Friday, February 26, 2021

Conservative talk radio is the talk of the misguided


There is no question that conservative talk radio has been and still is in the forefront of that genre. It is so well developed and constantly honed that the folks on the left are literally following in their dust. Why is this true? There is an answer, but you right-handers won't like it. 

Think Pied Piper of Hamelin. Someone who offers strong but delusive enticement; or, a leader who makes irresponsible promises; or, a charismatic person who attracts followers. I told you, but you might take solace in the fact that these characterizations came from a quick Internet search. However, that does not dampen their validity or authentication in this case. And the fact that Rush Limbaugh had 15 million of these poor souls simply proves my point.

If you cretins are now surfing the airwaves like a bunch of nomads lost in the desert, searching for another bogus icon to look up to do yourself a favor, read a comic book, or watch reality TV shows or go to McDonalds and order a Whopper. Fox News seems to have lost its glow since Donald Trump reluctantly left the White House, and those of you on Twitter no longer have your idol to tweet with because he is banned. Take my advice, above, and, if you must, mourn Limbaugh.


PARODY: U.S. gun owners willingly give up their weapons

This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy!

Clyde Gunsareme had his shiny GLOCK 17 GEN 3 9MM 4.49" BARREL 17-ROUNDS ready for U.S. Marshalls who were confiscating all private owner handgun weapons. It was still loaded after taking it off the coffee table where it had been displayed since he bought it so his 6 and 7-year-old kids could look at it and marvel. Clyde wanted his children to worship guns just like he did. One day the 7-year-old brother had picked up the Glock, aimed it at his sister, and pulled the trigger. Fortunately he was a lousy shot and the round just took out the family TV.

Clyde, and his gun nut friends, had known this confiscation violation of their 2nd Amendment rights was coming so they all got together and called the NRA's head gun nut, Wayne LaPierre. But, as one might expect, LaPierre was too busy with the gun manufacturers to spend time helping NRA membership. This pissed off the rank and file gun huggers so they quietly decided to break in to the group's main office and steal LaPierre's well used manual, "What is a Gun."

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Republicans are eating themselves alive on the way to extinction


Just tale a look to your left if you're curious why the Republican Party is suddenly vaporizing. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Of course you could throw in Moscow Mitch McConnell for a full house. These people scrape the bottom of the barrel; they are the epitome of incompetence with the kind of leadership that lacks judgment and logic.

In a word they are idiots. Contrary to any reasoning, there is another idiot by the name of Donald Trump. In all his glory of beating the impeachment game, he has made the Republican Party look like the kind of losers and bogus politicians they actually are. And the American GOP public is beginning to see the sign and jump a sinking ship. Trump was acquitted simply because Republicans agree with him and are also scared shitless of his supporters, a swarm of inept terrorists.

And to back up all this hype about disenchanted conservatives, there is a report from the New York Times that shows, "the alarmingly high number of voters who
opted to change their registration." Here's an example...
"Since the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, more than 200,000 voters across several states have left the Republican Party. While shifts are normal after elections, the publication noted how distinctly different this one is."

Republicans leaving Party...

 One deserter made something clear that many of us have been saying for some time...that the GOP has lost its morals. I believe this kind of ideology hit overdrive when Karl Rove joined the Geo. W. Bush administration. But it is Republican Liz Cheney that put the Jan. 6 riots in clear perspective...

"You certainly saw anti-Semitism. You saw the symbols of Holocaust denial. ... You saw a Confederate flag being carried through the rotunda..."

There's more in this CNN article from Chris Cillizza which deserves reading.


PARODY: Donald Trump and Ann Coulter go up in flames in Tenn.

This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy!

Tennessee is not exactly the most liberal state; actually, it is ultra-conservative. But hidden in the stacks of books in a Chattanooga library was a left-wing tyrant who thought both Donald Trump and Ann Coulter should be exorcised from the pages of history. Our hero, Cameron Williams is a local Black Lives Matter activist, and one of his jobs was to regularly purge the library shelves of obsolete and/or inconsequential titles. 

When he ran across books relating to Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, he only did what his common sense told him was right...dump this shit. The fact that he set fire to these titles ensued from the stories his grandfather used to tell him about the Ku Klux Klan that made it their goal to burn down everything they didn't like.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Biden must commit on Louis DeJoy and send him on his way


Donald Trump left the USPS in a completely anemic state with his Postmaster General Louis DeJoy employing a wrecking ball to destroy mail service in the U.S. DeJoy's major move was dismantling sorting machines in postal centers throughout the country, the very thing that speeds up the delivery of mail.

Newly elected president Joe Biden has had over thirty days to commit to the issue but so far has not made it clear where he stands on DeJoy. He is, however, working on filling postal board positions, which is the entity that could fire DeJoy. Reuters reports...

"The White House said on Tuesday it is a priority to appoint members to the U.S. Postal Service board of governors but that it has no timeline."
White House press secretary Jen Psaki commented...
“It is a priority for the announce the appointment or I should say the additional members of the board of governors to determine future leadership of the postal service and we certainly recognize that filling those vacancies is an important step in that process.”

As fragile as the U.S. Postal Service is, its future leadership should be determined now! Read more...


PARODY: DeJoy decides to get even with accusers


This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy!

Louis DeJoy was seen lurking around Washington, D.C.'s main post office late one evening with a Molotov cocktail in one hand and a pipe bomb in the other. DeJoy was sure Joe Biden was going to take away his job, a job bestowed on him by his buddy, Donald Trump, and he knew his work wasn't done. 

He looked at the historic building erected in 1839 with
dismantled sorting machines lined up in the lobby. "Perfect," he said while opening the front door, proceeding inside but unexpectedly facing the 80 House Democrats calling for his ouster. The Dems took away DeJoys' toys and gave him a one-way ticket to Mar-a-Lago.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Young Pharaoh out but Donald Trump still in at CPAC convention

Most will agree that Young Pharaoh's language is pretty vile when it comes to Jews, considering his comments...
that Judaism is a “complete lie” and “made up for political gain,” said that Jewish people are “thieving fake Jews,” tweeted that “all the censorship & pedophilia on social media is being done by Israeli Jews,” and claimed that “all of these big tech [companies], media, & social media platforms are controlled by CCP & Israel through Jewish CEO & corrupt Democrats.”

The radical has been yanked from the upcoming CPAC convention for his invective language illustrated above. However, Donald Trump continues as a featured speaker at CPAC's show with his history of anti-Semitism, racism and abuse of

women. Go figure. The Washington Post reported back in December of 2019, Trump signed an executive order to fight anti-Semitism on college campuses while flanked by two evangelical Christian pastors, Robert Jeffress and John Hagee.

Both are anti-Judaism with this from WA Po...

Jeffress has literally damned Jews to hell, while Hagee has warned of an international plot led by the Rothschilds to undermine American sovereignty, described Hitler as a “hunter” sent by God to kill Jews who refused to move to Israel and described the Antichrist as a “half-Jew homosexual.”

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't support Young Pharaoh under any circumstances. And equally adamant, I have never supported Donald Trump. So, checkmate.


UPDATE: PARODY: Meghan McCain kicks Dr. Fauci out as Biden's Chief Medical Adviser

Meghan McCain receives "avalanche" of criticism for saying Dr. Fauci should be replaced. Dr. Vin Gupta "blasted her for her "misguided" attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci. Read more...
This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy

Meghan McCain was facing her peers on The View, complaining just how bad the COVID-19 crisis was when Joy Behar commented, "Well, it is your party we have to thank for this whole mess." 

But McCain quipped, "Not true, it is all Dr. Fauci's fault. Donald Trump should have fired him from the get-go."

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in with, "Okay honey, guess you could do better?"

To which McCain replied, "Hey, I went to Columbia and got a Bachelor of Arts degree, however, I did take a chemistry class." 

Behar retorts, "But the pandemic is all about epidemiology." 

McCain, "I remember some bugs crawling around in a petri dish once." Whoopi almost fell out of her chair with laughter, but she quickly recovered with a question.

"That's it, that's your qualifications to replace Dr. Fauci?" 

McCain thought, then, "I have the endorsement of Lindsey Graham, Sarah Palin is flying in later this week, and Mitch McConnell promised to talk to Joe Biden about me.

Collectively, The View said, "You're in."

Monday, February 22, 2021

PARODY: Nevada brothel gals say they can work at arm's length


This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy!

The saying in 'sin city' is, "What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." It becomes even more appropriate since COVID-19 hit the strip about a year ago. I haven't heard of a Las Vegas variant yet, but with the way crowds gather there, transmissibility would not be acceptable to the CDC. The brothels are shut, the girls are out of work, and the Johns, well, they're forced to bring their wife or girlfriend without.

Dr. Fauci would, of course, recommend wearing a mask, a move that I believe most would agree would make it much less amorous. plus eliminate certain amenities. But as far as the social distancing, another of Fauci's precautions, is concerned, it was sex worker Alice Little who said, "We could easily do work at arm’s length," just like they allow with massage therapy and dental services. Think about that for a moment and you'll come up with unlimited comeback cracks. However, Nevada regulators were completely stumped which led them to reexamine the rulebook for size and methodology specifications.



Friday, February 19, 2021

This is why the Republican Party should be deleted like a bad post


To begin with, the Republican Party has created a turbulence within its members that some say is not fixable. The projections were that this unrest would take hold following Donald Trump's impeachment trial, and there is some evidence of this where six of the seven members voting to impeach Trump have been censured. Former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) uses Nikki Haley as an example of one who has finally realized the truth...
"I'm glad that belatedly she has come around and acknowledged what many of us have been stating for some time: that we are tired of the cronyism, denialism, nativism and those who are advocating this instability."
RawStory adds from Dent...
"I think going forward a lot of us don't want this a period to be led by those who are handmaidens to the big lie and to the insurrection. This party cannot be about instability and insurrection and we need to get back to a center-right agenda..."
In another take former Washington State Republican party chairman Chris Vance

said, "his one-time party is a lost cause that deserves to be demolished. There's more from RawStory...
"In an interview with the New York Times, former Washington State Republican party chairman Chris Vance said that he's been watching in horror as the GOP has been overtaken by crackpot conspiracy theorists being promoted by former President Donald Trump, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)."
Vance declares he doesn't see the party "snapping back." reckoning...
"I don't think the party can be saved," he said. "I think it needs to be broken up, smashed and blown to bits." And Moscow Mitch continues to be riddled with the kind of hypocrisy that has made him the lowlife of the U.S. Senate for years with ratings like 21.8 favorable, 63.3 unfavorable according to RealClear Politics. Here are his recent comments re. Trump's impeachment trial...
“Former President Trump’s actions [that] preceded the riot were a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty.” He added, “Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.”
But then when the time came, he voted to acquit with the reasoning the trial had come too late, when in fact he was the one who delayed the whole process. However, there is more to the Moscow Mitch scenario that 'tis a puzzlement to many. Here's a headline by a Kentucky columnist re. McConnell that is startling: "Hated by absolutely everyone." Moscow Mitch lives in Kentucky...
"In a scorching column for the Lexington Herald-Leader, columnist Linda Blackford accused McConnell of standing by while 'His beloved Republican party has turned into a death cult in thrall to a pathetic and pathological egotist.'"
So, why is he still in office? There's more...
"Everyone sees through him now. He may have helped create the modern Republican party, but when it most needed saving, he was nowhere to be found. He could have given political cover to his colleagues to stand up to Trump and the attack on Jan. 6, but as I wrote before, the monster he helped create was no longer in his control," she wrote before stating McConnell's legacy is forever stained.

The Republican Party after Trump... 

So be it. 
And there's much more to worry about with Lindsey Graham's statement,

"Impeachment Trial Boosts Lara Trump’s Chances of Joining Senate." Although she is not a Trump/Trump, she is a part of this mentally disturbed family whose head almost brought the United States to its knees. There is no room in this country for any more of the Trump brand. After exclaiming that Virginia Sen. Richard Burr's vote to convict Trump, Graham added...

“The biggest winner of this whole impeachment trial is Lara Trump,” Graham said on Fox News Sunday. “My dear friend Richard Burr, who I like and have been friends to a long time, just made Lara Trump almost the certain nominee for the Senate seat in North Carolina to replace him if she runs.”

If the voters of Virginia allow this to happen, well, there is really no excuse for that kind of stupidity. But nothing compares with what comes out of the state of Arizona when you look for morons in the Republican Party. Here's a headline for you, "Arizona legislator compares transgender people to farm animals." State Rep.


John Fillmore "is facing an ethics complaint after he compared transgender people to farm animals at a Wednesday committee hearing."

I am a Zoni and have to face similar idiocies from these Republican blockheads on a daily basis. The state is currently purple, slowly turning blue. Here is what Fillmore proposes...

"The hearing was for House Bill 2725, which would require state identification documents to contain only a male or female gender marker. The bill pre-emptively bans nonbinary people, who are neither exclusively male nor female, from using gender-neutral X markers on their IDs, even though Arizona law doesn’t currently permit that."

Now you know what I'm talking about. So, considering all of the above, it would be downright interesting to gather the Republicans all together, along with all their warped ideology, have them smile and look neat, and then delete the whole thing. There, I've said it and I feel so much better. However, first, let's let all those 1,000s from the right who are deserting the GOP for the left fulfill their goals. Welcome to the party of all that's good!



Thursday, February 18, 2021

Coronavirus endemic, which means life probably won't be the same


I don't really think the COVID-19 pandemic has established a pattern that can predict what to expect for the future. I did a recent post, "Time markers like B.C. and A.D. now have competition, that proposes similarities like A.D. and B.C. to coincide with the current situation. But there is perhaps even another element that takes precedence over the others...during pandemic or D.P. We seem to be in a limbo where medical technology must catch up with science...
"Nature asked more than 100 immunologists, infectious-disease researchers and virologists working on the coronavirus whether it could be eradicated. Almost 90% of respondents think that the coronavirus will become endemic — meaning that it will continue to circulate in pockets of the global population for years to come."

Look at this article from Nature, scroll down to "Endemic Future" for how the scientific community predicts our future. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis says...

“Eradicating this virus right now from the world is a lot like trying to plan the construction of a stepping-stone pathway to the Moon. It’s unrealistic.”

We are most likely to stay in the DP period for some time. 

Coronavirus latest developments you should be aware of


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blows off recent COVID-19 figures from Florida, and says the media criticizes him but not blue states. Here are some very accurate figures: Fla. #3 total virus cases; #4 total deaths. As of February14, "Florida's Department of Health has reportedly refused to share data about the number of COVID variants found in the state. Florida has two coastlines of beaches with each having its share of super spreaders. 

But what is worrying everyone is spring break. Young people seem to go into complete denial when it comes to things like this annual tradition that brings together millions on Florida beaches where masks and distancing are repressed for fun. And then there is the Kentucky schmuck, Senator Rand Paul, a Republican, of course, who has had the virus, but is a doctor who should know he could get reinfected or become a carrier. He still refuses to wear a mask.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) has just released a scathing report with "wide-reaching condemnation of President Donald Trump’s botched response to the coronavirus pandemic." Here's the scenario...

"The 346-page Government Accountability Office document, much longer than most, outlines broad Trump administration failures so alarming that the normally circumspect auditors pronounced themselves 'deeply troubled.'”

The Washington Post has more...

"Almost 90 percent — 27 of 31 — of the GAO’s recommendations from June, September and November “remained unimplemented” as of Jan. 15, less than a week before Trump left office."

Iowa is still in the forefront with the governor's decision to rescind all COVID-19 precautionary measures. "On Feb. 5, Gov. Kim Reynolds announced she was lifting nearly all of her restrictions on businesses, gatherings and masks." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky commented...
"What I would say is now is the time to not let up our guard. Now is the time to double down. Still with a 100,000 cases a day, still with over 2.5 times the cases we had over the summer."

Although the U.S. has dropped below the 100,000 cases per day mark, there is still the threat of new new variants and Iowa has recently confirmed a total of 8 of the U.K. mutations. Research is limited so far but early results are showing the variants are definitely more transmissible, perhaps more contagious and dangerous. 

But the most troubling thing I have come across since the start of the pandemic is this article from New Scientist explaining that two of the variants have combined their genomes "to form a heavily mutated hybrid version of the virus." A genome is an organism's complete set of genetic instructions, a full set of chromosomes. The “recombination” event was discovered in a virus sample in California, a good sign that the pandemic might be entering a new phase.

Scientific explanation...

"Unlike regular mutation, where changes accumulate one at a time, which is how variants such as B.1.1.7 arose, recombination can bring together multiple mutations in one go. Most of the time, these don’t confer any advantage to the virus, but occasionally they do." 

The most frightening consideration here is that this new mutation process seems to be able to do whatever it wants to do, regardless of our medical and scientific efforts. and in the process become more deadly. So what can we do? As Dr. Fauci has been saying from the beginning, wash your hands, wear a mask, now double, when in public, and practice social distancing. It is still his premise that, by employing these simple precautions, we could bring the pandemic to its knees. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh dead but will not RIP


Rush Limbaugh dead at the age of 70, and I have absolutely nothing good to say about the man. As far as I am concerned, he was the scourge of the radical right and did more harm to this country that will no doubt last for decades. Limbaugh was a practiced and prolific liar and conspiracy theorist. I cringe when I see Fox News Tucker Carlson slowly transitioning into his shoes. There will be accolades from conservatives but nothing will ever justify Rush Limbaugh.

Time markers like B.C. and A.D. now have competition


You know that B.C stands for before Christ., A.D. covers the period after Christ. But did you know that B.P. stands for before pandemic and A.P. stands for after pandemic. We know what it was like in B.P., but there is a question by many health experts if there will ever be an end to A.P. There is a reason for all this and LiveScience explains it...
"The idea of counting years has been around for as long as we have written records, but the idea of syncing up where everyone starts counting is relatively new. Today the international standard is to designate years based on a traditional reckoning of the year Jesus was born — the A.D. and B.C. system."
"A.D. stands for anno domini, Latin for in the year of the lord, and refers specifically to the birth of Jesus Christ. B.C. stands for "before Christ."

The concept of B.P. and A.P. is my idea and does not have any scholastic or

scientific background. It just seems to me that the COVID-19 issue has become so profound that it deserves its own recognition. It will be hard to establish a "Year 1" actual date, but one day, hopefully, Dr. Fauci will be able to do this. In the meantime, we are currently wallowing in A.P. trying to get our ducks together to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

LiveScience tells us...

"The B.C./A.D. system gained in popularity in the ninth century after Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne adopted the system for dating acts of government throughout Europe."

Something tells me that there is another addition with B.P. and A.P., namely D.P., which stands for during pandemic. The reason for this is the inclination of many medical and scientific experts proclaiming the virus could be with us for a while. And right at the top for reasoning is the introduction recently of new variants of COVID-19 from the U.K., Brazil and So. Africa. Further, California has come up with its own version. 

WHO, the World Health Organization, has a timeline on the coronavirus pandemic listing December 31, 2020, as the starting point. This might be a good date for judging "Year 1," but there is so much we don't know at this point, especially from China where the whole thing is supposed to have originated.. In the U.S. there are now 28,283,497 cases, 497,591 deaths. It could have been better in lieu of a mentally disturbed individual in the White House for four years.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Coronavirus pandemic bad enough but Robt. F. Kennedy Jr. just makes it worse


Would John F. Kennedy turn over in his grave, or would he agree with his nephew, Robt. F. Kennedy, Jr. in the denial of vaccines to prevent COVID-19? I believe the former, and it is tragic to see this once politically famous family go down in flames. For repeatedly making false claims about coronavirus vaccines, Robt. F has been banned from Instagram. This is significant since much of anti- vaxxer misinformation is passed along through social media.

However, "His Facebook account remains active despite similar claims posted there." Yet Instagram is a part of Facebook. Go figure. And here is one of his bizarre lies...connecting the death of legendary baseball player Hank Aaron to the Covid-19 vaccine. Kennedy is a lawyer and should know better; anyone this educated should understand science making it clear since the COVID-19 pandemic started that vaccinations are the precursor to protection from the virus.

Kennedy's advocacy is not acceptable as two variants of the pandemic are raging across the U.S., one from Great Britain and one from So. Africa. At the same time we have our homegrown variant from California which is spreading in 12 states and a few countries. Being highly transmissible, and the UK B117 has been judged more contagious, plus the fact that even the current vaccines aren't guaranteed against these variants, anti-vaxxers are doing great harm to other Americans.

And if this wasn't bad enoughDr. Rishi Desai, chief medical officer at Osmosis and former CDC epidemic intelligence officer reports...

"As the medical community warns about highly transmissible mutations of COVID-19, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts are among states rolling back pandemic-related restrictions."

But if you're still not convinced, this recent headline from National Public Radio should rattle your cage: "Why The Pandemic Is 10 Times Worse Than You Think." There is reasoning behind this statement and it comes from a research team at Columbia University which has built a mathematical model giving a much more complete picture of how much virus is circulating in our communities. And it's much more scary...

"It estimates how many people are never counted because they never get tested. And it answers a second question that is arguably even more crucial — but that until now has not been reliably estimated: On any given day, what is the total number of people who are actively infectious? This includes those who may have been infected on previous days but are still shedding virus and capable of spreading disease."

Here's the model's conclusion...
"On any given day, the actual number of active cases — people who are newly infected or still infectious — is likely 10 times that day's official number of reported cases."

We've been warned about asymptomatics, and, of course, there are deniers squirming everywhere, so there is every reason to believe these numbers, especially when you consider the U.S. has racked up 28,093,867 cases and 492,119 deaths from COVID-19. But why are people still protesting the very science that will save their lives? Aljazeera has this answer...

"Lockdowns have been financially devastating for millions of people who have been unable to work and lost their incomes. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), unemployment has soared across major economies since the beginning of the pandemic."

I will accept that conclusion but must add that in the U.S. there is a group that

erroneously believe they are fighting for their rights against a government that is attempting to curb their rights.  This gang of misfits, led by Donald Trump, is the major factor that is interfering with pandemic control in the U.S. And, until we rid the country of this faction, COVID-19 and several other problems before the current new President, Joe Biden, will haunt our progress as a free nation.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Trump acquitted, giving even more power to extreme right


Donald Trump has been acquitted in the impeachment trial even with seven Republican Senators crossing the aisle and voting for conviction. Moscow Mitch releases a glaring put down of Trump, yet votes to acquit him. Lindsey Graham got his nose out of Trump's butt long enough to vote to acquit. Greg Sargent's prediction in the Washington Post was fulfilled...
"Mark it now: The vast majority of them will agree that the storming of the Capitol was an abomination and that the perpetrators must be held to account. But little by little, many will migrate to a place where Trump himself is absolutely and comprehensively exonerated from any culpability for inciting it in any way."

It is frightening for sane thinking people--yes, there are still some left--who have come to realize that Republicans have absolutely no honor left. This radical right would let a lunatic go in the face of overwhelming evidence that he committed terrible atrocities while in office. Donald Trump will go down as the most vile and corrupt president to ever serve this country, but also the world's most effective con man. But these morons in the Senate acquitted him. 

And if this isn't enough, there is a new proliferation of self-proclaimed "prophets"

who, according to Alex Henderson of AlterNet, "are known for making political predictions." Ruth Graham of the New York Times reports that "some of them have turned out to be way off in their predictions." Graham adds...
"Such 'prophets,' according to Graham, are likely to promote political conspiracy theories."

These heretics operate mostly online and are, according to Graham...

"are part of the rising appeal of conspiracies in Christian settings, echoed by the popularity of QAnon among many evangelicals and a resistance to mainstream sources of information."

But let me tell you, there is no bigger threat to this country--that is other than Donald Trump--than Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson. I wish someone had done the same tally on him as they did on Donald Trump lies. However, there are a couple of PolitiFact sites here, and here. that will give you an idea just how deceitful and dishonest this lowlife is. Max Boot of the Washington Post says...
"When Donald Trump was in office, he posed the most dangerous threat to American democracy. With the former president now golfing full-time, the most dangerous threat may well emanate from the Fox 'News' Channel — and specifically from its top-rated host, Tucker Carlson. He seems to be on a mission to make America’s worst problems even worse."
One of Carlson's specialties is promoting vaccine conspiracies, which influences people in the wrong direction and a major threat to their health. He is the epitome of an anti-vaxxer, anti-masks, anti-distancing, all rolled into one pompous moron. Tucker Carlson is the go-to for far-right extremists who, according to AlterNet "have the potential to mount a coordinated, low-intensity campaign of political violence." From the Proud Boys to QAnon, these noodle-heads are dangerous.

AlterNet reports...

"Several U.S. security experts say they now consider domestic extremism a greater threat to the country than international terror. According to my [The Conversation] research on political violence, the U.S. has all the elements that, combined, can produce a low-intensity terrorist conflict: extreme polarization and armed factions willing to break the law, in a wealthy democracy with a strong government.

The article points out that during modern days, civil wars only break out in poor countries where leadership is weak or non-existent. Yet, Donald Trump, in his four years in office has driven the powerhouse United States to the point of all-out insurrection with a radical faction that only seems to get stronger. Joe Biden is busy with controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and there are other issues on his plate like immigration and minimum wage but we all must look out for the radical right.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Latest News for those in a hurry


Joe Biden wants to eliminate credit bureaus. His idea is to transfer all data to a public registry under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I found numerous violations of consumer rights as a private advocate several years ago. My question is, would the government handling this be any better...or worse? Read More...

Sorry but I cannot conjure up the least amount of sympathy for a sleaze, namely Rush Limbaugh, that has spewed downright dangerous rhetoric for this country over the years. Example...
"Early in the coronavirus pandemic, Limbaugh told listeners that the virus was no worse than 'the common cold' and that the news media had 'weaponized' the crisis to hurt Trump."

Limbaugh needs to go and he can take the rest of conservative talk radio with
him.

Election officials across the country are experiencing a rash of phone calls from Republican voters. Their primary concern is what happened on January 6, at the nation's Capital. Insurrection orchestrated by Donald Trump with lives lost and over 200 rioters in jail. The result is 1,000s of Republicans are leaving the party, 33,000 from California alone. Read More...

The big question today is who's in control? Demented State Republican Parties would have us believe it is still Donald Trump. Here's an example from Alex Henderson of AlterNet...
"In the view of the Oregon Republican Party, what transpired on Jan. 6 was not an insurrection — and the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol were not supporters of Donald Trump. Rather, the uprising that the world witnessed that day was a 'false flag.' Its aim, according to the party, was to discredit Trump and 'advance the Democrat goal of seizing total power, in a frightening parallel to the February 1933 burning of the German Reichstag.'"

Joe Biden needs to get Merrick Garland confirmed and in his seat as Attorney General. 

Gun sales are booming with 330 million firearms on the street. With a U.S. population of 329 million, wouldn't you say that is enough? Not so say the 40 million who purchased guns in 2020, plus another 4.1 million in January of 2021. This is both obscene and insane when you consider America's gun violence is the second highest in the world. Douglas A. McIntyre of USA Today says...
"Growing civil unrest may have prompted people to buy guns for personal and family protection, many social scientists have posited, although this remains a matter of debate. Another theory is that chaos brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is a major cause."

This may be true to some extent but McIntyre leaves out the most important reason. These buyers, led by the NRA's head gun nut, Wayne LaPierre, are making these purchases because of the propaganda fed to them by the gun lobby. Don't be misled, LaPierre, like Trump, may be temporarily disabled, but there is still power in both of these misfits. Five-million of this total were new buyers with sales to women up 40%. Fortunately Joe Biden plans to take on the gun lobby. 


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