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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sarah Palin the racist…according to a dedicated group of African Americans

Sarah Palin racism caricature

Stephen Colbert dismissed Sarah Palin as not worth our time following the January 2011, Tucson massacre that left 6 dead and 19 injured including Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords from Arizona.  Palin had posted Giffords’ district on her PAC website with rifle scope crosshairs and the caption “Don’t Retreat!  Reload!”  Palin’s reaction was to blame the media.  I mention this to illustrate what a loose cannon this imbecile posing as a human being is.

It is still hard to understand how John McCain could have picked her as a running mate.  He still doesn’t have a clue.

The site takes Palin to task likening her to a “corrupt evangelist” with connections to the Tea Party.  There you go.  That’s all the TPers need; a huge tent to showcase all the wackos that make up this group of fanatics.  ThyBlackMan is an organization formed to”…unite black men, not to separate and divide.”  And that’s where we lose Sarah Palin.  It is clearly her intent to leave this country a much worse place than she found it in 2008.

There is no doubt that racism is still too prevalent in America, based on several recent incidents that have occurred.  One, during the NCAA March Madness tournaments between Kansas State University and Southern Mississippi.  Based on Mississippi’s history, many would say this is typical, but the state has cleaned up its act in recent years.  And even though this latest episode wasn’t addressed at blacks, it still reeks of racism.

Racism has many faces

Apparently Mississippians have redirected their bigotry to Hispanics because in a derogatory chant the So. Mississippi band yelled “where’s your green card” to a Latino Kansas State player.  The latter team won the game by 6 points.  The school apologized but the damage was already done, captured on nationwide TV.

Then TBM talks of how Palin continues to misinform the media about “Obamacare” seeking to resurrect old prejudices from 2008.  She was in her prime on the Sean Hannity Show with a bizarre claim that former Harvard professor Derrick Bell’s call for greater diversity on the Ivy League campus was racist. 

She completely ignored the work Bell had done at Harvard on race relations, directing her appeal to extreme right wing conservatives by leading them to believe that in Obama’s connection to Bell, he was guilty of racism.  “The ignorance is baffling” says TBM, particularly for those who are unable to understand her true intentions.

Rick Santorum on racism in the video below:

And in another incident that is leaning toward racism, a 17-year-old African American in Florida, Trayvon Martin, was shot by a self-appointed white Community Watch Captain with a gun.  28-year-old George Zimmerman thought Martin looked “suspicious” and called police.  They told him not to follow the kid but he did, and confronted him with his gun.  When Martin attempted to defend himself, Zimmerman, who outweighed him by 100 pounds, shot him.  Zimmerman claimed self defense.

The Christian Post asked the question: Since Zimmerman was not administered a Breathalyzer or toxicology screen, even though it is the protocol for shootings, is it possible that he was drunk?  “Rod Wheeler, a law enforcement expert, told ABC News that Zimmerman sounded intoxicated in the 911 calls.  "When I listened to the 911 tape, the first thing that came to my mind is 'this guy sounds intoxicated.' Notice how he's slurring his words.”

Sarah Palin, with notes

ThyBlackMan comments that the Palin type of tactics have been used successfully by the GOP for years, claiming that the Republican Party has a “resentment of America’s changing demographics and the African American president currently occupying the Oval Office. 

If they think what’s happened so far is bad, what the hell will the GOP do this November when the Hispanics exert their new-found voting power in the upcoming election?

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