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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mike Pence epitome of male version of Mr. Goody Two-Shoes

Mike Pence uneasy with all those legs?
You know them. They're all around us, those people who profess to be the hygienic individuals who wouldn't say shit if they had a mouthful. The Urban Dictionary says they are almost always women, and always go to church, professing their virginity and complete abstinence. I've known some who were absolute hypocrites; we called them "backdoor Baptists" in the South. Pastor comes in the front door of the bar, the Baptists go out the back door. Sometimes it is purely to set up a front to make other people think they are something they aren't and can't be. It's pathetic and it is demeaning.

Mike Pence always looked a little too good to be true to me. Believe the republican Party put him in there in the hopes that Donald Trump would quickly go down in flames and Pence is someone they can control. Well, Donald John could still implode but I am horrified over the possibility of Pence taking over the Oval Office. First of all, he is a dedicated Tea Party supporter, solid grounds for being removed from the planet. Second, the Huff Post reports that, "...unless he is with his wife, he won’t eat alone with a woman or attend an event where alcohol is served."

Oh. My. God! Mr. Goody Two-Shoes.

Is this what he thinks of other women, that they might wrestle him under the table, ripping off his clothes and seducing him between the main course and dessert? What kind of women has this man dated, or was he so shy and introverted he couldn't get a date. In religious circles this is called the "Billy Graham Rule," but where I come from it is called blatant sexism. How has Pence gotten this far in politics? HP says the Graham rule is, "...that men are little better than animals who cannot control themselves and, so, can’t, ultimately, be held accountable." Mike Pence? Don't think so.

In the Huff Post analysis of this practice by some men, it becomes apparent that not only is this something that is measured by a potential intimate relationship between men and women, but that these suppressed feelings by the male can often turn into hostility toward women, and particularly when the guy is the inferior one. It can also show up in the hiring process between the boss, a man, and the potential employee a woman. I personally witnessed a corporate scenario where a wife threatened her husband if he hired a woman the spouse considered too good looking.

The HP writer Soraya Chemaly has one of the best grips on the problems of women in the workplace I have ever read, deserving a full read of the article. She says...
"Today, women are still primarily responsible for children, do an average of two hours more unpaid work a week and make up three quarters of minimum wage workers. Thirty-nine percent of working mothers are sole providers for their families, compared to 43 percent of men, who are twice as likely to be making more than $50K and more than six times as likely to be making six-figure incomes."
Chemaly makes it clear that the current President and Vice President of the U.S. could not be further separated in their morals. Here's Mike Pence, the church going, family man fighting off the "evil temptress" to stay pure, compared to Donald Trump who "is one who sees all women through the filter of his sexual pleasure and violability, including, shamelessly, his own daughter," a phrase I couldn't resist from the author. Read it!

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