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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Impeach Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

AZ Gov. Jam Brewer exposed

I hesitate to address the woman as Governor, which is because I feel she has never acted nor performed as the position demands.  Her incompetency is so blatant that Brewer’s time in office can best be described as a period of counter-productivity for the state of Arizona.  I can’t remember it ever being this bad in any state nationwide.  There is even a recommendation from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) that she should be impeached over the redistricting mess.

I can say this because I have lived in the state of Arizona for almost twenty years, having lived before that in the South, Washington, D.C, Chicago and Los Angeles, where I witnessed some weird politics at times.  But nothing like the tyrannical government of Jan Brewer.  Both George W. Bush and the Windy City’s Richard J. Daley could have taken lessons from this woman, except that they at least had some modicum of intelligence; well at least Daley did.   

In case you haven’t heard, Brewer and her lackeys in the state legislature moved to remove Independent Colleen Coyle Mathis from the redistricting commission because she drew the wrong lines that put the GOP and some of its newest additions to Congress in jeopardy.  Mama Quayle, wife of former Republican V.P. Danny, even lobbied Brewer for her sonny boy Ben.  Pathetic.  This pitiable woman who sits in the Arizona state capitol building was in New York promoting her stupid book when all the redistricting furor was going on.

From what Israel said, the Dems are going all-out with “every strategy to correct this “…trampling of a fair and independent process."  The DCCC is going after House members in California, Illinois and Florida.  Arizona was not mentioned and that may be because this redistricting already puts Rep. Ben Quayle’s seat at risk, or they think the state is hopeless.  It is hard to imagine that voters would not see the ineptness of most GOP House members since they became a majority there.

So if progressives can’t get the attention of an apathetic American public by spelling out their ineptitude, maybe the approach is to start proceedings to impeach or recall politicians like Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer.  We could move on to national figures like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.  Why didn’t we think of this for the GWB administration?  The political world is changing daily, and regardless of the trend to the right nationwide, I am not convinced that this country is so conservative it is willing to overlook the inequities in our social makeup.   

If you still don’t agree with the idea of impeaching Jan Brewer, you must listen to this audio, which should make up your mind for good.  It is from the Alan Colmes show on conservative, I repeat conservative, Fox radio.

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