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Check your state's Dept. of Motor Vehicles and you will probably find that they are selling your personal information again, if they haven't been all along, There's a treasure trove there and junk mailers plus the business community in general thrive on this data.

The Koch brothers have always been very secretive because their political tactics are so underhanded that they fear exposure. One just passed away, David, but Charles has always been the mastermind. This article divulges the ‘secret history’ of the conservative empire.

Only a maniac like Donald Trump could come up with a gun control measure like this: "White House considers gun control plan that monitors phones of mentally ill." Not only is mental illness the primary cause of gun violence-too many guns on the street is--but the mentally ill most certainly have a right to privacy.

Now here is something Donald Trump said that needs no explanation other than the fact that this ego maniac is out of his mind: "Trump claims ‘there was nobody here’ in America 25 years ago so ‘they probably had cleaner water.’"

Apparently Donald Trump has been "grifting" on his Turnberry Resort for some time. As it turns out the "Air Force says it sent crews to Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times." And we knew this folks before the Oval Office maniac came to the White House.

North Carolina is one of the racist states in the country, as well as most corrupt when it comes to politics. Republican gerrymandering is rampant and now this:
"Secret files reveal how North Carolina Republican systematically stopped black people and students from voting." Where are the Progressives when you need them?

Input on who won-lost #3 Democratic debate


My winners, no losers... 
Sanders/Warren-Is there something we should know?

I watched the debate without any distractions and felt most of the contenders did a good job. No one was great. No one was lousy. When it was over, I frankly could not pick a winner or loser, unless you consider Joe Biden a winner and Julian Castro a loser for Castro's criticism of Biden's memory. The audience didn't like it and the pundits didn't like it. But to me it was meaningless, and, anyway, I questioned whether it was some kind of movement to bring Biden down.

Cody Fenwick in RawStory says the debates began "unfortunately" on the health care question and "failed to focus much on foreign policy." It is true that health care has been labored over repeatedly in past debates, but it is clear that, along with climate change, they could be leading issues in 2020 for both sides. Donald Trump has no foreign policy [only bizarre antics], so anything the Democrats do will be an improvement.

Debates were heavy on health care...

Since Fenwick's winners/losers did not even include a Bernie Sanders mention, I looked further and found that the Washington Post agrees with me, "The winner of the debate? Nobody." Molly Roberts mentioned Beto O'Rourke's mandatory buyback on assault rifles adding, "it’s too late for him." Then, Kamala Harris came on too strong too soon, as has been her approach in earlier debates. Roberts commented...
"Of course, candidates are going to take shots at one another, sometimes tinged with substance and sometimes all sound bite. Of course they’re going to “go on … twice over!” as Joe Biden complained. How else are they supposed to get noticed?
Julian Castro got noticed in his attack on Joe Biden's memory suggesting he might be a little old for 2020. Roberts thinks his intentions are for a vice president slot, of course, with another candidate. In a continued analysis...
"Did anything stick? We’ll see soon enough. Mostly, though, the evening seemed winnerless. Slightly longer answers offered slightly more substance; distinctions on policy points became more distinct still, especially when it came to health care. The debate wasn’t useless for America, but it might have been relatively useless in changing anything meaningful about the race. So congratulations to Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders."
Want to watch full debate?...

Look at the RealClear Politics polls and notice the drop offs that occur after Biden-Sanders-Warren. Kamala Harris dives a full ten points from Warren, Buttigieg 12 points, Yang almost 14, O'Rourke and Booker almost over 14, then it's 1.3 for Gabbard down to 0.7 for Bennet. In between are Klobuchar, Castro and Steyer; Tom Steyer has just qualified for the debates and think he should be heard. Otherwise, it is time to cull the candidate to focus on strength.

Right now the strength is definitely Joe Biden [26.8 on RCP], Bernie Sanders [17.3] and Elizabeth Warren [16.8]. But keep in mind Joe Biden was 41.4 back in May. Since hitting 26 territory the beginning of July, he has been pretty consistent with some up and down fluctuations. Kamala Harris, perhaps Pete Buttigieg might be able to make substantial gains, but that will have to be done fast, certainly before debate #4, Tuesday, October 15, and may extend to Wednesday, October 16.

As they say, it is time to fish or cut bait, the reckoning of who you want to be the next president. International Business Times says, "Biden Weathers Democratic Debate But Uncertainty Persists."...
"In extended exchanges that highlighted the party's ideological schism over health care and the cost of shifting to a government-run universal coverage system, Biden was often in the limelight, occasionally going on the offensive against rivals."
But is that good enough to beat Donald Trump? 

Thursday night's Democratic debate imposing


Who won, who decide...  

If we could wrap all ten Democratic contenders from last night's debate in a neat package of two, we'd have great candidates for 2020. RealClear Politics defined it, "10 Candidates, 10 Strategies on Display." And there lies the diversity of the Party of the Left, with little animosity, unless you consider Julian Castro's attacks on Joe Biden. Castro said they weren't personal, and they weren't really attacks, rather strong disagreements.

Taking it from stage right, Amy Klobuchar, from Minnesota, who makes a lot of common sense, but only ranks 1.2 on the RealClear Politics polling. Her primary statement was, "if you feel stuck in the middle of the extremes in our politics and you are tired of the noise and the nonsense, you've got a home with me." She is definitely against Medicare for the Medicare for All proposals championed by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Next, Corey Booker, talking about growing up in unsafe Newark, NJ neighborhoods, and definitely on the band wagon for more gun control, when asked by Dana Bash if Joe Biden is too old, replied definitely not. But, on the other hand, he was concerned about Biden's meandering, in the past and on that evening. In addition to gun violence, Booker reminded us of the problems with our water supply nationwide. He is 2.3 in RCP

Pete Butigieg talked about coming out, and will likely lend support for the LBGTQ community if elected. Butigieg had an earlier surge, and there was talk that he would at least come in as a potential vice-presidential candidate, but he has lost ground and comes in at only 4.8 on RCP. He made the statement, “This is why Presidential debates are becoming unwatchable,” referring to Castro's attack on Biden.

And then there's Bernie Sanders, who should be President of the United States today, but for a DNC unethical move by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is second on RCP with 17.3. There would be no Democratic Party today without the Bern, even considering his leftness, it is far more discernable than the politics of Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer. Think Bernie was losing his voice last night, but only physically, since his political voice will live on forever.

Joe Biden was, well, Joe Biden, and thankfully no huge gaffes last night. Julian Castro said his challenge to Biden was not personal, but I wonder if there is some movement to unseat the former vice president from his number one position in the polls. Joe Biden is a solid 26.8, leading Bernie by almost 10 points. Biden is able to 'work across the aisle' as is described by many, but in my mind is too moderate for the new wave of Progressives he just doesn't understand.

CNBC says Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls [16.8 RCP] due to a base "more intense than any other candidate." She, along with Bernie Sanders fought with Joe Biden on Medicare for all; Biden prefers to just improve on Obamacare. My gut tells me the pair will not sell MFA until they make it clear how it will be paid for, using actual numbers. It wouldn't bother me to get rid of health insurers, but that may be a hard sell. Warren still favors reigning in corporate America.

Kamala Harris was riding the high road for a while, but apparently hit a speed bump. Her primary thrust was and has been against Donald Trump, although following the debate she chided ABC for asking no questions about abortion and reproductive rights. She is fourth in the polls at 6.5 RCP, which has been a plateau for her recently. A body language expert said she was less passionate than other candidates in the first hour. Her big money supporters were watching.

Beto O'Rourke brought the audience to their feet with applause when condemning assault weapons and saying he is for a mandatory buyback law. He was criticized saying this would certainly help Republicans in 2020. I don't think so, and if I'm wrong the voting public is completely hopeless on gun control to save the lives of innocent Americans. You have to wonder if O'Rourke is a bit too early but a prime candidate for 2028? He is 2.8 on RCP.

Andrew Yang wants to save traditional retail and attacked Amazon to make his point. He also suggested a $1,000 monthly giveaway for an entire year to 10 American families, if you believe that you can solve your own problems better than any politician. This drew chuckles from other debaters, and one deemed the idea at least original. Later, he said he left the debate not “encouraged” for the Democrats’ future. He is 3.0 on RCP leading O'Rourke and Booker.

Finally, Julian Castro, already mentioned criticizing Joe Biden for his contradiction. Castro also attacked Biden for his references to former President Barack Obama throughout the primary campaign. This I don't understand since Biden was an integral part of the Obama administration. He is only 1.0 on RCP but at one time was considered an up and comer in the Democratic Party. This debate was no help

RealClear Politics poll rankings.

The chronicles of Moscow Mitch corruption


Analyzing a corrupt Mitch McConnell a la Moscow Mitch  

Moscow Mitch: Money-power-corruption
The House hasn't yet given up on impeachment with 131 Democrats in favor. They need a majority of the House, 217 Democrats, plus independent Justin Amash. "Rep. Jerrold Nadler said an impeachment inquiry might begin in late fall, after hearings this month and next." The Daily Beast says there's a holdup because of "a faulty analysis of the politics of impeachment...
They’re still caught in the grips of myopic conventional wisdom about the way the whole thing would actually play out in a trial in the Senate.
Here's the scenario...
"Sen. Michael Bennet repeated the familiar argument that the Senate will not remove Trump from office. If the House impeaches him, Bennet said, Trump 'would be running saying that he had been acquitted by the United States Congress.'”
Julian Castro shot back: “If they don’t impeach him, he’s going to say, ‘You see? You see? The Democrats didn’t go after me on impeachment, and you know why? Because I didn’t do anything wrong.’”
"Conversely, Castro continued, if the House impeaches Trump, the public would conclude that 'his friend, Mitch McConnell, Moscow Mitch, let him off the hook.'”
The answer, dishonor "Trump by impeaching him, and blame McConnell when he is acquitted in the Senate." If this is done fast enough, it could lead to both T-rump and Moscow Mitch losing in 2020? The only other impeachment case, Bill Clinton, is not a good comparison, although it was during a Republican controlled Senate too. DB gives a good run-through that is worth reading, and of course there is a different SCOTUS Chief Justice, John Roberts.

Moscow Mitch blocking election security bill...

AlterNet says, "For most Democrats, beating Mitch McConnell in 2020 has become almost as important as defeating Donald Trump." Even non-Kentuckians probably feel this way about the tyrannical racist Moscow Mitch due to the way he has run the Senate as his own domain simply to thwart anything the Democrats try to accomplish. He has literally brought the U.S. Government to a standstill under his reign, starting with Barack Obama's administration.

Right now Moscow Mitch's approval ratings in his home state are 14%, and you wonder how anyone could win an election with numbers like that. Well, he did it in 2014 when he beat his challenger, Alison Lundgren Grimes, by over 15 points. Amy McGrath is running against McConnell in 2020 and you have to think, no matter how loyal these people are--a la Donald Trump supporters--they will too wake up and see what this moron is doing to our country.

Amy McGrath says Mitch McConnell must go...

The difference with Lundgren Grimes is that she was soft on everything Democrat like Obamacare, "even skirted answering a question about whether or not she had voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012." McGrath is coming on strong about just how bad Moscow Mitch has been for Kentucky and the country. As an example...
"McConnell blocked a measure that would have funded pensions and health care for coal miners in his home state of Kentucky, not long after steering almost the same Treasury Department funds to an aluminum plant linked to a Russian oligarch."
This is a clear connection between Mitch McConnell and the Russians, leading to more speculation he was involved with Vladimir Putin's hand in the 2016 elections to help Donald Trump win. Then you compound this with the fact that Moscow Mitch has fought and defeated all legislation to strengthen voting machine equipment across the country, and the charge that he is a Russian asset becomes the reality that it is.

We cannot afford another six years of the most corrupt politicians this country has ever experienced. Alongside Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell has brought the United States to the lowest point it has ever been, both domestically and internationally. But we can do something about both in just over a year, and if the current trend is any indication, the Democrats can expect the kind of results that will will rid us of the top two political scumbags.

Will Donald Trump make 2020 grisliest election ever?


A less than pretty 2020 election ahead? 

This what you want in 2020, folks?
Remember what Moscow Mitch said about Barack Obama's second term? His comment was that he would do everything to make him a one-term president. It didn't work and Obama won handily. In 2016 Donald Trump got down and dirty as only he could, he won, and it isn't likely he could stand losing in 2020. As a matter of fact, he is again talking about a third term, which probably sent his double-digit supporters into the streets.

Can anyone even imagine a second term with the Oval Office lunatic, much less a third? Alex Henderson in AlterNet says...
"As ugly as the presidential election of 2016 was, 2020 is likely to be even uglier. President Donald Trump does not want to go down in history as a one-term president, and a key part of his reelection strategy is trying to fire up his base as much as possible..."
Those are the double-digits, above, I was talking about. This is how he pumps up these pathetics...
"Trump tells four Democratic congresswomen of color they should leave the United States (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Rep. Rashida Tlaib), attacks the predominantly black city of Baltimore as a 'disgusting, rat- and rodent-infested mess' or claims that Jews who vote for Democrats are being 'disloyal' to Israel."
Trump significantly behind to four Dems...

Yes, that is the kind of rhetoric these mentally challenged people understand. And this is how Henderson says T-rump will do it...
1. There will be more racism: The Squad, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib, scenario will continue, and any other racial bigotry he can come up with.
2. More Hispanic harassment: The border wall, Latinos being hassled for speaking Spanish in public, jailing families at the border.
3. More emphasis on Evangelicals: In 2020, he will do everything imaginable to get far-right white evangelicals to the polls.
4. More voter suppression: "The last thing Republicans need in 2020 is a heavy turnout in Democratic parts of swing states, and as odious as the GOP’s voter suppression tactics have been, they will only get worse in the months ahead.
5. More violence: A recent Arizona newspaper headline read, “Could the 2020 election turn violent?" The answer was yes, due to the Trump White House encouragement of white nationalists
Bizarre moments with Donald dufus...

Keep in mind, the above is a compendium of how Donald Trump operates, a most pathetic conclusion when he heads up the most powerful nation in the world. But The Washington Post says, "Trump digs his own political grave," in a piece that points out once again the nuances of an individual that many think has reached a level of mental madness. The article places T-rump in a "somewhat feeble quality"...
"He makes the bare-minimum statement on the latest gun massacre, ducks a World War II commemoration in Poland on the grounds that he has to monitor the hurricane (but then plays golf and misinforms the public about the hurricane’s path) and eggs Vice President Pence to stay at the Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Ireland, raising once more the grotesque self-dealing and corruption that permeates this administration."
And the democrats just remain on the sidelines holding their reactions while "he’s in the midst of blowing himself up."  That's okay for now, but the Dems had better get off their butts soon and make hay of the deterioration of this maniac, or they/we will be dealing with him for four more years.

Donald Trump: The great betrayal


An anthology of Donald Trump follies...  

The absurd #45
If ever there was a news media's dream, it is Donald Trump's absurdities in the White House. They come so fast that they have to be collected in anthologies. This is one of those and includes some of the most recent stupid moves this maniac has made. The Congress can see this but does nothing because a GOP headed up by lowlife Mitch McConnell can only think of maintaining the power of the right wing radicals. Something that will soon change.

Now Trump's tariff trade war has finally caused a slowdown' among American small businesses. Business optimism hit a five-month low in August, this from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a lobbying group. Here's the situation...
"Pantheon Macroeconomics said in an email that the main optimism figure was "dragged down by declines in expectations for the economy and business sales." Both measures fell significantly, by eight points and five points respectively, Pantheon said."
"the trend remains weak and continues to signal a clear downshift in business investment through the end of this year and into early 2020."
These small business owners "are reluctant to make major spending commitments," in part due to Donald Trump's bizarre war on China with a steady increase in tariffs, which brings a like response from Xi Jinping.

Barack Obama knew the importance of small business to the economy...

The number of uninsured Americans for health insurance has increased under the Donald Trump White House.,,
"data suggest that the economic expansion, now the longest on record at more than 10 years, is still struggling to provide widespread benefits to the U.S. population."
Also, "household income rose last year at its slowest pace in four years and finally matched its previous peak set in 1999. There's more...
"Solid gains in household incomes in the past four years have returned the median only to where it was two decades ago. And despite strong growth last year in the number of Americans working full time and year-round, the number of people with private health insurance remained flat."
"An estimated 27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, went without health insurance in 2018. That was an increase of 1.9 million uninsured people, or 0.5 percentage point."
T-rump must be stopped before these numbers are completely out of control.

Chris Cillizza on Trump and Obamacare...

Donald Trump fired war monger John Bolton, or Bolton quit, according to him. No matter, we're rid of the guy who could have started World War III. Apparently Johnny 'finger on the button' had a rivalry with Mike Pompeo, Sec. of State, and the Oval Office lunatic didn't like some of his recent moves. This is how the Guardian sees it...
"The US president’s antipathy to globalism and multilateralism will remain but there will be a rebalancing towards Trump’s instinctive anti-interventionism, coupled with his penchant for personal diplomacy. At best, it may also lead to greater policy coordination between Washington’s national security agencies and, as a result, more consistent advice being handed to an often under-briefed president."
I think that might infer that John Bolton stood in the way of some national security briefings that weren't getting to Trump. Not sure what difference that made cause T-rump probably wouldn't read them, and, if he did, wouldn't understand them. If you are interested in Bolton's positions on Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran, Russia and No. Korea, suggest you read the article.

Read more 'Donald Trump Dumb' here

The 18th anniversary of 9/11


9/11, a day never to be forgotten...

2nd plane hits-1st smoke seen
We still remember those lost on that disastrous day September 11, 2001, when 2,977 people were killed, over 6,000 injured, as terrorists attacked New York city, Washington, D.C. and another plane supposedly headed for the White House brought down in Pennsylvania. Although it was eighteen years ago, the USA hasn't forgotten, and this post is in remembrance of the first responders and innocent people who lost their lives. Here's how the attack unfolded...

See more pictures of the destruction of 9/11

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