Sunday, June 30, 2019

NEWS ALERT: Gun violence on Long Island, NY

Six people were shot at a house party on Long Island, New York, early Sunday morning. Read more...


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Don't count Bernie out is the word from John Atcheson of Progressive Common Dreams News comparing the Bern to Joe Biden in the recent uncloseted war on Sanders by the Democrats. Biden stumbled in the first debate with attacks from newbie Kamala Harris, but the Vermont Senator continued to hammer away with his crusade to get Wall Street and the wealthy. Bernie still doesn't seem to fear the Socialist label, and polls as well as Biden against Trump. Next debate?

In a move that defies the term "I don't believe it," the Republicans are working in collusion with "a GOP operative whose goal was to create maps advantageous to Republicans and non-Hispanic Whites.” (ie. the recent question added to the Census asking for citizenship, which is currently in the courts.) With the question in jeopardy, Donald Trump has now even asked for a delay of the census. Just further proof that the Republicans will do anything to block Democratic voters.

Democrats took a hit when SCOTUS ruled that federal courts cannot block lawmakers in individual states from partisan gerrymandering in political districts. Whether or not this is illegal, but certainly unethical, "Justice Elena Kagan was among the dissenters in the ruling, quoting her as saying that “partisan gerrymanders” have 'debased and dishonored our democracy.'” It seems pretty clear that, also based on the Census question issue above, the GOP is hell-bent on controlling the 2020 election.

My opinion is that most folks have a large amount of respect for the Dalai Lama, except for Trump supporters, especially after seeing this article. The religious oracle described the U.S. president as scatterbrained, that Trump suffers from a “lack of moral principle.” The Tibetan spiritual leader said, “One day, he says something,” the Dalai Lama said of Trump. “Another day, he says something.” Thus, the premise by many, including well-known psychiatrists, that Donald Trump is mentally unbalanced.

Donald Trump is a fabricated president. Fake, counterfeit, bogus, the list goes on endlessly. Like the phony cover of TIME Magazine that was found hanging in his golf clubs back in 2017. Today the fraudulent "TIME magazine graphic showing himself running for office for the next 1,000 years." A campaign yard sign said, “Trump 2020, Trump 2024, 2028,” well into the year 3,000 to 40,000 and beyond. Carried further, president for life? Something must be done about this lunatic in 2020...or before.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk

Google believes its search engine might be instrumental in predicting the outcome of the 2020 election. The Democratic Primary candidates are lined up and the ranked starting with December 30, 2018 through June 16, 2019. It is a constantly changing competition for positioning for best ranking arriving at an expected conclusion, except for number two. Elizabeth Warren replaced Bernie Sanders at second moving him to third. Joe Biden remains first.

The chief of the White House’s Office of Special Counsel has the evidence for ousting White House counselor Kellyanne Conway by documenting her “complete disregard” for the law. Trump appointed Henry Kerner, who leads the Office of Special Counsel in testimony submitted to Congress...
"accuses Conway of going out of her way to knowingly flout the Hatch Act, which bars most executive branch employees from engaging in political activity."
 Republicans claim the Bible says they don’t have to help the poor, but "former National Republican Committee head Michael Steele slammed GOP lawmakers who have attempted to use the Bible as a defense for ignoring the needs of the poor and the helpless." Steele added...
“Anyone who’s quoting a Bible that says they’re not supposed to care for the poor, that should tell you everything about them and the Bible that they’re reading.”
Paul Krugman says Republicans deserting constituents by taking away their health care benefits. To illustrate, there is a desperate need for medical services for the poor in red-state Tennessee. These are Americans in rural communities that voted heavily for Donald Trump in a state that refuses to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. "Republicans who run Tennessee and other ‘non-expansion’ states have chosen to inflict misery on many of their constituents, rural residents in particular.” Tragic but clear where the blame resides.

Current news on the NRA's sinking ship is the shutting down production of its online propaganda machine, the streaming network, NRATV. This dumps Dana Loesch from live programming, something the educated of this country won't miss. Head gun nut Wayne LaPierre is trying to hold this band of demented soldiers of gun violence together but both questionable finances and the discovery of the NRA's real reputation spells doom in the near future. So good! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

The most despicable U.S. politician ever: Mitch McConnell

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk

And no less a U.S. Senator. Who would re-elect this sleazebag repeatedly? Could only be the same morons who vote for Donald Trump. Raw Story says, "Gallons of ink have been spilled about how he [Mitch McConnell] is a worse threat to democratic institutions than Trump." This pariah of politics has served as a concrete wall against anything the left has tried to accomplish, dating back to before the Obama administration.

One of my passions is reasonable gun control. In June of 2018, McConnell used his power to prevent legislation to prevent terrorists from buying guns. (It should be noted that he is one of the largest recipients of donations from the National Rifle Assn.) and as The Hill put it...
"provided cover for vulnerable Republicans who wanted to be seen as supporting the effort but did not want to cross the National Rifle Association."
It is all about power and that is what the man demands, no matter its expense to the American public and the country.

In an opinion piece for The Guardian this past April, Robert Reich wrote...
"No person has done more in living memory to undermine the functioning of the US government than the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell."
The sooner, the better
Now that's a pretty strong statement when you have Donald Trump in the White House in the process of using his corrupt administration to line his and his minions' pockets. "But McConnell is actively and willfully destroying the Senate," Reich says, resulting in the following...
"Last Wednesday he used his Republican majority to cut the time for debating Trump’s court appointees from 30 hours to two – thereby enabling Republicans to ram through even more Trump judges."
There's more from Reich...
"McConnell doesn’t give a fig about the Senate, or about democracy. He cares only about winning. On the eve of the 2010 midterm elections he famously declared that his top priority was for Barack Obama 'to be a one-term president.'”
Mitch McConnell, who was almost a single force in stonewalling anything Obama did in his two terms, is a confirmed racist who hated Barack Obama because he was black, and also since he was a Democrat. McConnell even vowed to make Obama a one-term president. He failed. Mitch McConnell is a complete fraud but as long as he gets things done for the GOP he'll stay head of the Senate. Unless...the people of Kentucky wise up and blow him away in 2020.

Here's an example of McConnell's stupidity, punctuated by racism...

Here's a headline that every Kentuckian should take into consideration before voting in 2020: "Mitch McConnell Will Not Act in Good Faith, Even When the Security of the Country Is at Stake." It refers to McConnell's blaming of Barack Obama for the Russians meddling in the 2016 election, thus prompting the Mueller Report. Although Obama may have been negligent in handling the intelligence, Mueller's Report clearly holds Donald Trump guilty of collusion.

And finally Mitch McConnell's dark side, in my estimation, the only side he has. Politico calls him,  “Cocaine Mitch,” “Nuclear Mitch” or the steward of the “legislative graveyard.” Would anyone question why Congress has such a low rating with the American public with a mad man like this in control of the Senate? I think not, and according to Raw Story, the Democrats should be able to use Mitch McConnell to sweep the 2020 elections. One can only hope!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

NO to guns-Madonna's latest video

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk

You may ask what does it matter that some celebrity comes out against the massive gun violence in the United States. Well, the answer is that it simply reemphasizes the significance of the issue, since the person has nothing to gain but the satisfaction of having spoken out against something that is killing this country's innocent people. Madonna did it in her new video that is available free, and something everyone should look at.

It is graphic! Madonna is actually shot dead in the course of a mass shooting that appears to be taking place in a dance hall where it seems that everyone has been killed by an assault rifle. Madonna has a message: "We need to wake up," with the name of her video "God Control." No matter what you might think of her as a person and as a performer, she should be enshrined for putting her career on line with such a controversial issue. Just watch the video and you'll see...

Donald Trump spawns corruption

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where liberals Walk

Robert Reich talks about Donald Trump's "deep state," (ie. Steve Bannon) but concludes the Oval Office has now progressed to Trump’s Corrupt State. He adds...
"Not since Warren G. Harding’s sordid administration have as many grifters, crooks and cronies occupied high positions in Washington."
 Just look at the resignations of do many top people in the administration; Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Tom Price, and Michael Flynn. It was recently reported that "a real estate company partly owned by Trump son-in-law and foreign policy advisor, Jared Kushner, has raked in $90 million from foreign investors since Kushner entered the White House." Thus signifying the fact that Donald Trump bought the presidency for the purpose of establishing a money machine.

The corruption is compounded by the conclusions by the media, private sector, and some in government that, "this is a White House out of control, with a Commander-in-Chief not in charge." Here's a shocking example from CNN’s Alexander Marquardt, a Senior National Correspondent focusing on National Security...

"He makes clear Trump’s not the one calling the shots, and is only making decisions to fend off internal bickering and power plays in his administration."

Bob Cesca of Salon says...

"Worse yet, there are millions of Americans who will do anything to circulate Trumpism until it becomes fact and therefore the basis for governing the country from now on. In the face of all this, too many news outlets refuse to act in accordance with the challenges of this existential crisis."

He points to a recent interview by Chuck Todd of NBC's “Meet the Press” with Donald Trump Cesca termed, "another example of the perpetually nauseating confluence of Trump’s gratuitous lies and a TV news reporter too timid to treat him like the despot he is." Cesca comments that Trump voters simply believe "Trump’s worthless word" and "repeated as truth the following whopper lies told to Todd the other day."

Want a laugh? Watch Chuck Todd, Donald Trump interview...

Typical of Trump's lies in perpetuity, still using former President Barack Obama as his customary whipping post, Trump tells Todd...

"'Congress never approved Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, aka the “Iran Deal.' Since it wasn’t a treaty, Congress didn’t have to approve. But Congress passed legislation, signed by Obama, allowing legislators to evaluate the terms of the deal. To his credit, Todd caught that lie."

 What is so pathetic, and also fearful, is that Chuck Todd treated Donald Trump in such a way to legitimize the Oval Office lunatic who is far from earning it. Cesca says...

"Let’s put it this way: When Trump starts to act like a president, then maybe he’ll earn the right to be treated like one."

I think most of us will agree that will never happen.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Democratic debates interrupted

I am watching the Democratic debates streaming live online because my local provider Cox Communications can't seem to correct interference that makes watching the debates almost impossible. I am in Arizona, which is heavily Republican, many radical to the right. I am not saying this is Republican political terrorism nor am I saying it is not.

Now, there is a problem with the microphones at the debate, and they had to take an unexpected break to try and fix it. Very suspicious since Donald Trump had threatened to be vocal on Twitter during the debates. Hmmmmm...

Wealthy New Yorkers' donations fuel anti-vax fire

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk

Facebook was used by the anti-vax losers to perpetuate their fraud, those who were responsible for thousands making the decision to vaccinate their children. Here are the results:
152,763 preventable illnesses
9,028 preventable deaths
0 Number of autism diagnosis scientifically linked to vaccines
Well, now these misinformed crackpots have a sugar daddy and mama, "a wealthy New York family who has bankrolled a massive campaign to spread misinformation about vaccinations to the tune of millions of dollars." The Washington Post names them...
"hedge fund manager and philanthropist Bernard Selz and his wife Lisa Selz have donated at least $3 million to organizations that stoke fears about vaccinations causing autism, while also downplaying the threat that measles poses to young children.
These unconscionable lunatics are part responsible for the figures above, and the anguish to be experienced by negligent parents in the future. I have posted a number of times on this issue, all of which you can see here. In my latest, I reported...
"Most of the new cases were in New York City and its suburbs, where hundreds of cases have been reported this year. The area is home to Orthodox Jewish communities where many parents refuse to allow vaccinations for their children. Authorities mandated vaccinations in some ZIP codes."
 Interesting, New York is where the Selz family resides and does its dirty work. In another, Robert Reich warned that Anti-vaxxers should be required to read the history of measles and then decide if they want to go through the pain of having to expunge the disease again. Across the pond comes this declaration...
"The UK's health secretary Matt Hancock said anti-vaccination campaigners were 'morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible' and had 'blood on their hands.'"
Excellent debunking of the anti-vaxxing movement...

At one point I suggested making anti-vaxxers face isolation, fines and arrests. I even advocated rounding them all up and placing them in a concentration camp where they could spread around their diseases all they want to. Sound fascist? Well, my approach is prompted by the fact there are 1,077 cases of measles in the U.S. as of June 20, 2019, after being completely eradicated resulting from the antics of the anti-vaxxers. I don't want it. Do you?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

MANDATE: Gun violence needs the NRA

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk

Suicides are up in the United States and over one-half of the victims use a gun to kill themselves. These data in themselves corroborate the current epidemic of gun violence in this country, but there is more. Right here where I live in Arizona, where all it takes to own a gun is a warm body, Phoenix police fired at more people than law-enforcement officers did in any other city in the United States. Every five days an Arizona cop shoots someone.

Police forces throughout the country have been put in a critical position and my theory is that with so many guns on the street 393 million guns in civilian hands), especially in the state of Arizona, cops simply do not know who might have a weapon. They proceed cautiously but the minute there is a suspicious move, there is a reaction, perhaps in some cases over-reaction. But who do we thank for those 393 million guns on the street, the National rifle Assn. (NRA)

There are 40,000 people in the U.S. killed by guns each year, so the NRA's head gun nut, Wayne LaPierre should be proud of himself for fulfilling his promise to gun manufacturers that he will promote the sale of all types of guns until every household in the country has at least one. Currently, some have an arsenal. But wait, America's biggest sellers of guns and ammo are suffering from a lack of "fear-based buying," and that is because of Donald Trump's tenure in office.

The gun nuts think they are safe from any major gun control--even reasonable ones--as long as Republicans control the Senate and White house. And they are right. So, let's say we elect a Democrat for president, and take control of the Senate while maintaining a lead in the house, just how much will that figure of 393 million guns nationwide zoom to. Unless, the Democrats get off their butts and pass the gun regulation that is needed.

Here's a laugh, Trump fighting for gun rights...

So, thanks to Donald Trump the NRA has been exposed as one of the largest con-games in the country in its efforts to convince its membership it is working for them, while their focus is really on helping gun manufacturers sell more guns. And further, attempting to convince the American public that more guns in the hands of the civilian population will make America safer. Not so. Yes, the Trump effect has actually backfired and gun companies are going out of business.

The NRA is experiencing problems today, the like of which they have not had to face for years with banks cutting off their cooperation and companies no longer participating in their programs. Wayne LaPierre is accused of over-spending on expenses, like $51,000 on personal clothes in Beverley Hills. LaPierre just ousted his number two man, Chris Cox, for his attempts to expose his boss. There are numerous problems that just may be insurmountable this time.

One can only hope that the demise of the National Rifle Assn. comes quickly to prevent too many more days of 100 shot dead with a firearm and hundreds more wounded.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The epitome of the disgusting is Donald Trump

Remember Donald Trump's often touted book, "The Art of the Deal," something he hasn't been able to accomplish since being in the White House? Well there's another twist from the book's co-author, Tony Schwartz, who revealed a shocking observation...
“To know Trump is to hate Trump,” said Schwartz. “Meaning everybody who knows him, deep down, hates him completely.”
Not really shocking is it? Actuall,y that isn't the real shocker; This is even closer to home, that his oldest daughter, Ivanka, "despises him," can't stand him anymore. Of course it's hard to tell with all of the "sweetness" we see between her, Jared Kushner and Daddy Warbucks. Schwartz's reasoning...
“When you’re around a person who devalues you, humiliates you, ignores you, shames you, what possible other reaction could you have other than to despise him?”
Trump was in Orlando last week to kick off his 2020 presidential campaign--many say that he's never stopped campaigning since 2016--but is it significant that Orlando is a city completely enclosed by swampland? This is certainly appropriate considering the Oval Office lunatic's promise entering office was to drain the Washington swamp. He didn't and what we ended up with was an even bigger quagmire of corruption led by none other than the professed liberator.

Joe Biden on Donald Trump

But it is even more laughable that just hours before Trump's campaign kickoff in Orlando, the Orlando Sentinel announced that it would endorse anyone but Donald Trump. The newspaper commented...
"After 2½ years we’ve seen enough. Enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults, the self-aggrandizement, the corruption, and especially the lies. So many lies — from white lies to whoppers — told out of ignorance, laziness, recklessness, expediency or opportunity."
Wow! That's a statement that perfectly clarifies the maniac that had been inhabiting the White House now for around two-and-one-half-years, posing as a head of state for the most powerful nation in the world. Or at least it was until T-rump took office. But the Democrats don't get an official nod out of this from a paper that has a history of endorsing Republicans, rather, it's more a mandate that Donald Trump must go.

And finally, Trump has lost the support of one of his largest 2016 supporters, the wealthy Mercer family. Here's the loss...
"The Mercers supported Trump aggressively in 2016, donating at least $15.5 million to pro-Trump organizations..."
According to sources, the Mercers have become disillusioned with Trump for a variety of reasons. One, they favored Steve Bannon; Trump fired him. There were others but supporting Steve Bannon tells you enough about this family to place them in a category of the radical right of the Republican Party. Donald Trump can't afford to lose too many of this brand since it is the thrust of the GOP in all elections. One can only hope that the entire Trump campaign fails...soon.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

PROGRESSIVE STREET-Where Liberals Walk: Mitch McConnell/Democrats 2020 nemesis

The slime ball of politics, Mitch McConnell, can take down anything Democrats have planned for post-2020, even if they win the White House and hold on to the House. McConnell is hell-bent on blocking whatever comes from left field, and has followed this path since at least Barack Obama's election to the WH. The Senate head is totally reprehensible in his savage moves to maintain Republican power, especially his own. Unless...we're rid of him in 2020.

Read more…

New York Times exposes decades-old fraud by Donald Trump over his inflated health. Legal intimidation is the key in threats against “journalists and organizations that threaten to expose his purported wealth as a house of cards.” In the 1980s a Forbes editor had written that Trump was failing and worth “below zero.” Theory is Forbes changed it to he had a net worth of $500 million and…
“Trump was threatening to sue, and he was also threatening to expose [Forbes publisher] Malcolm Forbes with some sort of outrageous lie that Trump had concocted.”
Read more…

Politico says, "House leaders have developed a new plan to get what are called 'star witnesses'” that are out of the reach of Donald Trump's executive privilege. They would be people involved in Trump’s 2016 campaign — but were not government employees. These people could include former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, possibly Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. What you wanna bet he tries to intervene.


Friday, June 21, 2019

Donald Trump Parody/His Armageddon #4

Bananas Man was back in the Oval Office thinking about that war he wanted to start. He just didn't know who to start one with, when he noticed the picture on the wall and the name China. The caption read, 'China is the country that could give the United States the most trouble.' Then he realized that the U.S. must be a country, and this world is broken down by countries. Strange to the alien whose Odious was assembled in a series of globules. But then, everything here was odd.

He ran back out to the female he had spoken with before and stated calmly, "I want to start a war with China, and I want to do it now." His boredom was getting the best of him and he was getting impatient for the chaos he was used to on Odious. "Send someone in here to help me get this done, he added," and returned to his office. The woman was aghast, but with her experience she knew the first thing to do was to call the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State noticed the Oval Office door was partially open so he knocked lightly and walked in. Donald Trump/alien had no idea who he was but decided he must be the war starter so he continued, "How do the two of us start a war with China, and I mean right now?"

The SOS completely lost his ability to speak and reason until he suddenly realized the figure in front of him wasn't acting in any way like the president he knew. Collecting himself finally, "Mr. President, we can't do that without cause," and looked at his presumed but doubtful boss with complete exasperation.

"It's cause I don't like them and I want to." And that was it, no preamble to a move of going into combat that would surely result in bloodshed and loss of lives. Just "cause" he didn't like them and he wanted to. "How long will it take us to do it?" he added.

And then the SOS figured it out, the president was playing one of his war games of strategy. Something he did regularly for what he termed a sure way to keep the U.S. on its toes. Have to play along as the Secretary of State should he thought, then said, "To the situation room quickly Mr. President, and the red phone." As they hustled to the basement in the West Wing of the White House, the SOS wondered just how far the president would go this time.

It was very quiet in the soundproof situation room where Donald Trump/alien eyed a red object on the table in front of them, all alone. "What's that?" again, before he thought, then remembered this man he was with saying 'to the red phone.' He immediately wheeled around looking directly at the Secretary of State, "You get things started, then I'll take over," pushing the phone towards him.

The SOS decided the president wanted to play it by the book, took the phone and picked up the headpiece, which put him in direct contact with two of the U.S. missile launching sites in Colorado and Nebraska, gave them a red alert for China, then handed the phone to Donald Trump/alien. "The missiles are ready to fire, Sir."

The pseudo president took the phone and said, "This is the!"

The SOS almost fainted, and when getting hold of himself finally said, "Mr. President, you just started World War III."


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Donald Trump's Parody #3

Donald Trump, alias Bananas Man, was feeling the power of having these earthlings adore him while sensing the control he held on them when demanding their attention. They were rapt with praise and he knew this gave him the right to do anything he wanted to. He would use this humankind and cast them off when they were no longer of any value to him. Cocky and pompous to a fault, Donald Trump condescendingly told them he was their leader. They wildly cheered him.

Unfamiliar with how these earth dwellers governed themselves--on Odious the male was totally in charge and chaos was the norm--he asked them what was the most important thing he could be here on earth. The answer, of course, was President of the United States. Bananas Man quickly replied, "How do I do it?" In their reaction the brown shirts explained the path to the presidency, but Donald Trump decided he would bypass all this and go straight to the White House.

As an alien, especially one from Odious, he had special powers allowing him to transport his body at will, anywhere he wanted, in any form that he chose. He decided he needed to be invisible. Bam! He was in the Oval Office looking at a man behind a large structure with articles all around, one of which he had in his hand and to his ear. He was talking, as if there were someone to listen to him. Donald Trump did a number on the man, instantly appearing in his place.

After a day of doing what presidents do, he decided this was nice but boring.
Opening the door, there was a woman sitting outside at something that looked like where he had been, but much smaller. She looked up saying, "What can I do for you Mr. president?" There was this large box on the wall with a picture where he had been sitting, showing various images with words flashing across the picture, one of which he recognized as "war."

Used to having perpetual conflict on Odious, Donald Trump blurted out, "I want to start a war."

Completely caught off guard, the woman responded, "Sir, you really should contact Congress before you do that."

"What's Congress?" before he caught himself and then said, "They can wait. I need to start a war now," and stormed back into the Oval Office to watch more of the picture on the wall.

Next, Donald Trump's Armageddon.

Thanks again to my wife, Barbara, for the alien concept!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Donald Trump Parody #2

I can't tell you exactly where Odious is in the star system, but I can say that it is shunned by all the other planets as if it had a measles outbreak. A very cold and windy Uranus was so pissed at one point--Odious had sent spaceships to circle the asteroid dumping loads of garbage--that it fired off a shooting star as a warning against future invasions. It did no good. But this was Donald Trump's home and the population was proud of its unbridled son. Little did they know.

Donald Trump, or Bananas Man as he was referred to on Odious, walked the streets of New York in his new body sporting something clinging to him that he didn't quite recognize, including a rope-like piece around his neck. He noticed everyone he passed was doing the same thing so he must be fitting in. As he casually passed what appeared to be the female species of this planet, he calmly grabbed her by the butt, which was normal for him on Odious.

The woman immediately slammed him with her purse and screamed for the cops. Bananas Man reacted like the typical Odian and began to build his case to incriminate the woman, instead of him. Fortunately, there were several humans standing around wearing brown shirts that said, "Keep America Stupid," who were ready to support Donald Trump so there wasn't much the police could do. He was released and immediately started bragging about his superhuman charisma.

The shirted gang was enthralled heaping praise on their new liberator who began to deride anyone who wasn't wearing the brown shirt slogan. And then he spied a mortal that was black all over, at least what he could see of the individual, and began to berate him for being a different color. The brown shirts loved it, clapping wildly, grabbing the black man and throwing him to the ground. After several blows, the poor guy was allowed to limp off down the street.

Bananas Man quickly began a braggadocio over his prowess in, well, just about everything. There was a hot dog vendor on the corner and he was exchanging money with a customer. Donald Trump eyed the funny looking paper and metal pieces, immediately determined them of value, and exclaimed, "I have millions of those," to which the brown shirts roared approval. Looking very stern, he spoke directly to his followers, "I demand your loyalty," with yet more shouting.

Next, how the Bananas man begins to move up in the world.

Thanks again to my wife, Barbara, for the alien concept!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Donald Trump parody

Donald Trump first coming to earth
Most people think Donald Trump was born in the borough of Queens, New York at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. He wasn't. His feeble-minded followers believe his parents were Frederick Christ Trump, a real estate developer, and Scottish-born housewife Mary Anne MacLeod. They weren't. A pathetic example for news reporting by the name of Fox News is convinced he is a "god" that has been anointed to save this country. He isn't.

Donald Trump is an alien, not those from south of the U.S. border that he abhors and would persecute, but one living in a far-distant planet by the name of Odious. From a galaxy of mostly friendly asteroids, the sphere of Odious is considered the most wretched residence in space. Any being from this orb would be considered the lowest form of existence in the celestial universe. And that being would be Donald Trump, sent to the U.S. to wreak havoc.

Once here, using earth creatures, Donald Trump spawned children that somehow, in the mix between alien and human, were denied the intelligence of either. Destined to be a perpetual blight on humanity along with their procreator. But this curious immortal...thing...protected his offspring, while demanding complete loyalty from them, including heaping praise on the "father," no matter his deeds with others around him. You see, Odious was the evil planet of the galaxy.

On the planet Odious, first, it was better to lie than tell the truth, it was
The planet Odious
customary to sexually abuse women and molest children, practice egotistic supremacy, belittle others, be a racist, willingness to sacrifice others to save yourself, be authoritarian, a tactless boaster, arrogant and ignorant leading to irresponsibility, employ nepotism, and finally there is a silver lining in most beings but those from Odious do not have even one good trait.

So, on the arrival of Donald Trump from Odious, the wheels started turning in his grossly misshapen head when he viewed those around him that were so different. But in his case, of course, this made him feel even more superior, however, it was also necessary for him to fit in, so he stole the body of the first person he ran into. It appeared to be comparable to his status and he quickly discarded the body's spirit as if it had never existed.

Tomorrow, how the alien Trump makes his way in this new world.

Thanks to my wife, Barbara, for the alien concept!

Monday, June 17, 2019

UPDATE: Trumps own aides even hate him...

Monday June 17, 2019

Bernie Sanders re-explains Democratic Socialism with a focus on Donald Trump and the Bern's "new vision to bring our people together in the fight for justice, decency, and human dignity, this is that time.” Obviously a jab at Trump for the way he has belittled the United States, making it the laughingstock of the world. Read more.

400 Current, former cops members of hate groups on Facebook "that were anti-Islamic, Confederate, anti-women, or anti-government." From Chicago to Mississippi, more than 50 departments have launched internal investigations. Read more.

Clinton confessed before impeachment-will Trump? But the real question is will impeachment backfire on Democrats? Nancy Pelosi is downplaying impeachment, but other democrats are fanning the flames and making their own moves. The left must win the White House in 2020, along with the Senate and keep the House. Besides, what good would it do with Mitch McConnell sitting in the chair. Read more.

Should we ban the old farts from the presidency? Joe Biden is 76, Bernie Sanders 77, Donald Trump 73. On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi is 79, Mitch McConnell 77. Today, Democratic politicians are generally older than their Republican counterparts but those in the Dem wings are much younger like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. For my money, Bernie Sanders outshines them all in sharpness, but not in the polls. Read more.

Democrats win in racial gerrymandering case. SCOTUS dismissed a challenge to a lower court decision saying some of Virginia’s legislative districts were racially gerrymandered. This could radically change the Virginia legislature, and a move that has caught on nationwide. Republicans caught Democrats with their pants down when former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz wasn't watching the store. Read more.

Trumps own aides even hate him. An excellent example of why in a recent ABC interview during which T-rump halted the interview to order his Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney out of the Oval Office for coughing while Trump answered a question about turning over his financial records. "New York Times reporter Nick Confessore said the tone of the president’s voice was harsh and cruel." And this is the man you pathetic misinformed followers elected that has his finger on the button.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Liberal News Bites

Trump obstructed justice so many times it was hard for Mueller to count them...MORE
“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” yep, that's Donald Trump...MORE
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Animals to Humans: All we want is to live

When you look at a kitten or a puppy and its cuteness just makes you melt, it can also make your day. But what about their day...and futur...