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Monday, April 6, 2015


And give your money to the Tea Party

I have a theory about the Tea Party. The people who write the emails that deliver the regular editions of the TP newsletter are professional copywriters from the junk mail industry. Nothing wrong with that except their fundraising is in perpetual motion and mirrors a situation I used to abhor when I worked in junk mail as a data broker. The philanthropic organizations would thrive over their command of little old ladies out there who might be eating pet food but still gave their $2.00 to the organization of their choice. I had one guy tell me that some of these donors would give their last dollar to his cause and may go without any food at all. Someone commented to me recently that the TPers really didn't know they were being used. In TP email after email there is the term, "We desperately need you." Sounds to me like their greed already has you.

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