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Monday, May 6, 2019

Brit convinced anti-vaxxers have blood on their hands

Rather harsh but pointed

"The UK's health secretary Matt Hancock said anti-vaccination campaigners were 'morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible' and had 'blood on their hands,'" according to CNN. His comments are based on a UNICEF study that amplifies the measles outbreak issue...
"It takes two doses of measles vaccine to protect children from the disease. A troubling new report from UNICEF finds that 2.5 million children in the United States and 169 million children worldwide missed out on their first dose between 2010 and 2017. That's roughly 20 million children a year, on average."
And it has become sufficiently confirmed now that the measles epidemic that is sweeping the U.S. is solely the fault of parents so stupid they believe the only way to become immune from the disease is to let your children catch it and build immunity. As an example, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, exposed his children to chickenpox so they would get the disease and become immune. Different disease, same stupidity.

But here's the shocker, UNICEF also found...
"that measles deaths were up globally by 22% in 2017, and complacency and fear of vaccines were among the factors leading to less vaccinations."
Many of the uninformed have been influenced by fraudulent social media that has aggressively promoted the anti-vaxxer movement, much of which has been removed by these sites. And here's another excellent point by Hancock...
"If you don't vaccinate your child, it's not only your child that is at risk. It's also other children, including those children who, for medical reasons, can't be vaccinated."
Some have even suggested that anti-vaxxers should be prosecuted for this very reason. Why not? They have intentionally not taken advantage of something that is guaranteed to protect their child's health, and then have sent them off to school to infect other children. So here's something for you anti-vaxxers to think about and act on today...
"Vaccination is good for you, good for your child, and good for your neighbor and your community, said Matt Hancock."
Please give me your comments on this issue. 

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