs to convince them he is actually mainstream.

Which when you look at all his issues, he really is.

Bernie Sanders wins significant majority of March 22 voting

Bernie Sanders lost Arizona to Hillary Clinton but he won Idaho and Utah with overwhelming numbers: Idaho 78% to 21.2%; Utah 79.3% to 20.3%. I live in Arizona and just to mention the word Progressive in this state sends the sheltered conservatives running for cover. The Bern amassed 71 delegates to Clinton's 54. He may be behind (Clinton 1,223 total pledged delegates to Sanders' 920) but the momentum is building again as the primaries work West.

On March 26, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington vote. There are no meaningful polls that I can find for any of the three states but Politico's assessment is, "He’s also in a strong position to reel off a few more victories on Saturday — when caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington take place." They add that "the revolution remains stalled," which I disagree with considering one particular factor. Super delegates want to win and Bernie is the most electable.

In a blazing headline this month, Huff Post said, "In Nearly Every Blue, Purple, and Light-Red State, Bernie Sanders Polls Better Against Trump Than Hillary Clinton." These states include Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, No. Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton wins in only one, Florida. And it's not only super delegates; the Bern could close that 300 deficit with California (June 7 primary) alone which has 546 delegates.

Add to that Oregon and New Jersey coming up and this fight is a long way from being over.

How does your state stand in gun laws?

Legal in Iowa

If you live in Kansas, your gun laws are considered the worst by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. If you are in Alaska, you are number one in gun deaths. The states with the best gun laws are California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts, in that order. The five states with the worst gun laws are Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Mississippi and Kansas dead last.

How can Iowa rank 17 in gun laws allowing blind people to carry them in public? Arizona is justifiably 47th, partially because gun owners can bring their firearms into a bar. South Dakota was the first state to allow all teachers to carry heat in classrooms. In Colorado a Republican introduced legislation requiring all businesses to allow guns on the premises. Missouri wants to make it a felony to introduce gun legislation. There are more stupid gun laws you can see here.

As gun control advocates have said for years now, the gun culture is out of control with their goal to put as many firearms on the street as they can. And it is all carefully orchestrated by Wayne LaPierre, along with his National Rifle Assn. (NRA) minions, who have somehow convinced the American public, even non-gun owners, that the 2nd Amendment is sacred. Well, I say the 2nd Amendment is doo doo and it is time to flush most of it down the toilet.

LaPierre professes to be protecting his membership in the NRA by enacting all these stupid gun laws but his real intent is to support the sale of guns on behalf of gun manufacturers to increase their profits. If he was working for his membership he would not oppose background checks that are favored by 75% of these members. Only the gun nuts are against responsible gun laws but by far they are the most vocal in yelling persecution.

President Obama has tried but failed in passing stricter gun legislation, knowing full well at the time it would never get through a GOP House, and if by chance it did, the succubus of the senate, McConnell, would never let it pass. Gun control advocates are having some luck at the state and local level and with more Progressives winning these positions in the fall, hopefully we can prevail. This means all you Progressives be sure and get out the vote.

Latest Mitch McConnell idiocy...NRA must approve Supreme Court nominee

How far will the American people let this lunatic go before sending him packing. The National Rifle Assn. (NRA) run by Wayne LaPierre not only controls the U.S. Congress, but now it controls the Supreme Court. Yes, Mitch McConnell has said in effect that the NRA has veto power over Supreme Court nominees. Not officially, just by controlling members of the senate who will vote just like Wayne LaPierre's minions tell them to. This is beyond disgusting.

The Moderate Voice says, "it has not ever happened that a party would not even allow hearings on a President’s nominee." That is, not until Mitch McConnell came along. MV says, he has..."re-written the rules on Supreme Court nominees: the powerful National Rifle Association now has veto power over all Supreme NRA has taken over control of the federal government." This mentally misguided ideologue is completely out of control.

Now all you gun control apathetics--my term for those of you who say they won't worry about it until it affects you personally--can see how far the NRA has pushed its power, to the extent it now has final approval over a Supreme Court justice. Many in this apathetic group do not even own firearms, but for some stupid reason they are fighting for the right of a gun nut to do just about anything he or she wants to do with their weapons.

The recall of members of the Congress is not permissible as defined in the Constitution. My gut tells me that if it was, there would be a recall in the process right now for Mitch McConnell. Maybe it is time for a Constitutional Amend. to change that but since most of the congressional members worth getting rid of are Republicans, and they now control Congress, the effort would be worthless. In the meantime, shoot for the overthrow of the GOP in November by Progressives.

Bernie Sanders broadside on super delegates

It isn't important that Bernie Sanders said in the past he wouldn't need the superdelegates, because the 2016 election has taken so many surprising turns it is hard for anyone to keep up, even the candidates. What is important is the fact that he now realizes he needs a new strategy to get the nomination. On MSNBC his campaign staff said...
"...that he may not be able to catch Hillary Clinton through the primary/caucus delegate process, but the campaign might come close, at which point Team Bernie might ask superdelegates to give Sanders the nomination anyway, even if he’s trailing Clinton after voters have had their say."
This is why they might be taking this new tact. Back in October of 2015, The Hill said, "Since their only goal is electing a candidate capable of winning the White House, it's highly doubtful Clinton's alleged 60 percent support among superdelegates will remain until the end of the primaries. Like his surge in the polls and the Clinton campaign's continued decline, superdelegates will flock to Sanders for a number of reasons."

The first reason is no longer valid since the Bern's momentum was slowed down by the early Southern states and the black votes for Hillary Clinton. But the momentum is far from gone when we know that Sanders out-raised Clinton in January and vastly out-raised her in February. Second, even though the energy created in Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan has dwindled, Bernie is still within 10 points of Hillary nationally.

Third, superdelegates want to win. In the general election, Bernie Sanders will win against all three current Republican candidates and significantly. Clinton loses against Kasich big time, would have lost against Rubio, barely winning over Cruz. There are 10 total reasons the Bern will get the superdelegates you can see here. Another is 57% of Americans don't trust Hillary and swing states Florida, Ohio, Penn., Colorado, Iowa and Virginia have negative favorability.

So all of you folks that doubt the outcome of the Primary results, perhaps rightfully so, perhaps, when your candidate changes their strategy that differs somewhat from the past, rest assured that Bernie Sanders is in control and knows full well what he is doing.

Arizona, Idaho and sure and vote today. For Bernie.

Mitch McConnell must be dealt with

When a member of Congress stands in the way of a President's programs because he opposes the substance of those programs, that is politics. When he does it simply because he hates the President due to the fact he is...Barack Obama, this Congressional person needs a thorough psychiatric examination. I am, of course, talking about Senate leader Mitch McConnell, a confirmed racist in a position of authority he should be removed from at any cost.

Once again McConnell has said no to a lame duck Supreme Court nomination, referring to the President's naming of Judge Merrick Garland for Justice who, by the way, is a disappointment to many Progressives. NBCNews|SurveyMonkey Supreme Court Nomination Poll, conducted online from March 17-18, 2016 among a national sample of 1,838 adults aged 18 and over found 61% think Congress should vote now, 36% say wait for next President.

There are also precedents for naming Supreme Court Justices in the final year of a Presidency reported by Amy Howe, a lawyer and editor of SCOTUS Blog you can read here. These precedents aren't conclusive but they point to a more conducive Congress and certainly none of these Presidents had to deal with a mentally deranged Senate head like Mitch McConnell. McConnell's favorability ratings have taken a nose dive even with his own Republican base.

I realize the American public does not have all the facts when considering Garland. But, then, neither does Mitch McConnell who opposes him not because of his stand on the issues but rather just because he is an appointee of Barack Obama. President Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents but Mitch McConnell's legacy will be one of holding a country hostage for eight years, placing the nation's progress behind his vengefulness.

YES-NO - Gun manufacturers responsible for gun violence?

Most of you know me and are well aware that I am an avid, passionate supporter of responsible gun control. I go to the extent that I would take all the cowboy vigilantes off the street and make them keep their guns at home. Don't worry guys, your girlfriend or spouse will still think you are a man...probably. But I don't agree with the parents of the Sandy Hook victim that exclaims Bernie Sanders is wrong about gun manufacturer responsibility for gun deaths.

What these folks are implying is that the morons in Congress have done the right thing by not addressing the real problem of gun violence...too many guns on the street in the wrong hands. The gun manufacturer, in fact, is not wrong selling an AR-15 rifle because it is legal and that is because Congressional idiots let the assault weapons ban expire in 2004. Sure, gun manufacturers are guilty of having absolutely no common sense at times selling them, knowing how dangerous they are.
It's not legally wrong. It is logically wrong. Mark and Jackie Barden should go after the bottom-feeders in Washington that take millions from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) every year and then vote the way they are told on gun issues. It's sickening to see the way gun violence has taken over this country and the American public doesn't appear to give a shit. I want you to take a look at a report from the Gun Violence Archive 2016.

Total number of incidents              10,590
Number of deaths                             2,677
Number of injuries                           5,424
Number of children (0-11)
  killed/injured                                     613
Mass shootings                                      51
Accidental shooting                             534

And folks, this is only since January 1, 2016. But have you heard one member of Congress lamenting over the fact that these individuals died, especially the children? If so, it was not within earshot of the NRA. If you want to lay blame, put it squarely where it belongs, on Wayne LaPierre and his National Rifle Assn. Add to that those gun dealers who recklessly want to sell guns with little concern over who they are selling them to. One such case is straw purchase sales.

I totally agree with the end result the Bardens are fighting for and have great sympathy for their cause. It is just misdirected and infers that our dysfunctional Congress is not to blame for gun violence in America. The people of this country must stand up now and tell Washington that we want responsible gun control

As usual Mitch McConnell lies through his teeth

The meaning of "lied though his teeth" is to tell someone something that you know is completely false. And that is precisely what Senate leader Mitch McConnell did when he used the "Biden Rule" as the reason he would not consider President Obama's nomination to fill Justice Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court. I watched him speak on the Senate floor and observed a U.S. Senator intentionally lying to make his point.

Because he hates Barack Obama.

How does this kind of bottom feeder make it into the U.S. Senate? How does this kind of bottom feeder stay in the U.S. Senate?

The "Biden Rule" is an "...observation to the effect that if an outgoing president nominates someone before the summer of his last term in office, that person typically receives the Senate’s approval, but that if he or she is nominated during the summer, that person does not — meaning that McConnell even gets what could be called the “Biden Observation” wrong.), as reported by Salon. This was in 1992 when Joe Biden was chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

In another Salon comment, "The Senate Majority Leader said that the august body 'will continue to honor the Biden rule,' which doesn't exist." Continued proof that Mitch McConnell will go to any length to block anything that Barack Obama proposes. Just because it comes from Barack Obama. There are many reasons to get Republicans out of Congress but Mitch McConnell is the epitome of those efforts.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination it will be one of the biggest losses ever for this country #sanders

I'll say it again, 'If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination it will be one of the biggest losses ever for this country.' Why? Because the U.S. needs a Bernie Sanders revolution to get our business back in order. Look at where we are today with a dysfunctional Congress and the leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, saying he won't even look at an Obama nomination to fill Scalia's place on the Supreme Court. Simply because this moron hates the President.

We're talking Republicans, the reason for all of the problems of the last thirteen years. It all started with Ronald Reagan; yes the man revered by the GOP and some Democrats. He handed the mantle to George H.W. Bush who did nothing terrible because he did nothing at all. And then came the clincher, his son, George W. Bush who almost brought this country to its knees. And in the recent primaries his brother, Jeb, finally found out America is sick of the Bushes.

Come on, folks, the U.S. has been shifting toward progressive politics with grassroots movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. And along with this Vice points out there is "...a new crop of unapologetically liberal politicians like Elizabeth Warren, Bill De Blasio and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. The time is here and we mustn't pass it up. Bernie Sanders has shown amazing staying power with upset after upset so we mustn't let him down now.

Bernie Sanders Sayings #sanders

As Vermont's senator and a member of the Budget Committee, I will not support a plan to reduce the deficit that does not call for shared sacrifice.

Bernie Sanders roars into March 15 Primaries #sanders

Here are the latest Democratic Primary polls by state from late Monday afternoon:

Quinnipiac - Ohio


Quinnipiac - Florida


CBS -Illinois


Public Policy Polling - Missouri


Huff Post - No. Carolina

     Sanders 34.6%

Bernie Sanders leads in Illinois (Clinton's home state-does that tell you something?) and Missouri, not a big one but a lead is a lead. He is close in Ohio (5 points) but still has work to do in Florida and No. Carolina. From here we are on to Arizona, Idaho and Utah for March 22. More on that later.

Support Bernie here with a contribution.

Bernie Sanders Sayings #sanders

There must be a major economic recovery package which puts Americans to work at decent wages.

David Axelrod chides Hillary Clinton on misleading comment in Flint, Michigan debate #sanders

David Axelrod was a senior adviser to President Barack Obama when Bernie Sanders supposedly voted against the "auto bailout bill," according to Hillary Clinton. Not so says Axelrod. To begin with it wasn't an auto bailout bill, rather an extremely unpopular Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) -- the emergency funding requested by the Bush administration to help stabilize reeling banks and financial institutions.

Bernie was against this as he has said repeatedly during his candidacy.

Axelrod continued, "It was true that the TARP funding financed small bridge loans to help Chrysler and General Motors survive temporarily and give the new administration a few months to decide if and how the iconic companies could be saved." Clinton purposely turned this into a Sanders "vote against the auto industry bailout." She later qualified her statement, sorta, but continued to confuse the two programs with no real clarification.

Obama's former adviser says he understands why Clinton would be reluctant to identify the bill she supported and Sanders was against because TARP was and is one of the most rejected bills to ever come out of the Congress. Apparently Axelrod pissed off some Clinton supporters doing this because in actuality TARP did eventually provide the much needed funds to save the auto industry.

It's just the way she went about the whole thing in the implication that made Bernie Sanders look like the bad guy and Hillary Clinton the good girl. But apparently it didn't work. The Bern came from a 20-point deficit to win the Michigan primary. He plans to do the same thing in Ohio and Illinois.

FLASH: Bernie Sanders surges in Illinois polls #sanders

Just heard from the Bern and the forces are rallying around him again providing new poll results in Illinois whose primary is next Tuesday:

NBC News - Illinois - 3/13
Hillary Clinton: 51%

Bernie Sanders: 45%

Only just recently his campaign was down 19, 42, and 37 points. Join the momentum now...donate to Bernie Sanders today.

Is Hillary Clinton flustered over Bernie Sanders continued campaign success? #sanders

Bernie Sanders feels that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is upset over his ability to keep winning coming from behind in Michigan (20 points) for a solid win. He doesn't say but implies that momentum in the campaign has always been on his side. As a matter of fact it seems that most of the strategy of Clinton's candidacy has been to stop the Bern's momentum. In other words, one would have to say that much of the time she is fighting back from behind.

Surprises like Michigan, if played over in states like Ohio, Florida and Illinois, or any one of the three, could throw Hillary Clinton's campaign completely off balance. She started with the notion that Bernie Sanders was only a flash in the pan but quickly learned that he could become a formidable opponent. He did. Many asked even then if he could continue his early successes. He did. So Hillary has every reason to be nervous going into next Tuesday's primaries.

Hillary Clinton steps up BS on Bernie Sanders record #sanders

I just got an email from Bernie Sanders that points out the stepped up distortions Hillary Clinton is making on his past record. Read the following quote taken from a Washington Post article:

"But it's striking that, as Clinton has doubled down on the attacks, she has with some regularity played pretty fast and loose with the facts.

"She'll take a vote Sanders has made during his 25 years in Congress and gloss over most, if not all, of the details about it. The result is a carefully worded insinuation or even outright accusation that Sanders has voted against his base on everything from immigration to the auto bailout to fossil fuels."

This is a mark of a running-scared campaign that has been completely diverted from the issues to attempt to stave off the recent surges in the Bern's his coming from behind (20 points) and winning Michigan. Something he plans to do again in Ohio and Illinois.

Coming tomorrow, David Axelrod faults Hillary Clinton for doing the very same thing as above in the Michigan debate, this time re. Bernie's vote on the TARP bill/Auto Bail Out.

FLASH: Bernie Sanders wins right to 17-year-old vote in Ohio #sanders

If you're 18 on election day Nov. 8, 17-year-olds are eligible to vote in the Ohio primary on March 15. "Franklin County Judge Richard Frye determined that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, erred when he ordered that Ohioans who are currently 17 but will be 18 on Election Day in November not be allowed to vote in the presidential primaries," according to CNN. The decision was legally challenged by Bernie Sanders and overturned.

This age is an important demographic for the Bern improving his chances of pulling off a Michigan upset here. Along with the fact that Clinton's black support dropped before the Motor City election, the Sander's team hopes for more of the same. Demographics in the two states are very similar, and Bernie bases his new-found success on the fact that the black community, formerly in Clinton's court, are learning more about him and changing their minds.

Bernie Sanders Sayings

American democracy is not about billionaires being able to buy candidates and elections. It is one person, one vote - with every citizen having an equal say - and no voter suppression.

Voter ignorance explains an impotent Congress

First, let's establish the fact that election spending by candidates is completely out of hand. According to an opinion piece in U.S. News by Anthony Gaughan, "The 2012 election set an all-time record of $7 billion in campaign spending, and the 2016 election is projected to far surpass that figure." 2000 was $3 billion+, 2008 cost over $5 billion with the 2004 election $4 billion. So you can see it's not all the fault of Citizens United.

But it isn't all this money that causes the problem, muses Gaughan, "...It's what too many Americans don't know and won't bother to learn." The last part, "won't bother to learn," really bothers me. The fact is pathetic but true and is the primary reason morons like Donald Trump lead the GOP slate of presidential candidates. I have talked to people who admit they aren't up on the issues and my gut tells me they are just waiting for someone to tell them who to vote for.

This ignorance carries over to things like not even knowing who the Vice president is, which puts that individual in the third grade, or less, as far as their political education goes. Gaughan reasons there are two major reasons for this onslaught of ignorance. First, interest in the news has dwindled. Two, because of the enormous cut back in education spending throughout the U.S., less attention is paid to civics, history and world affairs.

Ask an average American who won the Academy Awards and they can probably tell you. Ask them who their local Congress person is and they are stumped for an answer. So when they are told by some Super Pac to vote for XYZ because ABC is a fraud, they do it. Or some blow-hard gets in front of them espousing hate and fear, they believe him or her. Ignorance of politics should be a crime like ignorance of the law is. 

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You go to Scandinavia, and you will find that people have a much higher standard of living, in terms of education, health care and decent paying jobs.

The Super Delegates will be there

Bernie Sanders said today his lack of super delegates to date didn't worry him because the states involved heavily favored Hillary Clinton. He was more concerned about those states to come in the West like California, Oregon and Washington. Through a little research I found that coming down the home stretch Hillary began to lose super delegates to Barack Obama in 2008, eventually losing the nomination to the current President.

It's a matter of choice, says Nate Silver in his FiveThirtyEight blog, commenting, "Superdelegates were created in part to give Democratic party elites the opportunity to put their finger on the scale..." Isn't this a part of Bernie Sander's promise to balance the inequality in the U.S.? As Silver also remarked, "If you’re a Sanders supporter, you might think this seems profoundly unfair. And you’d be right: It’s profoundly unfair."

Not being a Democrat, the Bern has no control over this process, but something tells me that somewhere in the future the Party will re-think this maneuver.

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The history of American democracy, to say the least, has been checkered. Our nation was founded at a time when people of African descent were held in bondage. After slavery was abolished, they were forced to endure legal discrimination for another 100 years.

Bernie Sanders winning in Michigan

Hillary Clinton won Mississippi but it does look very good for Bernie Sanders in Michigan, a much more important state. The Bern didn't expect to win much of the South and thankfully we have those states out of the way now. At this writing, Bernie led Hillary in Michigan 51% to 47%, 81% reporting. This will be a key win for Sanders for Michigan is a diverse state and the Detroit population, its largest city, is heavily black. 

Bernie S

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At its worst, Washington is a place where name-calling partisan politics too often trumps policy.

Bernie Sanders one-issue candidate...Don't think so

Hillary Clinton continues to call Bernie Sanders a one-issue candidate because of his focus on inequality. Just that one word alone suggests so many branches which include racism, poverty, education, medical care, and many others. It is possible that the Bern hasn't made the above clear, that all these other matters are covered under his umbrella issue of inequality. These categories occurred to me at the beginning of his campaign so it is possible Sanders took this for granted.

But Bernie went further in Ypsilanti, Michigan, broadening his reach beyond what appears to be on economics only by listing 20 issues during an hour-long speech to a crowd of 9,400 supporters proving his campaign is much more diverse than is painted by Clinton. Things like universal health care, minimum wage, the jail population, same-sex marriage, trade policy and more. You can see all twenty in the Washington Post article.

FLASH: Bernie's new Michigan poll numbers

Just heard from the Bern and Michigan State University just released their final poll before tomorrow’s primary:

Michigan State University Poll - Michigan (March 7, 2016)
Hillary Clinton 52%
Bernie Sanders 47%

As late as last week Bernie Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton by 20 points. Some are even saying he could win the state of Michigan.

Go Bernie!

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Public vs. private healthcare by country

People don't trust private health insurance companies for all the right reasons.

Hillary Clinton's "inevitability" is pure bunk

Hillary Clinton said following Super Tuesday results that it was inevitable that she win the Democratic nomination. Sure, and I'm going to be her vice president. Okay, she picked up eight states, six of which were in the South, thus, a win from the black vote. Although Bernie Sanders won only four states, they are more representative of what most of the rest of the country is like: Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

Much of this reasoning comes from the early results of Iowa and New Hampshire; the former a tie and the latter a blow out for the Bern. Finally getting around to the April primaries, Clinton takes the lead in most but in two states Sanders runs a close second: Wisconsin, Clinton 45%-Sanders 43% and Rhode Island, 49% to 40%. The others are going to take some work. Now, in a recent analysis, Bernie is capturing some of Hillary's Hispanic supporters.

“Latinos will play a pivotal role in Sen. Sanders’ path to victory in important states like Arizona, Illinois, New York, California and Florida," says Arturo Carmona, Sanders’ deputy political director in an MSNBC article. The Bern won big in Colorado where the Hispanic population is 20.7%. So tracking these five states, Latino numbers are Arizona 29.6%, Illinois 15.8, New York 17.5, Calif. 37.6 and Florida 22.5.

When you add the Millennials to the above, on which Bernie Sanders has a lock, the same states in the same order show the following younger population: Arizona 36.2%, Illinois, 37%, New York 37.4 %, Calif. 38.7% and Florida 34.4%. In 2012 54.9% of the voting age population voted so it is easy to come up with the numbers from the latter percentages. These figures are important in determining Bernie's chances of receiving the Democratic nomination.

But the obvious from all of this is that Hillary Clinton's nomination is not "inevitable" and she and her staff know it. What is inevitable is a long fight where the odds are clearly in favor of the Bern. This is supported by the fact that I reported on Feb. 19, that his surge continued with national polls jumping 14 points against Hillary Clinton in just one month. Will the Clinton camp still be saying the same thing when Bernie passes Hillary in the polls? I think not.

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CEOs of large corporations earn 400 times what their workers make. That is not what America is supposed to be about.

Shouldn't we listen to Vermont to tell us about Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders Vermont shop tattoo
Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane came home to some 4,000 screaming supporters congratulating him on his Super Tuesday success. And rightfully so since he carried the four most diverse states. And the Bern won 86% of the Vermont vote yielding all 16 of the state's delegates. Who in this country knows Bernie Sanders better than the people of Vermont? This man wins elections by tripling his opponents' vote.

From Mayor of Burlington to the U.S. Senate, Sarah A., a 10th-generation Burlingtonian said, “He put us on the map for more than just weed and Ben and Jerry’s.” The Revolution started in Burlington, and Rebecca Haslam exclaimed, now “We are at ground zero of the political revolution.” Poetry professor at the University of Vermont who co-wrote Sanders’ autobiography commented,
He has been dramatically important to the redefinition of the state.”

It is true that Vermont is a "tiny homogeneous state" almost all white but since starting his campaign, the Bern has shown the he can understand the problems of the black and Hispanic populations. His background in civil rights is not to be questioned. Besides, if you have the passionate urge to help people, all people, like Bernie Sanders does, and have 30 years in government experience to back it up, it would be hard to vote for anyone else for President. Right?

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Minimum wage McDonald's

The minimum wage in Denmark is about twice that of the United States, and people who are totally out of the labor market or unable to care for themselves have a basic income guarantee of about $100 per day.

The Bern collected some good Super Tuesday numbers

Not as much as we wanted but certainly an amount that shows Bernie Sanders is still solidly in the race for President. Sanders has 394 delegates or 16.5% of those needed. Clinton has 577 or 24.2%. What you have to consider looking at these figures is that the numbers include six states with reasonably heavy black populations: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

With a more diversified profile in states like Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma Bernie did well; and of course in his home state of Vermont.

In yesterday's blog I covered states in the balance of March including Nebraska, Maine, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, No. Carolina, Arizona and Washington state. The states encompass 960 delegates. Based on past results along with Super Tuesday, some recent polling and general analysis, I think the Bern will collect 323 new delegates. With the 386 he now has that is a new total of 709. That will give Clinton 637 for a total through March of 1,214.

Understand, Bernie could do much better in the above states as his national polling improves and if his popularity within the Hispanic community continues to rise. Said I would get into April today but will start that tomorrow.

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For every $1 billion we invest in public transportation, we create 30,000 jobs, save thousands of dollars a year for each commuter, and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Bernie Sanders beyond Super Tuesday

Nebraska caucus votes on March 5, with Bernie Sanders polling 66.52% and Hillary Clinton 33.68% as of March 1. There are 30 delegates. The Maine caucus votes on March 6, with no late polling available. There are 30 delegates. Michigan's primary is March and as of February 17, Hillary was ahead 10 points. There are 148 delegates. Florida's primary is March 15, with Clinton at 59%, Sanders 33%. There are 246 delegates.

The Illinois primary also March 15, finds Sanders trailing Clinton by 11 points. There are 182 delegates. Missouri the same day, no late data available. There are 84 delegates. Also March 15, North Carolina, where Clinton is at 52% to 35% but the race is tightening. There are 121 delegates. Arizona is March 22, with Clinton at 56.2%, Sanders 21.5%. There are 85 delegates. Washington state caucus isn't until March 26, with no meaningful polling numbers to date. There are 118 delegates.

These eight states are not all the primaries and caucuses being held through the month of March but those most likely to yield a significant number of delegates, win, lose or tie. Starting with April tomorrow.

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I think the overwhelming majority of the American people know that we have got to stand together, that we're going to grow together, that we're going to survive together, and that if we start splintering, we're not going to succeed in a highly competitive

Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday

In my post yesterday, I acknowledged that Bernie Sanders had hit his first bump with a loss to Hillary Clinton in the So. Carolina Primary. The loss was quickly qualified somewhat and you can read about it in the above link. What's important is that it is only a bump, and just another reason for you Progressives to come out and work that much harder for the Bern. Today is Super Tuesday and eleven states are in play. Here's the way I see it.

Based on the So. Carolina results, there are four Southern states that would be questionable due to their black population: Alabama 26.2%; Arkansas 30.9%; Georgia 30.5%; and Tennessee 16.7%. Total delegates 289. I am also dubious about Oklahoma, 42 delegates. These five states won't be a total loss and based on percentages (61 percent of voters in So, Carolina's primary identified as black) Sanders delegate count should be higher. So that leaves six states that really count.

In the remaining six states Bernie will compete for the Hispanic vote and the younger vote (age 18 to 44). Bernie carries the younger vote hands down and a recent study found the Latinos were slipping away from Clinton. In the Nevada Caucus the Bern took 53% of the Hispanic vote. In these six states, only two have a sizable Latino population, Colorado 20.7% and Texas 37.6%. The former younger group is 38%, the latter 38.4%, both significant amounts.

The balance of four states' younger populations is Massachusetts 36.8%, Minnesota 35.8%, Vermont 34% and Virginia 37.5%. Vermont with 26 delegates is solidly behind Sanders; Colorado with 79 delegates is about even, may be tilting toward Clinton; Massachusetts with 116 delegates in a recent poll shows Bernie with 42% of the vote, Hillary 50%, obviously needing some work; Minnesota with 93 delegates shows Clinton with a measurable lead but there are still those 35.8% younger voters to deal with.

This younger vote has come through for Bernie in Iowa and Vermont but wasn't enough in Nevada and So. Carolina. It is up to this group to come all out for Bernie Sanders today to give him a comfort level to continue the fight. It is up to you.

Should the Bern lag in some of the above, tying in others, and carrying where his strength is, beyond Super Tuesday looks encouraging. More on that tomorrow. 

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