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Friday, March 22, 2019

Phantom of John McCain haunts Donald Trump

This baboon sits in the White House
What is wrong with the Oval Office lunatic? John McCain's apparition seems to have Donald Trump mesmerized to the point that he can't put the late Senator out of his head. T-rump has quarreled with McCain's daughter, Meghan, and his wife, Cindy, of course, via Twitter, with comments that only lowlife Trump would make. Like making statements denouncing McCain's naval service in Vietnam. I was not a McCain fan but do respect his efforts in the military and the U.S. Senate. Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts apparently received a disturbing glare from Trump recently over questions on the criticism of McCain. The glare was captured by an ABC News correspondent. A man this troubled should not be in the White House.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Trump's continued attacks on John McCain

The man is dead, but he lives on through the diatribes of a mentally challenged individual who, unfortunately, sits in the Oval Office. I am talking about Donald Trump's attacks on John McCain. I was not a McCain fan, but I had respect for a man who served his country in Vietnam and in the U.S. Senate. On the other hand, T-rump has found it necessary to deride him on every front, thus, providing the public insight into this most troubled man in the White House. I think Trump hated McCain most for his vote against the repeal of Obamacare. The tragic part of all this is that Donald Trump holds the office of President of the United States. At least for now.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Classified report proves Trump's N. Korean Summit failure

Oh God, what the hell am I doing?
If anything, Donald Trump gave up the store in his negotiations with Kim Jong-un at the Singapore Summit. An Israeli foreign ministry report says the meeting "left many open questions about how the two countries will pursue denuclearization." Published by Axios, "The Israeli foreign ministry report also says that the Trump administration backtracked on many of the demands it had said it would make in the run-up to the meeting with Kim." The general response from many nations and the American Congress is that N. Korea's intentions are less than what is expected by T-rump.

According to the classified report, the Oval Office lunatic has decided to make a move recommended by China last year but rebuffed, "to halt joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea while denuclearization, a proposal known as “freeze to freeze,” was a significant reversal of Washington’s previous position." N. Korean experts exclaim that...
"the agreement between the Trump administration and the regime of Kim Jong Un contained very few concrete plans of action."
I am definitely not a John McCain fan but the Senator is knowledgeable in foreign affairs and he disagreed with and criticized Trump for his handling of the meeting with Kim Jong-un. Specifically, "arguing that Trump was wrong to agree to suspend joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises." He expressed simply that T-rump got nothing in return for what he gave away, one of which was canceling the military exercises. We need something "concrete" re. denuclearization, and how about N. Korea's record on human rights, McCain commented.

Trump's decision to suspend military exercises worried even some of his supporters on Capitol Hill in that it, "undermines our security and alliances.” You have to wonder what the man is doing after all the abuse he directed at Kim Jong-un in the past like calling him a "rogue," "madman," "gangster," and "maniac," the latter one of the very words used to describe Donald Trump today. And after all the insults flung at Kim in rapid fire fashion, he comes home from the Summit calling the N. Korean leader, "very smart." That's for sure, the way he suckered T-rump into this Summit meeting.

The world is also asking, what the hell was Trump thinking when he saluted a N. Korean general when he was being introduced. I was in the Navy and was taught that you do salute rank, and as an enlisted man the officer always returned my salute. But doesn't this dufus know that he is the President of the United States, in a foreign country, and his salute might be interpreted as honoring the human rights atrocities of N. Korea? Sarah Sanders said it was courtesy but Chris Cillizza of CNN had this to say...
1) Trump didn't really know what he was doing. And that is because he admittedly made absolutely no real preparation for what was perhaps one of the most important foreign policy meetings the United States has ever participated in.
2) Trump knew exactly what he was doing. He was in a kissing ass mode, which he had initiated earlier to impress Kim, and his salute of the general was just follow up in keeping with "sending a message of respect to Kim."
Unfortunately, this is a summary of Donald Trump's success at the Singapore Summit...
“'Chairman Kim has told me that North Korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site,' Trump said in the wake of the summit in Singapore on June 12, without detailing which site Kim had pledged to dismantle. But an analysis by monitoring group 38 North revealed that there is still no evidence that North Korea is destroying anything."
Donald Trump was desperate for success at the Singapore Summit and it eluded him completely.


                    John McCain Torches Trump’s ‘Bad Negotiating Tactic’ With Kim Jong Un

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Monkey see Trump do, Monkey do like Trump

Kelly Sadler_Mouth open once too often

Special assistant Kelly Sadler, a Trump aide, showed she can demonstrate complete lack of class as much as her boss, Donald T-rump. When John McCain voiced opposition to Gina Haspel, as new CIA Director, Sadler commented, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway,” McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer with an unknown future. It's hard to get any lower.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

John McCain "cunning promoter of his own self-interest"

John, Cindy McCain
The above is a line from Stephen Lemons in FrontPageConfidential. Lemons also writes for the Phoenix New Times and speaks his mind in a way that the informed among us understand. He said the above about McCain adding that he has, "a knack for playing both sides of an issue to his advantage." Like being for immigration and then being against it. He prevented efforts to repeal Obamacare and then voted for Trump's tax plan for the wealthy. He rails against campaign contributions from special interest groups, yet he rakes in contributions from those same groups. He is tops in money received from the National Rifle Assn. And he has a dark side you can see here in his quote from 1998...
Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly?
Because Janet Reno is her father
Another fact...
"Few know that he left his handicapped first wife for a fetching beer heiress whose father gave him a job and a leg up in politics."
John McCain's been a has-been for years and now for the sake of Arizona and the country, should resign from the Senate and spend his time left in beautiful Sedona enjoying life away from Washington. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Congressional NRA gun pimps with blood on their hands

John McCain

John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, has received a total of $7.74 million from the National Rifle Assn. to vote against any legislation for gun control. What he voted against were laws that could have saved the lives of 17 students and teachers.
NRA head Wayne LaPierre

Friday, June 9, 2017

"TRUMP LIED" James Comey denounces and indicts Donald Trump

James Comey

James Comey exclaims you can't trust Donald Trump to tell the truth. I watched his testimony and thought Comey looked, well...Presidential. The man was ultimately prepared--don't think he ever had to look at notes--and he handled himself extremely well as the professional he is. He seemed to have the respect of most of this bi-partisan Senate panel, except for Arizona's John McCain who veered off on inane questions re. Hillary Clinton's emails. The outset of the hearing is the fact that it will take the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, to get to the bottom of all this.

Although Comey would not say if he felt Trump had obstructed justice, he did have the following to say...
“I know I was fired because something about the way I was conducting the Russia investigation was putting pressure on [Trump],’’ Comey said.
James Comey is a former federal prosecutor and knows the way witnesses react to save their butts in statements and testimony and said...
"...that he took detailed notes of his private talks with the president — a departure from his practice with Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. Comey said he did so because he was 'honestly concerned’ that the president might lie about what had been said in their meeting. He said the two spoke in private a total of nine times before Comey was fired, he said."
Folks, this is the President of the United States that Comey is talking about lying. What does this tell the other countries of the world? If a top U.S. government official thinks Donald Trump is a liar, what might Angela Merkel of Germany think of her dealings with Trump? Or the other nations out there. To me, it sounded like Comey made it clear that, although Trump prefaced his comments to the FBI Director with "I hope," Comey took it as pressure to do what was asked of him. This from the President's comments, "I expect loyalty, I need loyalty."

For once, or, at least, not yet. Donald Trump has not used Twitter to vent his unbalanced reactions. He let his attorney do it and the following is interesting...
"The President likewise never pressured Mr. Comey. The President also never told Mr. Comey, 'I need loyalty, I expect loyalty' in form or substance."
Here's the "incoherent" questioning of Comey by Arizona's Republican Senator, John McCain:

The interesting part comes from the fact that James Comey has said he fully welcomes any tapes that might have been recorded of the conversations between the two men, and this isn't likely unless he expects them to prove him right. Trump also says he welcomes the tapes, but then this con man is known for his bluffs to get what he wants. Comey, on the other hand, has proven himself a reputable member of government service who tells it like it is. So, what's missing in all this? As James Comey said in his testimony several times, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller must now put all the pieces together. And James Comey has no doubt that he can get the job done.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Political Satire: Donald Trump baptized the dictator he is

I am not a fan of John McCain, even though I am an Arizonan, but he hit it on the head Saturday when he commented on Donald Trump's statement that U.S. media is "the enemy of the American people," intoning that is “how dictators get started.” But Donald John had his start years ago in his everyday course of doing business. If you don't agree with the oligarch, you will be quickly dispatched on your way most likely with your pockets empty. There is no looking back, this man is hell-bent on pushing his personal agenda at the expense of the country he supposedly leads.

Donald John does not like the media because they aren't constantly at his feet, praising his every move. He surpasses the topmost heights of narcissism and borders on a dangerous level of a completely unbalanced individual. He reacts to John McCain calling him a loser and makes another reference to his "hero" status. Maybe if Congress renamed the White House Trump Palace, in keeping with the Queen of England, and renovated the Oval Office to a throne room, complete with a gold throne, that would feed his ego enough. Nah...he wants something closer to God-like status.

The real story...

Saturday, December 24, 2016

T-rump stupid things

"I like people who weren't captured."

This is in reference to John McCain, who was captured in Vietnam, and at the time of the statement, not a Donald Trump supporter. The implication was that McCain was not a war hero because he was captured. Now, I am not a John McCain fan, but he has managed to turn his wartime abduction into a long political career.  

Monday, April 13, 2015


John McCain and his bootlicker Lindsey Graham have been on a crusade to wreck just about anything Pres. Obama wants to do. The famous flip flopper on immigration is now siding with Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei on the Iran nuclear deal and effectively calling John Kerry a liar in what he presented as a prospective deal. Lindsey Graham says "Go John, Go John." McCain said, “I think you’re going to find out that they had never agreed to the things that John Kerry claimed that they had.” It's time for John McCain to go home to Phoenix and play with his wife's empty beer bottles. As far as Lindsey Graham is concerned, I guess he'll have to call John for direction.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


John McCain
He served the state of Arizona in the U.S. Senate well after being elected based on his Vietnam incarceration. Yes, there was a sympathy vote there which has arisen in many political articles over the years. Regardless, John McCain did good things for Arizona and the country. I had a great deal of respect for him as a GOP moderate and maverick who stood up for what was right, regardless of the party connection. But this is all history now. First there was his run for President against Barack Obama that was noteworthy...until he named Sarah Palin as his Vice President. Sheer stupidity based on choosing someone like Palin and dumber because it made the Republican Party look like a bunch of idiots. And then there were all the flip-flops first on immigration, on climate change, then on Bowe Bergdahl's prisoner exchange. All done for the sake of getting reelected. It's time to move on from John and hopefully in his next reelection we can send Jeff Flake packing.

Monday, February 18, 2013

GOP Congress backs immigration reform to garner votes…opposes gun control to hold on to votes

It’s all about “ME,” and by that I mean a dysfunctional Congress thinking only about what it takes to get reelected.  When it means turning on a huge new voting population like Hispanics, they are now rushing in to enlist this group in hopes of holding on to their jobs in 2014, and maybe adding a few seats in heavily Latino districts.  But when it comes to curbing gun violence through the passage of reasonable gun control legislation that will save innocent lives, the votes evaporate under the cloud of Wayne LaPierre and his National Rifle Assn. (NRA).

And it isn’t just Republicans.  There are turncoat Democrats representing conservative to moderate districts who walk the fence and vote with the right just to stay in office.  The primary example is Dems who refuse to back the President’s gun control legislation because of the gun bubbas they represent.  Much of this group is likely to be against immigration reform but if their district has a sizable Hispanic population, the typical politician will no doubt find a way to justify a vote in favor just to stay competitive.  I say throw ‘em all out.

As an example of a classic flip-flop, there was Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain who championed immigration reform prior to the 2008 election.  But in his run for President, in a time where the Tea Party still had a firm grip on the GOP, he turned against the issue to please his Arizona and national constituents.  As it turned out it worked, at least as far as turning off the Latino vote.  Obama received 67% nationally, 56% in McCain’s home state of Arizona compared to McCain’s 31% and 41% respectively.  Overall, Obama 52.9%, McCain 45.7%.

In a recent CNN/ORC International survey, 53% want the main focus of the immigration issue focused on allowing undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship.  This is a change from 2011 when 55% said the main focus should be on deportation.  With a wishy-washy American public, is Congress making its decisions based on the current direction taken on immigration reform?  If so, why don’t these blockheads listen to this same constituency when it says in a CBS News poll following the Sandy Hook massacre that 59% favorstricter gun control?

It’s clear why.  Because of the intimidation of LaPierre’s NRA and the fear he instills in Congress that he will get them fired if they don’t back his brand of gun control.  Once again, looking out for number one over passing common sense gun control legislation that could save thousands of lives.  And there’s a connection between the Hispanic vote and gun control. A November 2011 poll by Mayors Against Illegal Guns found that 69 percent of Latino voters support stricter laws on gun sales.  Hispanics for gun control in 2014 could be a formidable force.

After the Romney disaster with Hispanics, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said: "I think you are seeing a lot of movement from our party on these issues.  A lot of it, I tell you, was tone. You know, it wasn't necessarily the policy on immigration, it was what is coming out of your mouth."  I’m not sure just how to interpret this but it sounds suspiciously like an approach to Latinos of ‘we will tolerate you for your vote but don’t expect too much from the GOP in the way of change on immigration issues.’  That’s just my take.

John Feinblatt, chief adviser for policy and strategic planning to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says our “antiquated immigration laws” are still meant for the black and white TV era.  Adding, even China provides generous stipends and other perks to lure the best scientists and engineers to its country.  Further, while “Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Chile offer visas and other incentives to attract entrepreneurs to their countries, we make it nearly impossible for most entrepreneurs to come here.”  There’s more but you get the idea.

And gun control is just one more example illustrating the mental retardation of the United States on issues clearly beneficial to Americans living a better life.  But in Congress you will jeopardize your career in politics if you cross Wayne LaPierre and his NRA.  FormerArizona Sen. Dennis DeConcini, a Democrat, championed legislation against assault weapons in 1989 after the Stockton, CA shooting of school children.  It passed in the Senate, failed in the House.  DeConcini, in Arizona, was almost recalled.  What else would you expect from this state?

The 2014 elections will be interesting from several standpoints.  A lot depends on what happens to gun control and Immigration reform legislation in the next several months.  Even more will be decided on how the GOP Congress of “NO” will work with the President on the programs he laid out in his State of the Union message.  Obama’s win was a mandate but he is still hampered by a Republican led House and a bare majority in the Senate.  And so far the conservatives have shown few signs of cooperation.  How long will the American public put up with this?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Arizona Border Agent killing turns into typical dirty state politics

Although the FBI says that the killing of Border Patrol Agt. Nicholas Ivie was a result of friendly fire, the mouth that never shuts up, Gov. Jan Brewer, stands by her ludicrous claim that the death is the result of the fed’s failure to secure the border.  One media report even stated no smuggler or anyone else other than Border Patrol Agents were present at the incident.  It appears to be an investigation gone terribly wrong, but not so says Brewer and John McCain.

Big mouth McCain
McCain is Arizona’s senior Senator who has been in Congress far past his ability to serve effectively.  He has made comments on the border before that were proved false, and when running against J.D. Hayworth in 2010, the latter, another Arizona conservative lunatic like Russell Pearce that also lost, McCain quickly changed his positive stance on immigration reform to suit state conservatives.  Re. Agt. Ivie’s death, McCain’s statement was:

"When our secretary of Homeland Security keeps telling the Congress that the border is secure and that we don't need to spend any more money to secure it that this obviously contradicts assertions by her and the president,"

Agent Nicholas Ivie
Brewer offered condolences to the Ivie family, as many Arizona politicians did, but then added her unwarranted criticism of the Obama administration’s lack of securing the border, which both other conservatives and the media termed an overreaction.  She was politely told to “Leave politics out of this.”  Another large facial cavity from Iowa, Sen. Charles Grassley, ranted on about the killing and the failures of the Obama administration to secure the border.

Of course, most of the country knows that border violence is down as well as crossings from Mexico into the U.S.  That is except the inept politicians heretofore mentioned, which is just more of the GOP conservative attack brigade started by the master of hate politics, Karl Rove.  This whole issue seems to center around the Fast and Furious episodes, which are bad and a product of both the Obama administration and those of George W. Bush.

Even dirty hands McCain criticizes Brewer:

Jan Brewer’s actual comment following Agent Ivie’s death was, "I am angry. We have been dealing with this issue of getting our borders secure now for many years and still we are told that it's more secure than ever. Unfortunately, today Arizona is seeing and hearing that results of our border not being secure."  Another classic instance of foot in mouth disease by America’s worst Governor.  That’s right, check out my blog of September 16, 2011.

Brewer at the border fence
A second Border Agent was wounded when Ivie was killed.  Latest word is that Ivie was separated from the others when he heard a noise and fired, prompting the other agents to fire back.  That is believed to have caused Ivie’s death.  Now that is hard enough for any family to take, especially after being told by Arizona’s official blowhard, Jan Brewer, that it was caused by illegal aliens that were in the country because President Obama hadn’t secured the border.  Pathetic.

So far investigators have found no evidence of an illegal border crossing or any illegal smugglers located in the area at the time of the confrontation, according to the Arizona Republic.  Brewer closed another statement with, “It has been 558 days since the Obama administration declared the security of the U.S.-Mexico border is ‘better now than it has ever been.’ I’ll remember that statement today.”  How long will it be before someone declares Jan Brewer a certified fruitcake?

Donald Trump Says He Will Be Indicted On Tuesday

  THAT'S TODAY... Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has brought the case to this point, now looking at a possible indictment. Trum...