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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Republicans say the priority of Congress is national security and terrorism. The Dems say it's jobs creation and economic growth. As far as I know we are doing everything possible to prevent a terrorist threat, as evidenced by some recent captures of bad guys before they had the chance to act. We can't possibly know everything that's going on but Homeland Security seems to be doing its job. What we do know is that the GOP throws out the terrorism threat for basically two reasons. One, keep their electorate scared so they can drum up the issue during elections for votes. Two, if they can keep the American public anxious, they can pass more defense spending that goes right in the pockets of their supporters. For Republicans, terrorism was followed by the deficit and government spending, job creation and economic growth and religious and moral values. For the Dems, second was health care, climate change and then national security and terrorism. Take your pick but I would much rather live in a country of full employment, with the sick and needy taken care of and breathe air that won't asphyxiate me. Any of the three would probably kill me before any terrorist threat.

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