Trump's transition team worse than even imagined

Rudy Giulini in anticipation
"Trump's transition team read like a who's who of some of the worst political villains of the last 40 years." This from The Nation that's been trying to make sense of an election that doesn't make sense. Here's the lineup:
  • Kris Kobach, acclaimed vote suppressor and co-author of Arizona's 1070 ant-immigrant law
  • Congressman Lou Barletta, best known for effectively criminalizing immigrants as Mayor of Hazleton, PA
  • Florida Atty. General Pam Bondi, who sacked career prosecutors working to indict attackers for fraud and accepted an illegal $25,000 from Trump Foundation at the time at the time she decided to stop an investigation of Trump University 
  • Ken Blackwell, as Ohio sec. of state prevented enough Democratic voters from casting ballots in 2004, to hand the state to GWB
These words are taken directly from the The Nation, and this is but a few of the many scoundrels they bring to task that make up Trump's transition team. When you consider these very scary individuals will assist in ushering in the new administration of Donald Trump, it is easy to see how Progressive publications like The Nation would be concerned, even alarmed. It would appear that Trump has gone out of his way to gather political outlaws around him.

Candidates for and those already selected for Trump's cabinet are another horror story entirely. People like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Sarah Palin, Rick Scott, the infamous former Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Stephen Hadley and Ben Carson. In each of these individuals' cases, there is a history of radical conservatism that is not in the best interest of this country. Collectively, you have political Armageddon.

In The Nation's words, "This isn't just the swamp, it's the muck dredged up from the bottom." Donald Trump can execute his promise to clean up the "Washington swamp" by starting in his own backyard.

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Rep. Robt. Aderholt
Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Rep. Robert Aderhold, (R-AL)                      Total amount received: $43,749                                             Tel. Number: (202) 225-4876

Which side of the nation are you on?

A nation divided
The results of the 2016 election have spawned a huge game of 'Who do you like?' In the cases of the high-profile politicians, nobody's winning, except Barack Obama. In a recent CNN/ORC poll the results were dismal for at least three:
For all Americans 
  • Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, 47% favorable, 35% Unfavorable
  • Hillary Clinton, 40% Favorable, 57% Unfavorable
  • Mitch McConnell, Sen.Majority Leader, 25% Favorable, 39% Unfavorable
Real Clear Politics rates Donald Trump currently, 39.5% Favorable, 56% Unfavorable. All of this is out in left field compared to Barack Obama's rating following his 2008 election, 70% Favorable, 25% Unfavorable. His current, Favorable 56%, Unfavorable 40%. In another Republican comparison, when George W. Bush left office, his Favorable was 27%, Unfavorable 66%. The key is the Dems needed someone like Obama in 2016...think Bernie Sanders.

We just experienced the most obnoxious election in recent history, perhaps ever.
"...more than 8-in-10 Americans say the country is more deeply divided on major issues this year than in the past several years."
"And more than half say they are dissatisfied with the way democracy is working in the US."
But here's hope for Progressives, "...nearly 8-in-10 overall hope to see the GOP-controlled government incorporate some Democratic policies into its agenda." CNN interprets the poll saying
"...'most' say they would like to see President-elect Donald Trump, who won with an Electoral College majority despite trailing in the popular vote nationwide, pursue policies that could draw in new supporters rather than appeal solely to those who backed him during the campaign."
Not sure who CNN's "most" is, but I do not see Progressives wanting new supporters in any Republican form, certainly not the Donald Trump ilk. But the feelings are unanimous that we are a split nation, "...with 85% saying so overall, including 86% of independents, 85% of Republicans and 84% of Democrats." And even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, the general public still feels ill about her following the election.

As Progressives, we can only hope that Trump will do the right thing. If not, there is 2008. Unfortunately, thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrats/Progressives have been saying that too much in the last few years.

Bernie Sanders on Electoral College: Examine now

Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-MN)
As you know, when Bernie speaks we progressives listen. He spoke, and this time he thinks it's time to " the Electoral College..." Bernie Sanders bases his premise on the fact that Hillary Clinton is now over 2 million votes ahead of Donald Trump in the popular vote. Could there be something wrong with this out-of-date institution that has been questioned for years and also stole the vote from Al Gore in 2000. Here's what Bernie said:
"We have one candidate who had two million more votes than the other candidate but she is not going to be sworn in as president, and I think on the surface that's a little bit weird."
Many agree, including Sen. Barbara Boxer from California who has introduced a bill to scrap the Electoral College, which most think has no chance of getting anywhere in a Republican Congress. Progressives have to face this fact head on that liberal issues are going to be on the back burner for four years or at least to when Trump is impeached or resigns. That is, as far as the GOP is concerned. But the hip Democrats and Independents know this is the fight of our lives.

There's plenty of common sense to this thinking if this is a country of "We the people..." Damn the additional efforts to use the popular vote. If our technology will get us to the moon, it certainly should be able to count the votes quickly and accurately following an election. Bernie thinks all this falls in line with where the Democratic Party is going in the future and how it should be led. The Vermont Senator thinks US Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota can do the job.

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Rep. Mike Simpson
Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Rep. Mike Simpson ( R-ID)
Total amount received: $43,750
Tel. Number: (202) 225-5531

Get an ark and be ready for global warming floods

Pres. Obama Leonardo Decaprio on climate change
Global warming is-global warming isn't. 97% of climate and earth scientists agree temperatures have increased in the past 100 years; 84% say they personally believe human-induced warming is occurring, and 74% agree that "currently available scientific evidence" substantiates its occurrence. NASA says:
"The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years."
"Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century."
"All three major global surface temperature reconstructions show that Earth has warmed since 1880. Most of this warming has occurred since the 1970s, with the 20 warmest years having occurred since 1981 and with all 10 of the warmest years occurring in the past 12 years."
 There is a supposed hiatus of global warming for the last 19 years and Climate Depot calls it an embarrassing reality. The IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), established in 1988, and recognized by the Earth Summit, admits global warming has paused. Wikipedia attributes the pause to an unusual El Nino in 1998 but adds these references to weather patterns are measured in 15 year periods, possibly too small for accuracy, not accurate.

Watch this video with President Barack Obama with leading climate activist, Leonardo Dicaprio:

In other words, there may be a pause but climate change will get back to its old tricks in no time. Following are but a few in Congress that totally deny the existence of global warming, pointed out by President Obama. Visit this site and you can check your state.

Sen. Mitch McConnell from KY, Rep. Paul Ryan, WI, both a disgrace to Congress, and someone I seriously doubt if she even knows what climate means, much less climate change, Joni Ernst, from Iowa. And there are several more laughables.

How many more guns does this country need? REALLY

Apparently Donald Trump's gun lovers don't believe what he said about the 2nd Amendment, the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) and protecting their guns. They headed out in droves on Black Friday for the 10% to 50% discounts that were available on weapons like a $500 Sig Sauer and various assault rifles like an AR-15. Featured in many articles as the "go-to weapon for mass shooters," the average, reasonable individual wonders why any normal citizen needs one.

Because these people are not normal; they are obsessed with guns. And like some car enthusiasts who want the fastest vehicle they can drive, gun worshippers go for the gun with the biggest capacity. Like the Sig Sauer MCX .223 used in the LGBT nightclub massacre with a magazine of thirty. Omar Mateen killed 49 people with a gun that belongs only with the military and law enforcement, but is available to a majority of the U.S. population.

So, the fact that Hillary Clinton, an avowed gun control advocate, didn't win the election, had no effect on the Black Friday surge in gun buying, why are these enslaved individuals rushing out to buy more of what they probably already have at least one of at home? Because Wayne LaPierre, NRA Head, told them to and he did that because the gun manufacturers told him to. There are almost well over 300 million guns on the street, very near to one per household.

Since only one-third of U.S. households own a weapon, approximately 101 million, that's over 3 guns per household. Here are some obscene gun statistics to close:

  • Total number of gun incidents-51,720
  • Number of deaths-13,367
  • Number of injuries-27,560
  • Number of children killed or injured-3,418
  • Mass shootings-351
The problem is, since we have a cowardly Congress, a newly elected President who favors gun rights, the future looks dismal.

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Sen. John Thune (R-SD)
Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Sen. John Thune (R-SD)
Total amount received: $44,155
Tel. Number: (202) 224-2321

YES, there are valid reasons for an election recount

Hanging chads Florida 2000
First, there are a number of top computer scientists that feel recounts are justified in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, because they "believe they have found evidence that vote totals in the three states could have been manipulated or hacked."

Second, Jill Stein, Green Party nominee, calls for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, due to the possibility of hacks in key counties in those states.

Three, enough of the American public wants it justified by the fact that Jill Stein has already raised $4 million; the cost is only $1.1 million.

Actually, I could stop right there but there is more. The Guardian says:
"...the recount process is intensive, expensive and unlikely to change the outcome of the election unless widespread voter fraud is proven. Experts have been skeptical that is the case."
CNET says we should breathe since there is the chance the election was hacked. When's the last time a computer hacking was a positive thing? The answer is before Donald Trump was elected President. Nate Cohn, reporter for polling and demographics for the NY Times along with Nate Silver, who runs the polling statistics website FiveThirtyEight, both say "the differences between the polls and the results don't point to any irregularities."

The Atlantic thinks that many voters who cast their votes elsewhere want to be convinced the election was rigged, thus, calling for a recount. With Clinton leading the popular vote by 2 million+, it's hard not to accept a hypothetical representation of what should have been. So the controversy goes on and on. The process for recounting is long, tedious and very expensive, but the latter is covered so all that is left is the extended effort. Question is, should we do it?

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)
Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)                                                             
Total amount received: $51,650
Tel. Number: (202) 225-2231

Republicans want a Constitutional Convention

Why wouldn't they? They control the White House, both houses of Congress, and the Governor's offices and legislatures in many of the states. Perfect opportunity to turn this country so far right the average citizen will be on the streets begging. But wait, there's some actual substance to their plans. Jeb Bush--you remember him--wants to pass term limits and a balanced budget amendment. So far, so good.

A liberal, Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig, got in the act saying now's a great time to undo the Citizens United ruling. Some other liberals, mostly gun control advocates like me, would like to see the 2nd Amendment re-interpreted to fit the 21st century, putting Wayne LaPierre and his NRA gun nuts in their place. There hasn't been a Constitutional Convention since the original one that gave us the Constitution we have. But the environment has never been so right for one party, and the rules for calling a convention are in the Constitution.

Two-thirds of the states have to petition Congress for the meeting, required by Article V of the Constitution. Beyond this stipulation, instructions are vague, which could make it near impossible to come to an agreement. What bothers me most is that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) endorses the move and I am against anything they are in favor of. ALEC has only one purpose in mind, the promotion of corporations and industry. The consumer be damned.

Some lawmakers and constitutional experts aren't sure about dickering with the Constitution, especially in the environment of a convention. With the loose guidelines for conducting this sort of thing, we could end up with a disaster. But don't we sorta have that anyway now?

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Rep. Boob Goodlatte-R/VA
Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)                                                             Total amount received: $52,250
Tel. Number: (202) 225-5431

Trump economic policies could cripple U.S. economy for generation

Economist Larry Summers
Larry Summers is an American economist, the Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University, with a string of presidential political appointments dating back to the early 1900s. Yes, he's a Democrat, but more than qualified to comment on Donald Trump's economic policies. Larry Summers believes Trump's tax cuts plus relaxing regulations on financial institutions could trigger another economic crisis, lasting generations.

Anthony Scaramucci said in Fortune, one of the keys to Trump's economic plan is his simplification of the tax code. I am sure a majority of people will agree with that, as long as it doesn't favor the wealthy. He reiterates what many others have said, which is to repeal Dodd-Frank would result in disaster. But goes on to say that, like many laws in this country, it could stand tweaking. Here is a sample of Summers' analysis:
"What I'm worried about is that we're going to do tax cuts that are going to cripple government for a generation," Further, his opinion is that by repealing the estate tax, the wealthy in this country will simply protect their assets in a family trust. 
Harvard's President feels the government will have to take the lead in providing jobs for Americans out of work, currently 4.9% (but we know it is actually more). He says targeting prime infrastructure projects in need could help do the trick. In my opinion, we have to face up to the fact that technological advances plus the automation that has occurred over the last few years are good reasons for the unemployment. Summers says education is the answer and I agree.

But Trump has backed off many of the mandates he issued during the campaign and maybe, somehow, he will come to his senses here. We can only hope.

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Rep. Steve Chabot
Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Rep. Steve Chabot, (R-H)                                                           
Total amount received: $54,100 
Tel. Number: (202) 225-2216

Donald Trump appointees continue to cause headaches

Steve Bannon was bad enough with his racist, woman hating, white nationalist positions when joining Donald Trump following a stint with one of the most bigoted publications in America, Breitbart News. In an earlier post I reported Bloomberg News saying Bannon is most dangerous political operative in America. Later post, his "darkness is good" statement reiterates the fact that he is racist, sexist and anti-Semitic. But Michael Flynn sounds even scarier.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was picked to be Donald Trump's national security adviser. He called Islamism a "vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people" that has to be "excised" during an August speech. This is not singling out those Muslims that do the bad things like 9/11 and various other attacks here in the U.S. and across the world, but lumping the entire Islamic world together. Like a basket with all bad eggs.

This man is a loose cannon and needs to be helped. By a psychiatric team that understands extreme provincialism. Apparently the three stars on his shoulders went straight to his head and Flynn now thinks he is commanding the American public. It won't work and Trump should be able to see the dangerous nature of both these appointments. Another example, Flynn was asked if Obama was a Muslim and after a flurry of incoherent statements basically said yes.

Here we go again. Shades of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


Here are some Thanksgiving quotes that will hopefully improve your day...

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.
Henry David Thoreau

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.
Oprah Winfrey

If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. 
W. Clement StoneThere is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.
O. Henry

To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do. 
Victor Hugo

Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have. 
Catherine Pulsifer

I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land. 
Jon Stewart

I loved my mom so much because she had to work on a penny just to put food on the table... During the Depression in the United States, everybody had a tough time. And I was so hurt because she was crying that she didn't have any food for us for Thanksgiving.
Tony Bennett

I have strong doubts that the first Thanksgiving even remotely resembled the "history" I was told in second grade. But considering that (when it comes to holidays) mainstream America's traditions tend to be over-eating, shopping, or getting drunk, I suppose it's a miracle that the concept of giving thanks even surfaces at all.
Ellen Orleans

Have a great day!

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today!

Congressman: Sen. Don Young (R-AK)
Total amount received: $55,650
Tel. Number: (202) 225-5765

Is it time to look at Dems working with Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer, NY
He is the President-elect, although on last count Hillary Clinton was 1.7 million popular votes ahead of him. Major consideration for getting rid of the Electoral College but that's another story and possibly already in the works. So far I have been on Trumps back because during the ugliest U.S. election in many years, he said and proposed some terrible things. Degrading everything from Mexicans to women, never once apologizing, seemingly proud of everything said and done.

It's hard as hell to vote for someone like that; I didn't. It's hard as hell to like anyone like that; I still don't. But if this country is to recover from the vicious competition of the 2016 election, someone has to make a move. And Sen. Chuck Schumer, (D-NY) has done just that. Schumer is new Dem head of the Senate and has shown how we can work with the President-elect. Here's what he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press:
“Surprisingly, on certain issues, candidate Trump voiced very progressive and populist opinions,” Schumer said. “For instance, getting rid of the carried interest loophole, changing our trade laws dramatically, a large infrastructure bill.”
There's more positive input, Schumer names helping American workers with improved trade deals, on carried interest, and rebuilding the infrastructure. It's a good start and there's also a tough side. The new Senate head draws a line on the repeal of Obamacare, not going to roll back Dodd-Frank,” the 2010 law that imposed financial regulations on Wall Street after the 2008-09 crisis, and says Dems won't help him build the wall, instead comprehensive immigration reform .

Schumer doesn't like cabinet appointee Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who Trump picked to be national security adviser for his suggestion that fearing Muslims is rational. But strangely, no mention of Trump's powder keg appointment of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. I'm just waiting for the real fireworks.

Congressional members with NRA blood on their hands

Recipients of cash from the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) (1988-2016) who refuse to pass gun control laws that would save lives, as reported by The Nation magazine. Call them today! 

Congressman: Sen Roy Blunt, Missouri 
Total amount received: $60,550 
Tel. Number: (202) 224-5721

Trump's first one-hundred days void of substance

Donald Trump...with a sneer
Well, there is one action that deserves attention, simply because it had so much discussion during the Primary. It's the TPP trade deal to bring jobs back to this country, which Trump actually built part of his platform on. Bernie Sanders was also against the TPP but Barack Obama thought it was good for this country, hoping it would be part of his trade legacy. It's hard to fight any proposal, though, that will bring jobs back to American workers so a plus so far.

But from here on it turns into promises, vague meanderings, and complete absences of issues that were, again, a part of the Trump platform. According to CNN, "...he focused exclusively on campaign promises that would not require congressional approval." Shades of screams Obama heard from the Republican do-nothing Congress. But, then, the shoe is on the other foot now and time will tell how this plays out with the good-ole-boys who did not support Trump.

On the major issues requiring congressional approval, he backs off significantly from his vitriolic campaign rhetoric that was obviously meant to get the votes of his group of uneducated rednecks. Among other things, he called Mexican immigrants "criminals" and "rapists," then added they were killers too. "He Insisted The Mexican Government Intentionally Sends Their Criminals To The U.S." See all nine here. Didn't even mention building the Mexican wall.

Another major issue of the campaign not included in Trump's first one-hundred days is the repeal of Obamacare. You will remember his meeting with the sitting President and Obama asking him to at least keep the no preexisting conditions of the ACA, and the President hopeful he would agree. Trump released his own plan on healthcare back in March of 2016, making several vague references to what he would do. There was one high point:
"Trump would also allow prescription drugs to be imported and for full transparency of health care pricing, although he offered few details about how that — or any of the proposals — might work."
The first 100 days starts January 21, 2017. Mark your calendars for April 24, 2017, for the first evaluation of the new president that lost the popular vote by 1.7 million votes...and still counting.

"Bernie Mafia" has a request Democrats can't refuse

Bernie Sanders appeals to masses
First it was Elvis' mafia, now Bernie Sanders has his and they plan to capitalize on the strength of his popularity, which is still growing since Clinton won the primary and lost the election. Bernie has just been promoted to the Democratic leadership in the Senate and his colleague, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, is a favorite to be the next chairman of the Democratic Party. He replaces Debbie Wasserman Schultz who brought the party down to where it is.

In effect, it is a decapitated party, as put by Alex-Seitz Wald of NBC News, that Ellison will inherit, if elected. Thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But as an example of Bernie Sander's popularity, his Facebook page grew by 100,000 followers in the 24 hours after Clinton's defeat. Which indicates to me the fact that, had the primaries not been rigged to elect Clinton, with Bernie running against Trump, we would have a different President-elect right now.

Sanders laments the fact that the Democratic Party has all but deserted the working class in the search for a moderate identity that didn't work. But he's even reached out to Clinton to the heal the wounds of a primary the latter's supporters feel did her in. What really did Clinton in was her favorability rating: 41.1% favorable, 55.3 unfavorable. For Bernie Sanders: 54.1% favorable, 37.5% unfavorable. A Bernie quote to end this on:
"I'm not here to blame anybody, not to criticize anybody, but facts are facts," When you lose the White House to the least popular candidate in the history of America, when you lose the Senate, when you lose the House, and when two-thirds of governors in this country are Republicans, it is time for a new direction for the Democratic Party."

Obama can still appoint Merrick Garland to Supreme Court

It is certain that Democrats will attempt to block any radically conservative nominee that Donald Trump comes up with to fill Antonin Scalia's seat. It will no doubt include a filibuster. The GOP, however, could initiate the "nuclear option" and overcome this but will they? The NO simply lets the Senate head call a vote to change the number of votes needed to stop the filibuster from 60 to a majority, which the Republicans have. Bingo, the Supremes have gone ultra conservative.

But hold on, Dahlia Lithwick of Slate says, it isn't Donald Trump's nomination to make and actually we already knew that. The Senate's token asshole, Mitch McConnell, stopped Barack Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland. And has-been John McCain had also said that should Hillary Clinton become President, he would block all of her nominees. And he doesn't even know who they would be. This all confirms the stupidity of the current Republican Party.

The only answer now is for the Democrats to stand firm and do everything in their power to prevent Trump's Supreme Court nominations. Unless he comes to his senses and works with the Dems on a nominee, and we know that won't happen. But here's the kicker, the Advise and Consent clause of the Constitution gives the President the right to do many things, including nominate judges for the Supreme Court. The court then approves or disproves the nomination.

But what if the Senate doesn't act. The Supreme Court has said:
"No procedural principle is more familiar to this Court than that a constitutional right, or a right of any other sort, may be forfeited in criminal as well as civil cases by the failure to make timely assertion of the right before a tribunal having jurisdiction to determine it.”
The Washington Post has said:
"It is altogether proper to view a decision by the Senate not to act as a waiver of its right to provide advice and consent. A waiver is an intentional relinquishment or abandonment of a known right or privilege."
Although he is running out of time, Obama could "...advise the Senate that he will deem its failure to act by a specified reasonable date in the future (perhaps 30 days) to constitute a deliberate waiver of its right to give advice and consent. I know we're in the change of command but the GOP started the fight and it's the Democrats time to finish it. And that would be, if there is no action by the Senate, Obama appoints Garland to the Supreme Court. Case closed.

It happened in 1975 under Gerald R. Ford's presidency you can read here.

Steve Bannon scarier than ever with his statement : "darkness is good."

The term is in reference to keeping the liberals in the dark, but hits a familiar note when comparing Dick Cheney with darkness and in the same sentence, Satan. Bannon is "known for pushing nationalist policy positions, as well as conspiracy theories, and has been criticized as being racist, sexist and anti-Semitic." Speaking of Trump's potential ability to please the public, his comment is...
"...we'll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we'll govern for 50 years."
 You'll notice the "we'll govern" in his rhetoric, indicating either Donald Trump has a twin or this presidency could be a doubleheader. If it is the latter, this is one of the points in Steve Bannon's agenda: Wants to replace Republican Party with "Trump's movement. I would have given anything to see the look on the faces of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, even Mike Pence, when Bannon said that. He even mentions Andrew Jackson's populism to create a new political movement.

And here's a statement that is downright laughable, the fact that Bannon thinks Trump really gets it. Gets what? There is no substance to the President elect's issues and his thin skin keeps him attacking anyone who criticizes him indicating to me a vein of insecurity. What he gets is the fact that he hornswoggled enough of the public to be elected President, and now he is in the process of figuring out just how to convert this into the future of his businesses.

Donald Trump has reinvigorated racism and hate

I recently did a post on Donald Trump's use of racism to fuel the many racists out there looking for a new leader.They found him and, unfortunately, he will be leading the most powerful country in the world in less than two months. In that post, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reports that over "300 incidents of harassment or intimidation have been reported following Donald Trump's election Tuesday [Nov. 8] night."

Then on Saturday, The Southern Poverty Law Center counted more than 700 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the United States since Election Day on November 8. An additional 400 cases in less than two weeks. Many have accused Trump of fostering xenophobia and particularly Islamophobia, which stems from his earlier statements re. banning Muslims from the U.S., later establishing a "radical Islam commission."

Then, abruptly, the President-elect sobs he is "so saddened" to hear this is going on and tells the public on "60 Minutes" to stop it. I am not a physicist, but what Donald Trump has brought forth in hate and racism during his campaign now appears to have achieved the form of perpetual motion, perhaps unstoppable. Swastikas and the word "Go Trump" were painted on playground equipment at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn, according to the New York police

New York City Councilman Brad Lander, who represents that part of Brooklyn, wrote on Twitter: "Yet more hatred & anti-Semitism from Trump supporters." In Denver, a transgender woman's car was spray-painted early Wednesday morning with a swastika and the words 'Trump' and 'die,' among other derogatory terms." "Heil Trump," an anti-gay slur and a swastika was painted on the side of the church, Saint David's Episcopal, in Beanblossom, Indiana.

I think you get the idea. Just in case you don't, all you uneducated rednecks out there have elected someone to the highest office in the land that is capable of starting Charley Manson's Helter Skelter. Trump didn't take his followers to the mountains of California like Charley did, that would be too bizarre for even him--besides, Melania would never camp out--the presidential contender somehow got to them in the corn fields, cotton fields, cattle farms, etc. 

But you did it and we all have to live with it. I'll leave you with this:
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Trump puts all his "deplorable" cabinet picks in one basket

Donald Trump Cabinet
Hillary Clinton said it first during the election campaign, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Right, maybe more. Then John Dingell picked up on it Friday with this statement: "Forget the basket. The truly deplorable ones end up in the Cabinet." As the longest member to serve in Congress, Dingell has seen a few and has the credentials to comment on Trump's Cabinet.

Let's start with Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General to be, the first sitting Senator to endorse Trump. Payback time again, a la Reince Priebus? Known and confirmed racist, he denounced the 1965 Voting Rights Act and labeled the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP "un-American." He thought the Ku Klux Klan was OK until he found out they smoked pot. Sessions was once turned down for a court appointment due to his racist comments.

And it doesn't get any better. Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn has been selected for national security adviser. First of all, he's an arrogant jerk, and we want him in charge of our intelligence? His ties with Russia, and especially Putin, are questionable. Especially since his visit to Russia where he attended dinners in relation to Russian propaganda, sitting with Putin at the head table. In interviews, he comes off as a loose cannon, but, then, cut in the mold of...

Mitt Romney for Sec. of State is reaching but Rudy Giuliani is ludicrous. The potential Sec. of State claimed no terror attacks happened "before Obama came along." Then, when reminded of 9/11, said he failed to remember the worst terror attack in U.S. history, because of the brevity he likes to use while on the campaign stump for Donald Trump. And then there were his famous five howlers topping even Katrina Pierson you have to see here.

The rest is a mish mosh of unknowns, has-beens, a smattering of losers with a few at least partially qualified. There's Bob Corker rep. from Tennessee, Nikki Haley, So. Carolina Gov., JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), the wingnut that penned the underhanded letter to the leaders of Iran that sparked the trending hashtag #47Traitors. The latter is but one example of what Trump is capable of, but, unfortunately not all.

One more example of Donald Trump's ongoing deception

'Look at me world, I saved the Ford plant from going to Mexico,' was the war cry from a president-elect who continues to scam the public even after the election is over. Does it bring to mind the possibility that this narcissistic egomaniac is never satisfied with the status quo and must continue to heap adoration on himself? Will he ever be satisfied and get around to running this country? By the way, Ford never intended to move the plant to Mexico, confirmed by Ford.

Here's an example of blowhard Donald Trump's claim:
"Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky — no Mexico," he tweeted.
"I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great state of Kentucky for their confidence in me!" he tweeted.
Christin Baker of Ford confirmed that Bill Ford spoke with President-elect Trump on Thursday talking basically about Ford's commitment to America. Then we learn that the Ford/Mexico fiasco was really over the rumor they would move Lincoln MKC production to the company's plant in Cuautitlan, Mexico. So much for the American commitment. Yes, it's a two sided dragon: can't trust what our incoming president says and can't trust corporate "America."

This now becomes a Bernie Sanders issue where all the good jobs are moving out of the country to take advantage of cheap labor. Ford has already committed $1.6 billion to its Mexico operations and that figure could grow with future plans. Bottom of the barrel Republican Mitch McConnell, who also happens to be Senate head, voted at least three times for corporate tax breaks that send jobs overseas. Those workers that didn't vote for Bernie should take note.

What is "alt right" and what does it do?

Here is the definition of "alt-right":
The alt-right is a loose group of people with far right ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism in the United States.
Here is a recent headline by NBC News:
Analysis: Breitbart's Steve Bannon Leads the 'Alt Right' to the White House
Can't tell if that is a promise or a threat. Considering the incendiary and explosive politics of Steve Bannon at Breitbart, I would take it as a threat. To destroy this country in the next four years under Donald Trump. He is the President-elect's chief strategist and senior counselor, which indicates to me he is at the top of the decision-making process. Bloomberg News said:
"Steve Bannon is the most dangerous political operative in America."
Now can you see Reince Priebus locking horns with Bannon from the get-go?Steve Bannon was famous for his input to Trump for anti-immigration and especially anti-Muslim propaganda. He has also participated in an online-based counterculture movement associated with white nationalism. And now white nationalist leaders are praising Donald Trump's decision to name former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon as his chief strategist.

It also gets the approval of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke; he recently lost a bid for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana. White nationalist blogger Brad Griffin said :
"We're most excited though about the foreign policy implications of Bannon in the White House. We want to see our counterparts in Europe — starting in Austria and France — win their upcoming elections. We're hearing reports that Breitbart is expanding its operations in continental Europe and that is where our focus will be in 2017."
And with Putin as a good friend, do you think Donald Trump plans to conquer the world? 

Who the hell is Jared Kushner?

Of course we know he is Ivanka Trump's husband but what we don't know is what gives him all the qualifications to serve in the Trump administration, including a top security clearance. Reince Priebus has made the statement that Jared Kushner will be "very involved" in the White House. It is fairly certain that Kushner is responsible for the sacking of Chris Christie from the transition team because...
"then-U.S. Attorney Christie convicted Kushner's father, Charles Kushner, on a variety of charges including tax evasion, witness tampering and making illegal campaign contributions."
One might agree that his heritage gives him the necessary credentials for the job. Kushner was reportedly also instrumental in getting Christie taken out of contention for Vice President. Sounds to me like he has at least one of Donald's ears, but it isn't yet clear just how far this man will go. If he's anything like his father-in-law, and there is more to come from the family, looks like a huge case of White House nepotism. Kennedy had substance. Trump doesn't.

Kushner played a key role in the campaign but his future in the WH could hinge on a lot of things, one of them being:
"In 1993, a federal appeals court looked at the issue as part of a lawsuit over Hillary Clinton's role in the health care task force. The court didn't decide the question but strongly suggested that the White House staff is not a federal agency."
CNN also speculates on Kushner working as an unpaid adviser for the President, which would avoid the anti-nepotism law, but anyone in the Trump family working for free? I don't think so. How the "family affair" will play out is not clear at this point, but what is clear is that President-elect plans to keep his administration close to the vest. Worse than perhaps George W. Bush, the transparency of the new White House will no doubt be close to zero.

Trump(s) use White House to peddle jewelry, clothing, golf courses, etc.

There is already concern over the fact that rather than put his business holdings into a blind trust, Donald Trump is turning them over to his family. Only a phone call away, or, perhaps, a bedroom away in the White House. It shouldn't be a surprise, however, since they are hawking everything from $10,000 bracelets to the Trump Tower and have been for the last eighteen months. Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University, says:
"...public office is a public trust, that people are given the opportunity to serve in the government, not in order to line their pockets." In contrast, "...what may be developing is a president who sees this an opportunity to further his private brand and to permit his business to take very advantage of the opportunities given to him."
Although Congress could pass laws to establish guidelines for this --and we know that would take years and probably result in no decision --it is already being addressed in social media, like this blog, plus Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, to discourage the public from shopping at stores carrying Trump lines like Macy's and Nordstrom. The political pundits sort of anticipated this when, before the election, they predicted Trump was doing it just to further his brand.

What they weren't forecasting at the time was the fact that Trump would, in fact, win the election and extend the promotion of his brand in a four-year long campaign from the Rose Garden of the White House. Unless...

Trump "hate" message carries on after election

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reports that over "300 incidents of harassment or intimidation have been reported following Donald Trump's election Tuesday night." And, according to NBC, the reports continue to come in mostly from K-12 schools and on university campuses. In many cases the Trump campaign was featured in the incident. It's bad enough that Trump's uneducated redneck adults do this but K-12 through college? Pathetic!

Messages like, "Trump Nation, Whites Only." Another, a white male threatens to set a female Muslim on fire. Again a message, along with a swastika, "Heil Trump" and "F-- Church" were spray painted on the walls of an Episcopal church. Back to the segregated South, "Colored" and "Whites Only" signs were placed above drinking fountains at First Coast High School in Jacksonville, Florida. "Make America White Again" message shortly after Trump victory.

The Huff Post reports on 13 incidents during the election when Donald Trump was an out-and-out racist. Among them:
  • He attacked Muslim Gold Star parents
  • In fact, discrimination against black people has been a pattern in his career
  • He refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him
  • He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester
  • He stereotyped Jews and shared an anti-Semitic meme created by white supremacists
There are more you can read on the Huff Post and I feel certain that over the years and during the election there were more. The American public has to come to grips with the fact that they have elected a man to the presidency of the most powerful county in the world that is a confirmed lowlife. And, he's proud of it. Bernie Sanders says he will hold Trump accountable as I am sure the millions of Progressives will across the country. 

Bring on the impeachment.

Electoral College on trial-Verdict?

Electoral College Votes
Barbara Boxer, one of the feistiest Democratic Senators in Congress, will do her best to get rid of the Electoral College. She introduced a bill Tuesday to put an end to this institution that dates back to the Founding Fathers. One of the myths out there is that the whole concept came into being because the group couldn't make a decision around the idea of the popular vote decision so they settled on the Electoral College. If so, it's time for a change.

Boxer said, "The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately. Every American should be guaranteed that their vote counts." CNN also quoted Donald Trump tweeting this in 2012, "The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy." Now he's all for keeping it. It has already chalked up two recent disasters: Gore-Bush in 2070, now Clinton-Trump in 2016.

The problem with the California Senator's bill is that two-thirds of each house of Congress must pass it plus approval in three quarters of states. Finding the states to make the change might not be so hard but convincing an overwhelming conservative Congress is another thing. All 435 House seats are up for reelection in 2018, 33 Senate seats. Hate to say it again,but look forward to 2018. 

Trump honed incendiary style from National Rifle Assn.

For years the National Rifle Assn., led by Wayne LaPierre, has railed against a government that suppresses its people and denies them their constitutional rights. Of course, the opposition has always been designed to protect their precious 2nd Amendment, a part of the Constitution that should have been done away with or at least modified significantly. Something that obviously could never happen under a Donald Trump presidency or Republican controlled Congress.

A recent post on this subject pointed out how the emphasis on state elections will probably increase in the next four years, while pointing out the high amount of gun violence the U.S. suffers annually from too many guns. At one point Trump said, I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.” The Trace article also said that during the election, "...Trump adopted an incendiary message that matched the NRA’s own."

When the NRA heard Trump's repeated rhetoric that the 2nd Amendment was sacred, something that must be protected at all costs, the decision was made to pump $30- million into ads that supported Trump. It started with 5-million NRA members, then picked a rural population the NRA has been appealing to for years, all ramrodded by the huge ad campaign both for Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton. It worked. Trump was elected but can the NRA really depend on his fickle nature?

The fact is that almost all of the Republican hierarchy shunned Trump in the early stages, as well as further into the campaign. Special interest groups ignored him; do the Koch brothers come to mind? Even the conservative press was caught off guard by his zany antics. Sociologist Scott Melzer, author of the 2012 book "Gun Crusaders: The NRA’s Culture War," told The Trace:
"The gun group and its candidate speak to 'this white rural conservative population that feels left behind by economic shifts and cultural shifts. These changes pose a threat to their identity.'”
Wayne Lapierre wasn't able to beat Barack Obama but he was successful defeating Hillary Clinton. I continue to wonder how long a gullible American public will buy the NRA's bullshit. Meanwhile, it accepts 12,000+ gun deaths a
year, over 3,000 of them children. Thank you America.

Young vote helped elect Donald Trump

2016 election protesters
Obviously a nation is pissed with Donald Trump as the newly elected President. Protests are going on across the country, but one thing bothers me about the reports. Apparently the demonstrations include a lot of young people, which raises the question of where they were last Tuesday...when Trump was elected. The Atlantic reports:
A national exit poll suggests more young adults in 2016 than in 2012 “supported a third-party candidate, did not vote for a presidential candidate, or specifically chose not to answer this poll question,” according to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE).
 Further, the article provides that 37% of ages 18 to 29 voted for Donald Trump. When you add that figure to those voting for third-party candidates plus those who didn't vote, the numbers become significant. A new DNC chair will be welcomed since Debbie Wasserman Schultz has allowed the Democratic Party to weaken to the point where everything from local councils to the presidency is now controlled by Republicans.

We are not so much a conservative nation as we are a nation controlled by conservatives. This did happen on Schultz's watch and now that she is gone and new blood is coming on--perhaps Keith Ellison--the new head must work vigorously to develop the youth, Hispanic and black vote. It took years for the GOP to lay the groundwork for their success and I am afraid it will take some time for the Democrats to catch up.

Rudy Giuliani called the protesters “spoiled crybabies.” Trump thinks they may not know him. The uprisings stretched all the way from Maryland to Oregon and several states in between and you can bet these "spoiled crybabies" knew exactly what they were doing and who it was about. Donald Trump as President is bad enough but looking forward to a GOP controlled Congress and overall Republican domination for the next few years really sucks.

Gun Control: With Trump emphasis shifts even more to states

NRA head, Wayne LaPierre
For years now a cowardly Congress, scared to death of Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Assn., has failed to act on reasonable gun control. Even the simplest steps like background checks, closing the gun show loophole and banning assault weapons. And now in comes Donald Trump with his open philosophy on guns, including a belief that there should be absolutely no limit on gun sales in America. With 112.6 guns per 100 residents already.

The gun situation in the U.S. can be defined in one word: obscene. The Washington Post reported:
"Homicides in the United States went up by more than 10 percent in 2015 over the year before, while violent crime increased by nearly 4 percent in the same period, according to new statistics released Monday by the FBI."
Translated into specifically gun-related violence, the Gun Violence Archive 2016 reports:
Total gun incidents-49,816
Number of deaths-12,860
Number of children to age 11 killed or injured-594
Mass shootings-342
Accidental shooting-1,846
In another report, you can see Donald Trump's position on nine issues in his own words. One in particular is laughable. Here's what he says about the national right to carry:
“The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway … A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state.”
Can you believe that kind of stupid reasoning? It's like saying a driver's license gives you the right to drive and your gun gives you the right to kill. Especially when you are talking about carrying an AR-15 assault rifle. Only a dedicated gun nut would espouse or believe this kind of bullshit. Or...a political candidate trying to get your vote.

Steve Bannon reconfirms Donald Trump extreme right plans

Kellyanne Conway

Steve Bannon is Donald Trump's new White House strategist, signaling the fact that he definitely has radical tendencies in mind for his administration. Bannon is the former president of Breitbart News, the ultra conservative publication so far to the right, its followers don't even recognize the other direction. Bloomberg News said: Steve Bannon, "is the most dangerous political operative in America. That's scary, considering his position in the new Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager, screamed foul, spouting off Bannon's credentials:
“He has got a Harvard business degree. He’s a Naval officer. He has success in entertainment. I don’t know if you’re aware of that. And he certainly was a Goldman Sachs managing partner. Brilliant tactician.”
I wonder if he was the "brilliant tactician" that almost brought Goldman Sachs down when it defrauded its customers in a hedge fund scandal, part of the George W. Bush financial disaster that almost brought the country down? But my concern is more with the fact that the Tea Party--remember them?--has endorsed not only Steve Bannon but also Reince Priebus, former head of the RNC and now Trump's Chief of Staff.

It's hard to see how the election of Donald Trump could get any more bizarre but it just did. Anyone want to predict what's next?

Real reason Donald Trump won

Is this reason for the low turnout?
All things considered, anger at Washington insiders, people didn't like Hillary Clinton, and on and on, the real reason Donald Trump won this election was the low turnout. Almost 5% less votes were cast in 2016 than 2012, and the latter was 3.7% less than 2008. The Bernie bunch let us down. The blacks let us down. And once again the Hispanics let us down. So in comes a stampeding group of Trump do willies who stumble through the process of electing...him.

A low turnout by lazy Democrats has always favored a Republican base, which at least rises to the occasion when it is important.

The outcome is that we are stuck with Donald Trump for the next four years--but maybe not says Michael Moore--as the President of the most powerful country in the world. More than scary, right? In case you are interested, this is the profile of the gang that elected your President. By "your," think you know what I'm talking about. Here is how Allen Clifton of Forward Progressive describes the supporters for the new President-elect:
1. They’re not very well-educated
2.They have delusional visions about how wealthy they might be
3. They really don’t know a damn thing about politics
4. They’re highly misinformed about nearly everything and extremely gullible
 5. They think they’re a whole lot smarter than what they actually are and tend to be extremely stubborn, if not outright arrogant
Now here is one I've never heard before, #2: They have delusional visions about how wealthy they might be. You mean even the dimmest of the Donald dimwits think they can do what he did? Take a million dollars from your father and turn it into four bankruptcies? Well, they would. And more power to them. But meanwhile we're stuck with, well you know what. But like I said earlier, maybe there is hope when Trump starts again with his bizarre antics.

Let me finish with a question. Can we surmise from the above plus other recent articles on Donald Trump's election; are his followers simply uneducated rednecks? Shades of the Tea Party.

Bernie Sanders: Stay healthy for 2020

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Michael Moore and Allan Lichtman predicted Donald Trump won't survive a full four years as President. As encouraging as that is, we need a backup just in case for 2020. I read a comment yesterday on an Internet site covering the Trump demonstrations across the country. It said, eat right and get plenty of exercise, Bernie, for 2020. Not being anything close to a Constitutional Law expert, or even layman, not sure if he could fill in for an impeached Donald Trump.

I harken back to the unethical antics of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, disgraced former head of the Democratic National Committee, who repeatedly showed overwhelming favor for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. She was fired for her actions, things Bernie Sanders frequently exposed during the campaign, but only to the deaf ears of demented Democrats. Who, obviously, got what they deserved, Donald Trump.

Here's one such email from Brad Marshall suggesting that they use religion against a certain possible atheist with a Jewish heritage: To:,, Date: 2016-05-05 03:31 Subject: No shit

It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.
Marshall was chief financial officer of the DNC, who later tried to claim his message did not refer to Bernie Sanders. Bernie beat Donald Trump consistently in the polls leading up to Clinton's nomination. But the election results were a complete turnaround from what all the polls were predicting between Clinton and Trump. I would like to think this:
When Bernie Sanders lost the primaries, the force of his following was so let down and discouraged that the majority fractured completely away from the Democratic Party and with no direction or leadership either didn't vote at all or simply looking for change from the typical Washington insider, Hillary Clinton, they misguidedly voted for Donald Trump. This added to Trump's rural support put him over the top.
But, of course, we'll probably never know. 

Countdown to January 20, 2021

  Only one day left and apparently Donald Trump is afraid of legal repercussions if he pardons himself, family, and Republican Congress memb...