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Friday, March 29, 2019

Arizona anti-vaxxer couple deny feverish son medical care

It's stupid enough when you refuse to vaccinate your kid when the scientific community has both proven and made its findings public to substantiate the need for vaccinations. Then it is doubly dumb when these same parents wouldn't take this sick child to the hospital, especially after a doctor had recommended it. The police had to force their way into the home to remove the kid. Arizona law...
"allows officials to take custody of a child for his or her safety and gives police the ability to 'use reasonable force to enter any building' to do so."
One Arizona politician exclaimed, "If you make the parental decision to wait 'til the morning to get medical care, you risk losing your child." Now there is a reasonable statement from a Republican state legislator that is contrary to what we expect to hear from these people from the radical right in this state.

The boy's parents, Sarah Beck and Brooks Bryce, have each been charged with a count of child abuse, by the Chandler Police Department.

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