Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Political Satire: What is Trump still hiding about Russia?

He's not heavy, he's my puppet 
Whatever it is, it is bad enough that Donald Trump has enlisted the help of Congress, the intelligence community. And now the FBI has refused to cooperate with the White House by downplaying the news stories about Donald John's close ties with Russia. It involves Trump associates’ ties to Russia and the fact that pressure is being applied to cover this up. Greg Miller of the Washington Post said...
"Acting at the behest of the White House, the officials made calls to news organizations last week in attempts to challenge stories about alleged contacts between members of President Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives."
Here's some background on the story. According to Politifact...
"The Washington Post reported Dec. 9 that the CIA concluded Russia meddled in the election with the intent to help Trump, rather than to disrupt the election generally. The New York Times produced a similar report. However, the Washington Post also reported that the FBI isn't as confident in this conclusion. These stories are all based on anonymous sources and cannot be independently verified."
 But just last week, the FBI indicated that it would not downplay these same news reports after a request to do so from the White House. Business Insider Politics said...
"Trump administration officials wanted the FBI to disavow the reports and say there was no contact between people associated with Trump and Russia."
Democrats are still pissed over the fact that FBI Director James B. Comey released critical information about Hillary Clinton's email probe just prior to the 2016 election, yet kept quiet on the fact that Trump's campaign team had been in regular contact with Russia. Hillary Clinton accused Donald John of a direct tie between him and Vladimir Putin in one of the election debates, accusing her opponent of joining with the Russian leader to get rid of NATO. And then early in February, Trump voices his support for NATO admonishing member countries for better support.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (Calif.), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said that...
 if the White House “contrived to have intelligence officials contradict unfavorable news reports, this represents a new and even more grave threat to the independence of the intelligence community.”
Former CIA director Michael Hayden expressed his concern that intelligence sources were being strong-armed into providing information that was later being interpreted into political speak and then put into the wording that best fit their message. What's new. But considering the Trump administration's  continued praise of Putin and all the action so far to get it out of the media, does that mean there is a smoking gun? And to cap it all off, Donald John has repeatedly criticized the intelligence organizations recently for leaking misinformation.

The leading example of Russian involvement in the 2016 election was the DNC hack where the embarrassing emails from Debbie Wasserman Schultz were uncovered, resulting in her being removed as chair. In this case the federal intelligence community, cybersecurity analysts, the Homeland Security Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a statement saying...
"...they believed people at the top levels of Russian government directed the attack in an attempt to interfere in the election."
Donald Trump took the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013, and he is known to have other
It might even look like this
business interests in Russia; specifically a desire to build a luxury Trump hotel in Moscow. But since he won't release his taxes, there is no way to know exactly what is going on. There is one thing we know for sure, Donald Trump is about business. He has been criticized time and again over the lack of complete separation between the presidency and his business-related interests. One son recently cost the federal govt. thousands of protection dollars to protect him in work abroad for the hotels.

Business insider Politics reported...
"Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse this week said he was sure the Russia-related cloud hanging over President Donald Trump's administration would not be clearing up anytime soon."
 The Rhode Island Democrat says Lindsey Graham's Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism will look at the issue from three perspectives. 1) Trump's relationship with Russia pertaining to his business enterprises; 2) What did these actually do to affect the 2016 election?; 3) How exactly was the Trump staff involved in, if any, shenanigans in trying to swing the election toward Donald John? It is a fact that more Republicans have evidenced their concern over the possibility that Russia might have some part in getting Trump elected.

It is important to note that three important Donald Trump advisers have left the White House staff due to their Russian ties. First, Paul Manafort, former campaign manager and consultant for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine, left early, in August of 2016. Resignation has not been explained. Carter Page, former foreign policy adviser, left in September 2016, with ties to a business consultancy work for state-owned Russian oil giant Gazprom. Page is currently subject to U.S. investigations over his Russian connections. Michael Flynn left recently Feb. 13, for lying to V.P. Pence about speaking with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in December 2016.

Politifact concluded...
"Based on the evidence, it seems highly unlikely that actions by the Russian government contributed in any decisive way to Trump’s win over Clinton."
Senior research scientist at CNA Analysis & Solutions, Dmitry Gorenburg, lamented over all the ruckus over what might have happened. What the U.S. should be concerned about is the fact that Russia even made the attempt. As an observer to all that has been written, that would indicate to me that the hackers felt they had the means to accomplish their goals and it is accepted knowledge that Putin's minions are known to be excellent cyber thieves. They were able to hack into and steal million from U.S. banks back in 2015.

However, former President George W. Bush said, "...that the American people deserve answers on the alleged connection between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia." This from Donald John's own party plus someone who sat in the Oval Office in the same place where he is sitting now just over eight years ago. And then just this past Friday...
"Republican Rep. Darrell Issa called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to hire an independent prosecutor to investigate the connection between the Trump campaign and Russia. Issa joins a number of Democrats in calling for an independent prosecutor."
I would expect that kind of rhetoric coming from a career building blowhard like Issa, but GWB is way beyond having to make a name for himself. Apparently the decision of a prosecutor is Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.), chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. This was Trump's, of course, Tweet response...
“Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!” 
And finally, Wilbur Ross, who probably will be confirmed Secretary of Finance tonight, is the latest with Donald John's conglomeration of Russian connections. Esquire reports that Ross has an ownership stake in a Cyprus bank in consultation with Russian President Vladimir Putin who was the first to prop up the institution. The magazine also notes that, "Cyprus banks have a long and painful history of laundering dirty money from Russians involved with corruption and criminality."

Well, it just doesn't get any better.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Poltiical Satire: Can the Democrats/Progressives recover? Why not!

The left is in, perhaps, the worst shape it has been in for decades. Not that it has had that much past luck in Congress, the only positive recently being Barack Obama who was stonewalled by the GOP during his entire eight years. But the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton proves the inability of Democrats to nominate an electable candidate to run against a weakened Republican Party. They had one in Bernie Sanders but blew it allowing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to run the show and bar his nomination through unethical tactics, for which she was fired.

There are all kinds of perceptions of whether or not the Bern would have beat Trump, but what is sure is the fact that he would have given him a better run for his money than Hillary Clinton did. Sanders awakened the younger crowd, which could have been his ace in the hole against Donald John. But this is all history and the focus now is how to bring Democrats/Progressives back to the forefront. If my experience with the Demographic grassroots volunteer organization is any indication of the competency of this group, this is where the most work is necessary.

With both Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders I volunteered my services repeatedly; in both cases, with no takers. That's right, my background in database management, including computer modeling , along with research and market predicting was made available several times to apparently deaf ears. Due to my physical condition I couldn't go out and knock on doors, but time and again I offered to make my full office and experience available. Most recently, I contacted Bernie Sanders' campaign right up to the bitter end of his running for the nomination. Both in my state and national. Nothing.

And today Democrats are divided over how to handle Donald Trump, with one group wanting an all-out war, the other wants to try and guide him to the center. It should be obvious by now to anyone, you don't push Donald John in any direction but his own. And then there's the realization that with all the support to oppose Trump, the congressional Democrats just may not have the power to accomplish what they want. Impeachment now would take some strong support from Republicans and that isn't likely to happen. Of course, 2018 could turn the tide.
Bernie Sanders

But there has always been a leader from the left that stood out when minds were being made up aboutBernie Sanders stood out as the candidate of choice but denied his right. The American public was screaming for change, and the Bern offered that in a way that would most benefit the working class. What they got was Donald Trump, the voice of...Donald Trump.
campaigns and elections to come. Names like F.D.R., John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton most recently. There was a clear point at which the obvious was there to see in 2016, and that was when

One Democrat from a left-leaning state, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who is Vice Chairman off the Democratic Governors Assn., spoke of massive support for resistance against Donald John's Executive Order banning refugee admissions and travel from seven majority Muslim countries. Gov. Inslee has backed a lawsuit that challenges Trump's Executive Order and commented that by "...undermining Mr. Trump across the board..." The Dems will eventually hope to split Republicans away from the President. Not sure the likes of Mitch McConnell are bright enough.

The Democratic Party is so weakened that several Congress members from red states are afraid to oppose Trump for fear of losing their seats. But what good are those seats to the left if they have no voice. The answer is none. I am having a problem here wondering why we aren't getting fire and brimstone from a team of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer. They are, combined, the strength of the Senate and the Democratic Party. The Republicans doesn't hesitate to gang up against the left when the opportunity presents itself.

However, this is what the Dems are up against. A House and Senate controlled by the GOP. A Republican in the White House, although with such a lack of direction in his first month in office, the unknown will be the biggest problem. And if, probably when, Neil Gorsuch is installed in the Supreme Court, it will be five conservatives against four liberals. Insurmountable odds? Maybe not. Leo Jennings, a Democratic consultant from Youngstown, Ohio, days the Party must adopt a more Progressive economic agenda. Progressives must reclaim the Party.

Jennings, a Sanders supporter, said...
"If we don't start talking about the things that we can do to make it better for all working-class voters, we're bankrupt as a party."
Jennings feels you should lump whites and blacks (people of color) together in the Party's approach, but not rule out identity politics altogether. A state Party organizer who is black said, "If the Democratic Party wants to be around in the future, they need to go left." Precisely what Bernie Sanders was doing when his campaign was ruthlessly side-tracked. The public saw Hillary Clinton as too middle of the road and much too connected to the financial community to be on the side of the consumer. Some Sanders' supporters did vote for Hillary butt it was all too late.

I mentioned the potential magic trio earlier of Sanders, Warren and Schumer, the latter also Senate minority leader, thinking how much power is held by three of the most forceful Democrats in the Senate. What if we now add former President Barack Obama to the formula as a civilian, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, if they are of a mind, plus any other Progressives that want to join the new club. Now, looking forward to 2018, and a takeover of the Senate, and the House too, this consortium could be unbeatable. Is there any reason why these people couldn't and shouldn't work together?

There is at least one skeptic, Chinemerem Onyeukwu, 23, the Party organizer from Ohio, who is worried that, "...Democrats are going to keep running what he called '90s-style campaigns despite Clinton's loss." He has reason to believe that when, in light of the changing analytics of the 2016 Primaries, the Dems were still under the spell of the wicked witch from Florida. There is hope with the election of a new Democratic National Committee head yesterday, Tom Perez. It wasn't the pick of Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Party left, so the future remains to be seen.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Political Satire: Steve Bannon pursues "deconstruction" of what?

Look what we dug up
It is near impossible to find something to admire Donald trump for but Steve Bannon would. It's the fact that the engineer of this runaway train, being called the Trump administration, will never moderate on his issues. That would be commendable, except that many of his issues are insane. Take the immigration Executive Order as one example. Another is targeting Obamacare. There are more. But this is all about something Stevo calls “deconstruction of the administrative state,” and that would mean...
"...the system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that the president says have stymied economic growth and infringed upon U.S. sovereignty."
It was Barack Obama, a Democrat, who rescued the U.S. economy after Geo. W. Bush, another Republican, put it in the toilet.  Obama has placed it on the path to recovery and it would be in an even better position if the former President hadn't been blocked at every move he made by GOP obstructionists like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Back to Bannon, here's another biting commentary...
"Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland (D) said Bannon is a 'dangerous person driven by an authoritarian ideology who, I fear, has more influence than anyone in the administration.
This is a mean, vicious, intolerant group. I’ve never seen anything like this in my political life.'”
Finally, for the record, When Stevo was a documentary filmmaker, he promoted former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as a conservative idol for the Tea Party wackos. Need I say more?

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Political Satire: 33 Days of lies/misinformation from the White House

Have you wondered, will Donald Trump ever get through one day without telling a lie or spewing misleading information? It is doubtful since his first 33 days in office have been fraught with a complete distortion of the facts. But with no remorse. That's the new President of the United States, a gift bestowed on us by a bunch of uneducated, racist, religious nuts. This group probably has a problem with the truth since they are completely removed from reality. And the real problem is that these poor souls still think this lunatic is doing the right thing.

Here's more, and it might be the most alarming; a conservative news service reported that 45% of Donald John's followers trust his administration more than the news media. No doubt the same conglomeration as those covered above. The Washington Post's lead fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, said...
“There’s never been a presidential candidate like Donald Trump — someone so cavalier about the facts and so unwilling to ever admit error, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”
Yet, the American public just complacently sits back, when there should be an outcry demanding that this maniac either resign or be impeached. But, of course, there is still a blockhead Congress to deal with. What we need is a new visionary from the Progressive ranks to lead the fight. Actually, we had one, and he is the person who should be in the White House now.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Political Satire: More never-ending Tea Party stupidity

The Tea Party brain
There is just no end to the idiocy of this organization. You have to wonder how a group with double-digit IQs can hang around so long; probably because there are so many people out there with double-digit IQs. I am talking about the Tea Party, of course, more specifically their continued derision of Barack Obama. Apparently, these blockheads don't know he is out of office, no longer in the White House. Not in a policy-making capacity anymore, and probably doesn't give a damn what the Tea Party thinks or says about him. But they still keep grinding it out. Why?

Because of headlines like this, "BIZARRE: Obama’s CULT Manual FOUND, Claims ‘Clouds Will Part’ When He and Michelle Return," that encourage those double-digits to read their crap and give up their money. The Tea Party has been bankrolled from the beginning by the Koch Bros., David and Charles, guilty repeatedly of favoring their business interests over human life and the general well-being of consumers. The Tea Party follows suit by favoring their ultra-conservative credo and driving issues that benefit their group at the expense of the country. No matter, it will always be stupid.

Political Satire: The Daily Banter calls Mitch McConnell a condescending prick

There are several terms used for Mitch McConnell, the most disliked member of the U.S. Senate, but "condescending prick" in The Daily Banter is perhaps one of the best. My favorite is asshole, which is described in the dictionary as, a stupid, mean, or contemptable person. That certainly works for me. But get this, in Kentucky, Rand Paul, the state's other Senator, has an approval rank of 51%, McConnell only 40%. Even Breitbart, an alt-right publication, says he is the most unpopular U.S. Senator with a 52% disapproval rating, only 38% approve. The man is a disgrace to this country.

The Daily Banter is referring to his bitching and moaning over protests against Donald Trump that are holding up Senate business, when this jerk brought Senate business to a complete halt during the Obama administration, just because it was Barack Obama. I have always said this also included racial overtones, a characteristic McConnell has been accused of before. The downside of all this with Donald John in the White House, it is a two-barrel crisis since the former will no doubt rubber-stamp most everything McConnell does. One can only hope the American public wake up before 2018.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Political Satire: Trump...The clown who doesn't know he's a clown

What difference does a war make Donald
I had a friend during my younger years who acted pretty zany when all our friends got together to party. Didn't think much about it since most of us were half zwacked. The friend was displaying his normal clownish antics one evening at a fairly respectable place that expected decorum, when a new arrival to the group turned to me and said, "Geez, who invited this country bumpkin?" I suddenly realized just how stupid you can be when you have had too much to drink. Donald Trump claims to be a teetotaler, yet he still comes off as a "buffoon."

That's what Seth Myers called Trump on his "Late Night" show but he added, a buffoon "...Who Has No Friends." My friend was no Donald John, and he did have some friends, but even at the rate I put away booze at parties or outings, I could see he was definitely a buffoon. The guy was also a racist, something I learned later in our friendship, which does make him more Trumpish. When you think about it, who are the recent ruler's friends? The first name that comes to mind is Steve Bannon and that may very well be why Seth Myers said Donald Trump has no friends. Think about it.

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Political satire:Trump runs away career CIA agent

Donald Trump at the CIA promoting Donald Trump
He wanted to make it his life's work, had spent 10 years at the CIA, even told his father he would make it his career. And then Donald Trump was elected. Edward Price became disillusioned even before the floundering new President took office. And there is nothing partisan about his decision; he served both the administrations of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. But when an outsider held the agency in such contempt with a complete disregard to its years of accomplishments, that was too much for Price. He cites in a presidential debate where Donald John cast aspersions on the 17 intelligence agency findings that Russia had hacked the U.S. election. Something now confirmed.

Price recalls the gall of Donald Trump turning a day meant for the purpose of repairing relations with the CIA into just another grandstand of his "ego and bluster." His words...
"Standing in front of a memorial to the CIA’s fallen officers, he seemed to be addressing the cameras and reporters in the room, rather than the agency personnel in front of them, bragging about his inauguration crowd the previous day."
Pathetic! And then there was Donald John's favorite white nationalist, Steve Bannon, top White House adviser but now a part of the National Security Council, one, if not the most, secret organization our country has. Well, it was all enough to send Edward Price looking for another job, a huge loss for the American government, particularly the CIA. How many more top profile exits can we expect under this new cancer in the White House?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Political Satire: Whose President is Donald trump?

I didn't see any "Trump my Presidents Day" rallies on the Presidents Day holiday. There were several “Not My Presidents Day” crowds across the country. As an example, in Chicago, a child on the parent's shoulders held a placard that said: "Donny's not my President, Donny's a dumbhead." That pretty much says it all for those of us who value a certain level of class in the White House, a person with the character of an adult. Not a child-like, pompous buffoon who embarrasses the U.S. around the world and provokes demonstrations that label him not a President of the people.

There were a lot of immigrants in the different groups, protesting the kind of treatment that Donald John has demonstrated from the first day of his presidential campaign right up to his Executive Order for an immigrant travel ban. And these folks just may be the key to his downfall. There are at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., one-million of which are in Florida. The way Donald Trump is talking, they have nothing to lose if the million converge on Mar-a-Lago when Trump and his family are there, surround the place, holding them hostage until he resigns.

Just kidding but I wonder how long it would take Donald John to run out of golf balls?

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Political Satire: The wacky workings of Trump supporters

Typical Donald Trump voter
They lined up to vote for a candidate that repeatedly talked and acted as if he had come completely off the spool. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders called him 'delusional' and 'insane,' and you know it had to be something exceptional for the Bern to say something like that. But they are dedicated and one must assume as delusional and insane as Donald Trump. To show their loyalty, these people who...
"...waited for hours in the Florida sun this weekend for his first post-inauguration campaign rally — say their lives changed on election night. Suddenly they felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority."
Let's analyze them:

  • White, no high school diploma (Uneducated) 
  • Live in Mobile homes (Low income)
  • Segregationists (Probably racists)
  • Evangelical Christians (Likely some religious nuts)

There's more but you get the idea. And these people are pissed off that Donald John isn't getting the respect he deserves. Considering their demographics and voting record, these poor souls haven't the slightest idea what respect is. If they are so enamored, let the religious folks build an idol that looks like Donald Trump to worship. See what kind of crowd that would draw.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Political Satire: There's a limit to even presidential security

Just Donald Trump's "great" room
From the White House in Washington, D.C.,  to Trump Tower in Manhattan, to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, the costs are soaring to keep Donald Trump and his family safe. To begin with, Melania, the First Lady, has decided to continue to make her and her son't residence in New York at the Trump Tower. One cannot blame her but why should the American taxpayer foot the bill of $500,000 a day amounting to $183 million a year. This almost unnecessary semi permanent expense is bad enough, but get this about one of the prodigal sons...
The "Secret Service and U.S. Embassy staffers paid nearly $100,000 in hotel-room bills to support Eric Trump’s trip to promote a Trump-brand condo tower in Uruguay"
Then it was on to Dubai where Secret Service accommodations have surpassed $16,000, continuing from there to Vancouver, B.C.

The pompous mogul can't use Camp David like other presidents, no, he has to fire up Air Force One to go to Mar-a Lago, which takes two hours at $200,000 an hour. The losers that voted for Donald John knew he was the epitome of extravagance so here's an idea. Take an average for presidential security, say Barack Obama, Geo. W. Bush combined, and subtract that from what is being spent for Trump. To recoup the difference, tax each Donald Trump voter in an amount that totals the difference of what the rest of the American public is now paying. Call it retribution for bad judgment.

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Political Satire: Donald Trump baptized the dictator he is

I am not a fan of John McCain, even though I am an Arizonan, but he hit it on the head Saturday when he commented on Donald Trump's statement that U.S. media is "the enemy of the American people," intoning that is “how dictators get started.” But Donald John had his start years ago in his everyday course of doing business. If you don't agree with the oligarch, you will be quickly dispatched on your way most likely with your pockets empty. There is no looking back, this man is hell-bent on pushing his personal agenda at the expense of the country he supposedly leads.

Donald John does not like the media because they aren't constantly at his feet, praising his every move. He surpasses the topmost heights of narcissism and borders on a dangerous level of a completely unbalanced individual. He reacts to John McCain calling him a loser and makes another reference to his "hero" status. Maybe if Congress renamed the White House Trump Palace, in keeping with the Queen of England, and renovated the Oval Office to a throne room, complete with a gold throne, that would feed his ego enough. Nah...he wants something closer to God-like status.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Political Satire: Even Kellyanne Conway's alma mater dislikes her

Either she isn't contributing enough to the alumni fund, or Trinity Washington University has simply had enough of the lies and deceit being spewed by Kellyanne Conway...as has the rest of the country. Here's what Patricia McGuire, President of TWU, wrote recently...
“Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway, Trinity Class of 1989, has played a large role in facilitating the manipulation of facts and encouraging the grave injustice being perpetrated by the Trump Administration’s war on immigrants among many other issues.”
KC replied that McGuire didn't hesitate to ask her for money--she donated $50,000--and added TWU had commented favorably on other alumni, Nancy Pelosi, adding, Pelosi had "...a casual relationship with the truth." Now, this statement is downright preposterous coming from someone whose relationship with the truth is non-existent. Kellyanne Conway has reached a critical point now from which there is probably no return. Aesop said it best...
"A liar will not be believed, even when he [she] speaks the truth."
The way politics are going these days, KC will easily find another job. 

Political Satire: Donald Trump blunders through news conference lies

The one and only Donald "Pinocchio" Trump
Let's start with the "Perfect" Executive Order rollout, which he bragged over after describing his administration as “a fine-tuned machine.” Neither the Executive Order rollout was perfect, nor is his administration a fine-tuned machine. The Immigration Executive Order was stopped in in its tracks by a court order and this administration, well, it can only be considered a complete disaster. This can be illustrated through the antics of one of his top advisers, Kellyanne Conway, who has recently been banned by two major news organizations because all she does is lie to the media.

But, of course, Donald Trump is the head honcho when it comes to barfing up the complete fabrication of the truth. USA today did a fact-check on his recent disinformation news conference and the level of deception of the American public is downright frightening. Here are some...

• Trump said that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which unanimously decided not to reinstate Trump’s travel ban, has had its rulings overturned by the Supreme Court “at a record number.” Not true.

• The president claimed his November victory was “the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan.” It wasn’t. Three presidents since Reagan captured a larger share of electoral votes than Trump did, including Republican George H.W. Bush.

• Trump said he thought the media had “a lower approval rate than Congress.” No — the public’s approval of Congress is lower than its trust in the media. There's more in the link below.

Donald John's Geppetto apparently had a dull knife when he carved what is now the president of the United States. In Pinocchio, the wooden figure just wanted to be a boy but tends to lie a lot. Fortunately, he has a cricket named Jiminy, who helps him with his conscience and the change eventually happens. Happy ending, right? Pinocchio yes, White House no. There is no Jiminy Cricket in the WH but if there were, with the level of lies spewing from this man, and his determination to continue the trend, he would need to walk around the Oval Office with a can of Raid.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Political Satire: Donald Trump makes white supremacy notorious

White nationalism or white supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society. It's hard to believe this kind of concept could persist in the 21st century. Don't get me wrong, it has been prevalent over the years since the Civil Rights Act of 1968 also known as the Fair Housing Act. There were others before it but Lyndon Johnson thought he was putting on the final touches with his late sixties bill. Although there was some noticeable breakthrough, racism in its purest form still exists.

What we never thought possible in this country is the fact that, even though there have been racists presidents before him, no other administration has ever prided itself in stocking its staff, even its cabinet, with white nationalists. Donald Trump not only welcomes their company, he encourages their participation in the sport by regularly practicing his own. It's like who can one up the other. As Salon's headline expressed...
Donald Trump’s white nationalist “genius bar”: Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael “Decius” Anton and beyond
 Further: "Donald Trump’s administration is built around a brain trust of white nationalists." Folks, these crackpots are all proud of a trait that normal, civilized people consider abhorrent. In addition to the above, Donald John's new Atty. General, Jeff Sessions, has been a racist most of his adult life. And according to the Washington Post, half of Trump supporters are racists, proving my earlier point that racism has been prevalent over the years, in spite of targeted legislation. We are a truly pathetic nation that allows these lowlifes not only to exist, but also to proliferate.

Said it once and here it is again, "How about concentration camps for racists?" my headline from an earlier post. May sound far-fetched but wouldn't it be fun to visit their compound and flip them the bird through the chain-link fence...with barb-wire around the top, of course.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Political Satire: Mitch McConnell a fan of derangement

A one word definition of derangement is "insanity," something that most certainly applies to new President, Donald Trump, and his entire administration. Muttonhead McConnell said of Donald John, "...what I am a fan of is what he's been actually doing." Let's see what that is...
Starting at the inauguration, with clear evidence to the contrary, Trump exclaimed he had largest inauguration crowd ever. The President lied.
Then, he sent spokesman, Sean Spicer, in front of the public to reiterate his lie of inauguration crowd size. The President's spokesman lied.
Put the country's business on the back burner while he raised hell with Nordstrom for dropping his daughter, Ivankas's, clothes line.
Continuing a war against the media that not only he can't win, but one that displays his buffoonery to the world, making America the laughingstock. 
Talks and writes like a three-year-old, something that has rubbed off on his staff and is available, when he tweets, which he does incessantly, to the entire world.
Lets Kellyanne Conway talk, and talk, and talk to the public saying nothing of substance and lying more than Donald John, if that is possible.
I was born in Kentucky, but am frankly ashamed of that fact since mealy mouthed McConnell represents the state. I was in Paducah recently with my wife and the mention of his name brought only looks of scorn. So who the hell voted for him? The same people who voted for Trump, those with the standards of an imbecile.  

The real story...

Friday, February 17, 2017

Political Satire: Running from the Oval Office Trump screams FIRE...FIRE

It was 2AM in the White House when Donald Trump emerged from the Oval Office, smartphone held high, screaming that there was a fire, when he ran into Kellyanne Conway stalking Steve Bannon. She thought he was NBC's Chuck Todd. KC said, "What the hell are you talking about? Where?"

"Right here on my phone you idiot, and you are one of the main reasons."

"If you keep hurting my feelings, I'll go on TV and tell everyone your gardener does your hair."

He thought about that for a minute and decided to change the subject. "KC, they're getting way too close to the truth about my connections to Russia, and you know how much I hate the truth. By the way, have you ever told the truth?"

She thought so long that Donald John went on. "When I told my campaign to get in touch with Russian officials about Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, they told me no one would ever know. The question now is how to hang them out to dry and get me off the hook. If you can ace that, I'll put you in charge of Steve Bannon."

"Goody, goody," was the reply, and she immediately tweeted, 'White House learns that it was Jared Kushner who set up contacts with Russia to do the hacking and is the close friend of Vladimir Putin.' She looked at her phone satisfied that she was still able to lie like the pro she was. 'Two birds with one stone." Then, "That'll teach him to try and keep me out of the White House.

The real story...

Political Satire: White House renamed Looney Bin

The transition from a perfectly normal White House, with a normal President and his normal family, to this...
We have a President who wasn't elected by the popular vote, who is a tweet mongering lunatic and pathological liar. If that weren't enough, he brings along a family, not just to join him occasionally in the White House, but to help him run the government. Without the slightest idea of what they are doing. Of course, neither does Donald Trump as President.
 E.J. Dionne sums it up best in his Washington Post headline: "Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve"

I could stop right now, having made my case for ridding this country of a demagogue who will surely, if given the time, bring the United States down to its knees. But unfortunately there is more...
Donald John sends his son in law, Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband, to the middle-east for peace negotiations because 1)he s a real estate salesman, 2) he's Ivanka's husband, 3) he's a Jew. As a comparison, a recent negotiator was former Senator and presidential candidate, John Kerry.
Donald John goes wacko when Nordstrom drops his daughter, Ivanks's, clothes line spending a couple days tweeting nonsensical tirades against the company--prompting two other retailers to do the same--mostly ignoring the job he was elected to do,. 
Donald John names Steve Bannon his chief strategist. For what, to promote an administration of white nationalists that is already lopsided with racists like Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, and Donald Trump himself, with his first Executive Order to ban immigrants from the country. 
And, of course, the continued cultivation of his twin pathological liar and all around ringmaster of the White House lunatics, Kellyanne Conway. If there is anyone in the lineup of Trump flunkeys that should be kept out of the public eye and cutting the White House lawn, it is KC. 
In closing, Dionne's concerns over Trump's loyalties bother me most and should matter to the wingnuts that elected him. I'm thinking, as we can hold someone accountable legally for libel, there should be a way to make Trump supporters accountable for what this maniac is doing to our country.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Political Satire: Mitch McConnell still the asshole even after Obama

Mitch Mitchell-The epitome of hypocrisy
Many Republican Senators, featuring Mitch McConnell at the head of the list, have made it their goal, actually a crusade, to put the good of America on the back burner with the sole purpose to stand in the way and defeat anything the Democrats propose. The movement became a monster under McConnell as the minority leader in the Senate in 2009. His quote was: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” A single-minded promise to screw the country in order to stop a great President from doing great things. They did.

But Barack Obama was elected to a second term, so now how do we get rid of Mitch McConnell? Legally, of course. With this in mind, I would like to suggest that McConnell immediately retire from the Senate and enter a monastery to atone for his sins against the former President. If he won't go willingly, maybe Harry Reid could be talked into shanghaiing him from the Congress subway system, then delivering him to the abbey. After all, Reid is a former boxer. I know this would never happen but can't you see it now?

First of all, you would have to explain to McConnell what atone means.

Second, none of the Monks would have anything to do with him. Naturally.

Third, McConnell would refuse to enter the monastery if there were any black monks; force needed

Fourth, he would fight to block any...well, just about anything that comes up within the walls.

Fifth, all the lies he tells in the monastery must stay in the monastery. Denied.

Pipe dreams? Yes, but this is what Progressives do with this kind of President and Congress.

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Political Satire: Trump's 'propaganda minister' in trouble

Kellyanne Conway transitions to pathological liar
Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show says she won't interview Kellyanne Conway because “It’s giving people dishonesty, it’s not worth the interview.” Another quote from a show anchor...
"Conway hasn’t been invited on the anchor's show for months, saying the viewer gets 'nothing out of her' because 'she constantly obfuscates and misrepresents the truth.'”
 In cognitive behavioral therapy, a pathological liar is...
"...a stand-alone disorder as well as a symptom of other disorders such as psychopathy and antisocial, narcissistic, and histrionic personality disorders, but people who are pathological liars may not possess characteristics of the other disorders. Excessive lying is a common symptom of several mental disorders."
I can see the headline now, 'Mike Pence assumes presidential duties. His first act is an Executive Order to commit Donald John and KC to the White House funny farm to receive therapy for their compulsive lying. Sorta like a modern day political Mutiny on the Bounty. Trump is of course Captain Bligh, and  Conway could play the deck hand who organizes the crew into mutiny; very appropriate casting if I do say so.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Political Satire: Trump Executive Order making Steve Bannon Presdent

Trump's latest Executive Order
Donald Trump was secretly constructing a new Executive Order when Kellyanne Conway walked into the Oval Office. She immediately asked what he was working on since Donald John looked so insidious. He told her he was afraid he might have to resign since everyone was dropping Ivanks's clothes line and there was no way he would let this country's business interfere with his business. Besides, he planned to come out with a new line of golf balls and his business advisers were telling him 'Dump the presidency." I'm recommending Steve Bannon for the job.

"Whaddaya mean, Bannon, Mike Pence is Vice President."

"That's what this Executive Order is for but don't tell Mikey or Stevo yet."

"This is bullshit, why can't I be President?" KC retorted.

"You're a woman, to begin with, and besides, no one likes you. You have to have charisma like me."

It was right then that Melania walked in. "Here's the plan to trim the White House in gold. Mitch McConnell loves it and says he'll get the budget of $100 million approved."

Donald John looked at everyone, "Maybe I'll hang around another two years; probably won't make it past the midterms anyway."

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Political Satire: 3 Musketeers replace KKK

Yiannopoulos, Spencer and Bannon
Not that we were ever free of the Ku Klux Klan, but now we have a new version of white supremacy going by the initials YSB which stands for Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon. You know who Bannon is but the other two are less well known but just as articulate. And I guess I just don't get it because I have never understood why a white Caucasian thinks the color of their skin makes them a better human being than another person of color, particularly blacks. I read the book, "Race and Reason" over 50 years ago, convinced these people were fruitcakes then.

According to the Additive Color Theory, white is a color and black is the absence of color, scientifically speaking. That could play several ways to mean what you want, but any way you cut it, it's laughable. Look at it this way...for some reason the sun gets hung up on earth and there is no darkness for six months. All us superior whites get sun tans that make us look almost black. All the blacks out in the sun non-stop are bleached out to mulatto. Yiannopoulos, Spencer and Bannon look at each other and are horrified that no one can tell the difference anymore. Peace.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Political Satire: Bedbugs responsible for Kellyanne Conway wackiness

Kellyanne's personal bed bug
Kellyanne Conway was lying on the exam table in the emergency room of Bethesda Naval hospital wearing only one of those gowns that open down the back, or front, or whatever. The bright florescent light glaring overhead made her squint, shading her eyes momentarily with her hand. Two doctors were discussing the situation over in the corner but she couldn't really hear what they were saying. One looked at her periodically and she didn't like the scowl on his face. Finally, the other doc said out loud, "It can't be," and KC came raring up.

"It can't be what?" and the two doctors hurriedly left the room calling for constraints.

Now she didn't know what to do. There was something wrong, no doubt, when Donald John had recommended that she needed medical help. Her family and staff agreed. Even Steve Bannon thought her behavior was beyond unusual; on a scale of one to ten, right now she was an eleven. It all stemmed from an itching in her brain that prompted her to say ridiculous things, even more ridiculous than she normally did. Like recently she made the statement that Donald Trump had decided to enter the priesthood and wanted KC to join him as a nun. This was on CNN, labeled alternative news.

It was right after that crawly, itchy feeling in her head. She likened it to liberals walking in her brain and said it wasn't a sure thing but thought it was Bernie Sanders. And then on another occasion, she walked into the briefing room, right up to the podium, and gave the press her daily briefing. Except, the press wasn't there, only a janitor cleaning who clapped loudly. It didn't go unnoticed since the security cameras were on and the secret service was on the floor laughing. Then she was jerked back to reality when the two docs walked back into her room snickering at each other.

"Ms. Conway, I don't exactly know how to tell you this but you have a cute little nest of bedbugs burrowing close to your brain. Right at the base of your skull located between your eyes," one of them said.

At that moment, KC's eyes crossed and she started screaming. "How the hell did they get in there?"

"Probably through your mouth. Is it open a lot?"

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Political Satire: Iran tells Donald Trump to "shove" his threat

Not sure who to be most afraid of
It was near bedlam in the White House with Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn and of course Donald John all gathered around the huge Oval Office globe, trying vainly to find Iran on the large round surface. Then Michael Flynn spun the globe and cried wheee! KC put her hand on the surface and stopped the spinning. "Isn't it somewhere in Europe?" she asked.

"Hell no," replied Stevo, "It's a part of Libya."

"You're both way out of line," chimed in flipped-out Flynn, "It's an island right off Greece," as he pointed to a dirty speck on the globe's surface.

And then the commander of chaos spoke up, "You dummies, you can't find Iran because they changed their name to Persia. It was back in 1979 when they ran the Shah of Iran out of the country and Jimmy Carter put him and his wife up in the Lincoln bedroom. They changed the name to Persia; its people were actually Aryans, which translates today into white nationalists."

"Hey," said Stevo, "that fits right into my foreign policy."

Then Reince Preibus walked in. "Some guy from Iran's Hotel Assn. is on the phone, something about a luxury hotel in Tehran."

Donald John looked around the room, "He means Persia." Then, "Tell him I'll be right with him." And then to the others, "Okay, meeting is over."


Monday, February 13, 2017

Political Satire: How about a robot government-Couldn't be worse

That's me, only much smarter
Amazon is opening a super market in Seattle that is controlled by robots, with only six human on the premises; they plan to reduce humans to three. Don't know about yours but one of the stores we shop in has around a hundred employees and they're talking about three? So I figure...why not apply that concept to the federal government? The adaptation would be relatively simple since Congress is as brainless as are the robots. Except a robot can be equipped with artificial intelligence, something that wouldn't even bring Senators and House Representatives up to the level of moron.

And then there's the White House. That would need a special robot, based on the current occupant. Although, it is very doubtful that you could find even a robot that would mimic this lunatic, and as far as I know, robots don't lie. Maybe the Neiman Marcus catalog could be talked into coming up with a presidential robot since they deal in the extravagant. The big question, of course, is how many humans would it take to manage all the robots? The answer is zero. Even robots running amok in Washington couldn't do any worse that the blockheads that are running it now.


Political Satire: White House forced to take English 101

The dufus and his minions
Say what you want, but Donald Trump is supposed to have at least a modicum of intelligence; unfortunately that has never translated into common sense. But even the acumen of the glorious new leader of the greatest country in the world needs help. How do you spell honor? Not honer. The use of the word unprecedented, becomes unpresidented in Donald John's tweets, quite possibly the fact that he still can't believe he was elected, as many thousands more feel. How's this tweet, “I am honered to serve you, the great American People, as your 45th President of the United States!”

The modern world already thinks the Trump administration is a conglomeration of racists, white nationalists, loose cannons, crackpots and full-fledged idiots. Its commander is the epitome of lunacy. The UK''s Independent said...
"The grammar used by Donald Trump in his speeches as he campaigned to become the Republican presidential candidate corresponds to that used by students aged 11 and under."
Here's how the Washington Post put it...
The English language was unprepared for the attak. It was destined to loose. And, inevitably, it chocked.
Apparently Donald John missed, or if he was there, failed, all the spelling bees in high school.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Political Satire: Anti-Trump followers flock to Mars

A NASA astronaut was asked if we should take the opportunity to colonize Mars. He said, "Nope." Ron Garan said this recently so it isn't like it was before Donald Trump was elected. Or maybe he is a supporter of Donald John. Probably not when you consider his letter to the new U.S. emperor. But I would like to propose a compromise to the idea. Establish a temporary haven for the anti-Trump folks, something like a Disneyland on Mars; they're everywhere else. Maybe even let Trump build it with, of course, staunch oversight.

Once Richard Branson has the kinks worked out of Virgin Galactic, he can start taking reservations and with the millions of takers, Branson should be able to reduce his fare of $250,000 a trip down to the typical cost of an airline ticket cross-country. It's only provisional accommodations, of course, and once Donald John is impeached or implodes and resigns, a happy group of anti-Trump devotees can return to earth and begin the process of getting rid of Mike Pence and the entire Republican Party. The last part will be the hardest but certainly the most fulfilling.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Political Satire: Kellyanne Conway...President?

The whip was concealed in her purse but everyone she passed in the hallway could see the fire in her eyes with the complete determination that was written on her face. Kellyanne Conway was on a mission and she would let nothing stand in her way. Just outside the Oval Office, she told the staff, including Vice President Pence who was waiting, 'no one enters until I am done.' She went in without knocking and locked the door behind her. Walking over to the great ruler's desk, she took the whip from her purse, threw it in front of Donald Trump and said, "See this, hope I don't have to use it."

"What the hell do you mean walking in here like..."

"Don't give me that shit, Donald John, I got you elected and I can get you un-elected, unless you change your ways."

DJ was at a loss for words for a few minutes until regaining his composure. "I could fire you for something like this."

"You could but you won't. What I know about you would fill three extra editions of the Washington Post. Now listen to me. I'm tired of you putting out all this bullshit and then I have to explain it. Makes me look like a dumb shit."

"Hold on a minute, need to tweet something on Jeff Sessions confirmation."

"No freakin' way until I approve it; all of those go through me from now on."

"No way," said a cranky but cowering DJ, and then he pushed back from his desk and started to get up.

As he did, KC yanked the whip up from his desk, cracking it just in front of DJ's nose. "Sit, she commanded," and he did. "From now on I'm running things around here. You sit in the chair but I give the orders. This country wanted a female president, well now they've got one." She rolled the whip up, put it back in her purse, and walked out of the Oval Office.

After KC had closed the door, DJ pulled out his smartphone and dialed a number. "Hey 'Fat Tony,' remember that favor you owe me?"


Political Satire: Will Bernie Sanders sue Donald Trump

A lawsuit might just work against loudmouth
If anyone knows a fraud it is Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for the 2016 Primary along with Hillary Clinton. The Bern says Donald John is a fraud because he wants to "...undo financial regulations enacted following the 2008 financial crisis as a betrayal of his campaign promises to stand up against Wall Street." If there is anyone who stands up to Wall Street, it is Bernie Sanders. He said Donald Trump is a good showman but a hypocrite by deserting the middle-class voters after campaigning heavily on this issue.

Sanders sued the DNC so why not the President of the United States. The Bern would sue Donald John, on behalf of the workers of America, for breach of contract, citing his promises to them in his presidential campaign to stand his ground against the financial giants. The courts recognize some promises as legally sound for litigation, and considering the number of pledges Trump has already broken along with the numbers of lies uttered to prove his points, there is a natural precedent for the broken promise charge filing. I can see it now...
They probably wouldn't jail a sitting President but can't you see Donald John confined to the White House wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring his every move. At least Melania would know where he is then.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Political Satire: Even foreign restauranteurs repelled by Donald Trump

Cafe ZeeZicht with Trump antagonists
Cafe ZeeZicht in Antwerp, Belgium, will start a boycott this Friday against all American products. “The language Mr. Trump speaks is the language of economics, so in that language we want to reply,” says the bar's owner, David Joris . "So, that’s why we are not selling American products at the moment.” Thanks to Donald John, we might have a trend starting in Europe that could have a huge impact on America's foreign trade. Joris has replaced Lay's chips with Belgian-made Croky chips, Coke has been substituted by a Belgian-made cola. What will be next?
The UK's Telegraph reports that Donald Trump's trade policies are driving Latin America into China's arms; will it drive countries like Belgium into Russia's? Maybe this is the deal going on between Putin and Trump, to build up the Russian economy. A few more like this and Vlad will let Donald John build his luxury hotel in Moscow. But the best part is Joris's idea of boycotting. How about Trump hotels in Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and into Canada, Toronto and Vancouver. Go to Hotels.com for substitutes. That's my Trump shot for the day.

Political Satire: Trump a "Second Coming" for Iran

The two Supreme Leaders???
There can't be any foreign nation that the U.S. has had more complex dealings with than Iran. Okay, maybe, North Korea but in that case we are dealing with a lunatic comparable to what is in the White House today. Iran, however, has really hit the mark in its appraisal of Donald Trump's ascendancy to the presidency of the U.S. with these comments from Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei...
"We are grateful to this gentleman who has come."
Remind you of something that is dear to a number of people? Pitifully, the Supreme Leader thanked trump for revealing the true face of America. According to Donald John that would be a look of racism, white nationalism, abused women, all along with an environment of hate. Don't get me wrong, the U.S. isn't looked on by the world as a perfect and benevolent nation, but we were never seen with the bleakness reflected by a Donald Trump profile. What is worse, Trump's followers, many of whom are Christians, woefully no doubt believe he is the second coming.

The question is when will this all implode and this country can return to normalcy?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Political Satire: Steve Bannon becomes President by Executive Order

Steve Bannonn
Donald Trump was sitting in the Oval Office looking at reruns of "The Apprentice" reality show when his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, walked in with papers in his hand. "I have something here that needs your signature oh great one."

"Don't bother me now, Stevo, can't you see I am tied up with something of grave importance to the future of this great country?"

"I realize the gravity of your most presidential effort, our sultan, but this too is something that will benefit our country, beyond what you might ever imagine."

"Okay, Stevo, if you insist, but just wait for this scene, here it comes, 'Your're fired,'" God, can't get enough of it. Put the paper down here (which he signs still looking at his image on TV). There, it's signed." Steve Bannon leaves the Oval Office with a huge grin on his face.

The Washington Post puts out an extra edition the next morning:
Donald Trump signs Executive Order making Steve Bannon President of the United States. No one has seen Donald John since, but three men dressed in white robes with hoods were seen leaving the White House late last evening in a pickup truck with Louisiana plates and something wrapped in a Confederate flag. No comment from the Oval Office.
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Political Satire: Trump Executive Order for Nordstrom to do what?

Donald Trump was working late in the Oval Office on a secret Executive Order that had him fired up and obviously something he was indignant about. All the doors were locked and he wouldn't even acknowledge the Secret Service agent checking on him. Go away, he boomed, and returned to work on the order. It was 2 AM and he had just tweeted that Bernie Sanders just announced that he had switched his allegiance to the Republican Party backing its new CEO. He liked that title rather than party head. He had labeled his tweet Alternative News just in case.

By 3 Am he had finished his work and decided to turn in. On his way to the master bedroom, he passed Melania coming out of the Lincoln bedroom on her way to the kitchen for some warm milk. Donald John continued on, stopping momentarily at his secretary's office to drop off his rough draft of the Executive Order. The next morning, he finally showed up close to noon. His secretary came into the Oval Office and placed the EO on his desk and, turning, returned to her office shaking her head. "Now, that'll teach those losers," he said.

That morning's Washington Post (yes, already leaked) had a spread on the front page:
"Donald Trump issues Executive Order to Nordstrom's Dept. Store to reinstate his daughter, Ivanka Trump's line of clothes. Failure to comply immediately will result in a 20% Trump tax on everything else sold in the store. Nordstrom did not reply for a request for comments."

Monday, February 6, 2017

Political Satire: Kellyanne Conway spoofs Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway with...admirer
It is a known fact that Donald Trump doesn't listen to things until he sees them on the media. And it is also known from a recent PunditFact study that the Fox Network news is true only 17% of the time and is false or mostly false 59% of the time. That is the conservative news network and probably the one Donald John watches most. This seems logical since most of his utterances are not accurate, some not even close. Kellyanne Conway knew this so she decided to see just how far the Oval Office potentate would go. She leaked a news story that Steve Bannon was the White House leak.

The next morning the story broke on Fox, without a confirmation, of course. The White House mouth waited quietly in her office for her leader to call to tell her he would raise hell with Bannon. Nothing. Lunch passed and still no word from the great room. Conway was in a terrible fluster, asking her assistant every few minutes if she had a call. Then she was told there was one from the administration white nationalist. She answered.

"Thanks for the leak," said Stevo, "know it was you, had your imprint all over it. The Don was elated. Some of the leaks raised his popularity rating 10 points. He has put me in charge of the entire White House staff...including you."


Political Satire: Donald Trump fights wall of kangaroos

You know, you would think that even a mentally challenged President would know which side his toast is burned on. There are world leaders who have always hated the United States and make sure we know this by their actions, Australia isn't one of the latter, but may soon become one after Donald John kicked their Prime Minister in the balls several times by phone. Donald Trump doesn't want 1,250 refugees from their detention centers, agreed on by former President Obama. If Obama made this agreement, there must have been a good humanitarian reason.

Later that day Australia's PM Malcolm Turnbull, called Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto, who had also fought with the new monarch over a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. They agreed that Turnbull would supply Peña Nieto with several hundred kangaroos, enough that there would be one about every one-hundred feet. They would fight off all Mexican workers going into the U.S., cutting off America's labor force in the fields, restaurants, gardening, housecleaning and more. Turnbull welcomed these workers to Australia's thriving economy.

It was only two months later. All fast food businesses had shut down in the U.S. There were no landscape centers. The fields were overgrown with unpicked crops. Trash was piling up everywhere. The U.S. economy was spiraling down. From the White House Donald John sat back in his Oval Office chair and tweeted, 'Tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down.' Mike Pence clapped dutifully.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Political Satire: Infirm President-Loose cannon adviser contemplate war

The two of them were sitting in the White House Situation Room located in the basement of the West Wing. President Donald Trump and national security adviser ­Michael Flynn, sitting across the table from each other, just staring.

Donald John: What the hell are we doing here, Mike?

Flynn: Your greatness, I've heard so much about this place, I just had to see it.

Donald John: Jesus Christ, you pulled me out of my Oval Office just for that. I was busy talking to the White House designer about a new gold inlaid rug to replace that thing with a design on it.

Flynn: But that's your official seal of President of the United States.

Donald John: Mike, don't need that. I know I'm the most powerful person in the world now. What the hell's wrong with you, everyone knows that.

Flynn: Okay, then why don't we talk about starting a war while we're here. You already put sanctions on Iran for doing those nuclear tests. Let me take a few good men, sneak into the country, and bomb a Tehran night club. Then I can go right over to the Tehran News, take credit for it in the name of the United State and, bingo, we've got a war.

Donald John: Sounds good to me but, Mike, how do you plan to get out of Iran then?

Flynn: Your illustriousness, you will then wage the global war I have always dreamed of and rescue me.

Donald John: You know...it just might work.

Florida's Big Brother Says Hide Those Books Or Go To Jail

  You would think that George Orwell had Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in mind when he wrote 1984 . Of course he didn't, but like a painter ...