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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The dictator in Donald Trump has become rampant

August 27, 2019: PROGRESSIVE STREET NEWS BYTES...Where Liberals Walk

Donald Trump doesn’t actually do anything, but he dominates everything. 

The chosen one
The headline, above, perfectly encapsulates the first two years of the Donald Trump administration in the White House. Isn't this tragic when you are talking about running the most powerful country in the world? Most other countries wonder, along with many Americans, how could the United States elect an egomaniac like Donald Trump to the presidency? Easy, when you consider the number of double-digits out there who are unable to think for themselves.

Lucian K. Truscott of Salon coined the above phrase, "He [Trump] doesn’t actually do anything, but he dominates everything." He adds this...
"Another week of shaking our heads and wondering how much longer we can survive him. Yet again, Donald Trump overwhelmed practically everything with the force of his obscene personality, running his mouth and his thumbs even while he was failing to run the country in any sort of conventional sense."
There's more...
"Living in America today is like being trapped in a room with him — no doors, no windows, no exits, only Trump and the sound of Trump and the hideous image of Trump, all day, every day, for day after day after day."
A dictator admires a dictator...

My wife and I sit down to the dinner where we usually discuss at least some politics. I tell her what I have found that day on the Internet about T-rump, and after a couple of these comments she just shakes her head, because, according to her, what else could you possibly say after hearing this for two years. A frustrated Neil Young, discussing modern music in the New York Times Magazine said, “I’ve got great melodies, and the words are all profanities.”

That's the age of Donald Trump...
"Our senses dictate how we experience the world — our hearing and sight and touch and smell, even the ineffable stuff like intuition and belief. But when our senses are overwhelmed by someone like Trump, when our lives seem filled with a man who does nothing but endlessly tweet and lie and hate, it kills us inside. Trump is killing us."
The dictator surfaces in Trump's ordering of U.S. companies to pull out of China and not do business with them. Whether he carries through on this order or not, he has cited the IEEPA law to support his threat. We are living in a dictatorship with the loose guidelines of a maniac who has no idea what he is doing but thinks that everything he does is right. And that is so frightening that every sane person in this country will lose sleep until Donald Trump is gone.

Donald dufus says, 'I am the chosen one'...

Here's a digest of Trump's recent comical but freakish moves...
"Trump announced that signs of an economic downturn were the results of a 'conspiracy' against him personally."
"Trump accused Jews who decide to vote for Democrats as being guilty of 'great disloyalty.'”
"Trump held a completely unhinged press 'gaggle' on the lawn of the White House during which he referred to himself as 'the chosen one.'”
"He hurled insults at the prime minister of Denmark because she wouldn’t sell him the island of Greenland."
"He joked about still being in office 10 to 14 years from now, an apparent attack on the 25th Amendment, suggested overturning the right of birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, but assured his gun-totin’ base that 'our Second Amendment will remain strong.'”
Well, you get the idea. The question is, what bizarre things can we expect from Donald Trump this week?

MR. PRESIDENT: If you look frail, if you talk frail, and if you walk frail, you must be frail...

      ...too frail to lead this country for another four years. I know, we all know, what you are afraid of; the lunatic who could win the ...