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Monday, November 7, 2011

Afraid of losing your job? So is Congress…not yours, theirs

Now is your chance to speak your mind by voting out the blockheads in Washington in 2012 by the hundreds.  Yes, a clean sweep is necessary, although there may be a few that deserve salvaging.  I can’t come up with any names right now, but am sure some will surface as the fall elections draw near.  It would also be a good time to write your congressional representative to prepare them for the unemployment line, and you can reach them through the following sites: HOUSE; SENATE.

And for those of you who have complained about Congress in general but sort of condoned what your own lawmaker did, the experts say that the recent blundering of this esteemed body might change your mind on even that attitude.  In a September New York Times/CBS News poll, just one-third of the registered voters planned to send their representative back to Congress.  Only 6 percent of the same group believes in the re-election of Congress in general.

But a surprising statement in the New York Times article says that most operatives and analysts believe the Republicans will keep their majority in the House and challenge control of the Senate.  Considering the poll numbers coming from the same people covered in my Nov. 3 blog post, this allegation is hard to accept.  With only a 9 percent approval of Congress, and a majority of the public who feel income inequality must change, getting rid of a Republican majority is the only way to accomplish this.

But history contends that the party in the White House is the one to blame, and that is President Obama and the Democrats.  What I don’t comprehend is why the American public does not understand how Mr. Obama has been faced with the GOP of “NO” throughout his administration, making his job near impossible.  Where the President must be faulted is in his apparent inability to stand up to conservatives and insist on what he believes, and what the public wants.

What is worse is if we end up with another division in Congress that would allow a continued Washington standoff, the same kind of Catch-22 we have been going through the last three years.  This could result in a frustration of voters that provides no majority for either party in neither the Senate nor the House, producing a situation far worse than we have experienced to date.

Here are two good reasons most GOP candidates should be flushed from Congress. 

  • First, they want to cut taxes when the country is in dire need of revenue, and ease regulations when that clearly didn’t work in the financial industry.
  • Second, they want tax cuts for the wealthy strongly opposed by even some Republican voters.

Economist Bruce Bartlett, who worked for both the Reagan and H.W. Bush administrations, says cutting regulations to produce jobs is “nonsense.”  And this view is supported by both government and industry studies.  It’s the law of supply and demand that has held up hiring by most companies.  Reasons for layoffs found only 1,119 were due to regulations, where there were 144,746 because of poor business demand.

Applying these factors to the most popular Republican candidates, Herman Cain would significantly cut taxes for the wealthy while doing away with more regulation.  Mitt Romney made the unbelievable statement, “Don't try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom."  Tell that to the family who has just lost their home and ask them who they will vote for.

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