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Monday, March 5, 2012

Aides finally muzzle Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

NY Sen. Chas. Schumer

First Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was invited to testify before New York’s Democratic Senator Charles Schumer’s Senate Judiciary’s Committee’s immigration subcommittee.  She was invited the day before the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on the state’s anti-immigration bill SB-1070 on April 25.  

Schumer said to Brewer that she was always asking President Obama to come to the border to discuss immigration problems; why not come before his committee and air her concerns.  She declined, saying that it was a publicity stunt.

Talking of the new increased security at the border that has drastically decreased border crossings, Schumer wanted to know: 1) why you signed SB 1070 in 2010; 2) whether you still believe SB 1070 is necessary in light of the substantially increased security situation along our southern border; and 3) whether you favor SB 1070 being made a permanent law irrespective of whether conditions further improve along the southern border," as reported in the Huff Post.

President Obama in OZ

Next, just a few days later, Brewer declined an invitation from Obama to attend the G honoring the nation’s governors just before the Nat’l Governors Assn. conference, which Brewer attended on Feb. 27.  She told her staff that she didn’t want to “participate in a ‘social’ event.”  But when quizzed about not attending the dinner, aides whisked her away before she could speak and mouthpiece Matthew Benson answered questions.

Someone is finally waking up to the fact that every time Jan Brewer opens her mouth she puts every resident of Arizona’s foot in it, not just hers.  It has become so embarrassing that those around her that have propped her up in the past are at last realizing they must put a muzzle on her to try and prevent more ridicule of the state of Arizona.  Unfortunately the country’s most incompetent governor doesn’t even realize what’s going on and simply muddles on.

Satirist Fran Lebowitz, who appeared recently in Scottsdale, AZ, talking about Brewer’s finger pointing at the President said: “Arizona has not endeared itself to me. I have to say, truly, the president of the United States deserves respect… On top of everything else, it's morally crass. Not just from an etiquette standpoint, but it shows a kind of moral vulgarity.”

Brewer spokesperson Matthew Benson said to the Washington Times, “It doesn’t appear that this would be the most productive hearing for Governor Brewer to attend,” talking about Sen. Schumer’s committee hearing.  My take is that Jan brewer is always willing to shoot off her mouth when she won’t be pressed for hard answers, or can just walk away from a media event as she has in the past.  But she can’t walk away from Schumer, fully realizing she will be in way over her head.

Russell Pearce RECALLED

But it all fell into place when disgraced recalled Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce, who is known as one of the state’s biggest racist bigots, offered to replace Brewer at Schumer’s hearing.  He agreed to go to Washington on April 24, as a replacement for Brewer saying he knew more about SB-1070 than the Gov since she “…only signed the bill that was sent to her.”  That in itself is an insult from the man known as the de facto governor since Brewer was elected.

Charles Schumer press aide Brian Fallon comments, noting Pearce’s offer: “It is interesting that other Arizona officials responsible for this law are willing to come and defend it, but not Gov. Brewer."  Fallon is simply being diplomatic, knowing full well that Brewer’s former 16 seconds of silence could easily turn into hours, starting with the first question of Sen. Schumer’s committee.

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