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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Barr sucked up on Mueller Report to get his job

Nancy Pelosi
The above headline is frightening in itself with the implication that Donald Trump selects his staff and Cabinet members just to please his bidding. Naive me. To confirm this, Nancy Pelosi told Democrats in a recent private meeting...
"Attorney General William Barr's words cannot be taken at face value, according to multiple sources in the meeting, arguing Barr got the job in the first place by authoring a memo criticizing special counsel Robert Mueller's obstruction probe as 'fatally misconceived.'"
Trump is known for naming people to posts with the direct opposite views than the post represents, for example, Scott Wheeler, current EPA head, was formerly a lobbyist for the coal industry, the latter which has provided some of the dirtiest air this country has ever experienced. And Pelosi is calling for the full release of the Mueller Report like all Democrats and several Republicans. The Speaker is making her moves because...
"Democrats are facing a torrent of criticism from congressional Republicans and the White House after Barr released his summary of Mueller's report on Sunday."
It is my prediction that Progressives and Democrats will have the last laugh when the truth finally comes out, but Donald Trump will be determined. 

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