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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trump's top enemy Mueller could hasten GOP demise

Brent Budowsky, writing for The Hill, believes that Donald Trump's use of enemy lists to set up his agenda of attacks on his enemies may very well backfire, bringing out multitudes of Democratic and [Progressive] voters in November. His words...
"For every voter in the Trump base who is motivated to vote by these attacks, even more voters who disapprove of Trump are motivated to vote."
If this is what it takes to bring out the left vote, bring on the enemies. Harking back to Richard Nixon who thought everyone was his enemy, the Oval Office lunatic has taken paranoia to a new level. He fires people under him at all levels with the ease of throwing out the evening trash. His tactics are like a bad deodorant when he is trying to hide the truth. This undermining of the investigation of Robert Mueller and his special counsel team is actually getting old with respect to its validity. T-rump's latest ploy is to threaten Mueller with the fact that he can pardon himself, which is laughable.

Working as hard as Trump, and with an equal level of madness, is Rudy Giuliani, who Budowsky reminds us...
"was cheered by New Yorkers after the terror attack in September 2001 and was recently loudly booed at a New York Yankees game, to execute a crude strategy in his name.
"Giuliani is an advertisement for obstruction of justice. He speaks relentlessly and aggressively to discredit and politically destroy the Mueller investigation."
And the author has a number of groups with reasoning to vote in November because they feel "something has gone terribly wrong with America under Trump." Two such are Independents and moderate Republicans from the suburbs and small towns who voted for Trump in 2016. They thought he would "drain the swamp" but found out in actuality that Donald Trump is the swamp.

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