Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The question arises over and over, why do we have to keep fighting for voting rights since this was passed into law back in the 1950s? The answer is that the GOP is constantly looking for loopholes to bar non-whites, college students and those with low incomes from voting. The reason is that most of these folks are Democrats and if they are allowed to vote, the Republicans lose. The latest in Ohio, John Boehner's state, finds Rep. Andrew Brenner pushing for a voting ID bill using the same old rhetoric, "...the need to stop illegal voting by non-residents, non-citizens or others." It's pure crap and they know it because a report issued by the Republican Sec. of State Jon Husted said "...fewer than 0.003% of votes in that [2012] election could have been fraudulent." With facts like this, even coming from one of their own, we can only assume that Andrew Brenner must consider that the Ohio voters are completely stupid. Well, Ohio, are you?

ANTI-VAXXERS gather this weekend to kill more people

  In a state that has already experienced over 16,000 deaths from Covid-19, two of its mentally challenged, anti-vaxxing residents have deci...