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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How to stop mass shootings with a computer model

September 3, 2019: PROGRESSIVE STREET NEWS BYTES...Where Liberals Walk

Second thoughts on a gun violence database  

Now that looks like a mass murderer
It's like anything else Donald Trump proposes, you question it immediately. Not in the same way lowlife Senate head Mitch McConnell reacts to Democrats' motions in Congress where everything is blocked. Trump denial is based on his first two years in the White House spewing lie after lie--10,000 since his inauguration--his perpetual bouts with instability which occur daily, and a general feeling by leading psychiatrists that the man is incompetent in his job.

Having said that, I published a post on September 1, "Trump to launch Big Brother to stop mass shootings." And I have to admit that my intentions were not totally focused on solving gun violence, but to point out where the Oval Office lunatic was trying to pry into the lives of innocent Americans. And then I saw this article in the local papers suggesting a FICO-like score that could predict what gun owners might be prone to gun violence.

I had just entered the direct marketing industry when the FICO score was being created. Actually had the opportunity to sit in on some meetings held at the then retail giant, Montgomery Ward. FICO works, not only for credit, but also for determining auto insurance rates for drivers. But the key to anything aimed at gun violence would be lifestyles; your wine preference; the books you read; if you are a coffee drinker; Are you a fitness freak; there are several hundred.

Charlie Manson who started it all...

And they are documented by several database companies in the U.S. That plus a multitude of demographic data is readily available. The next thing missing is data on guns by household, which would require a U.S. registry of guns that will certainly be repelled by most gun owners and the National Rifle Assn. But the most important factor in this formula will be getting individual online search behavior, which, like a gun registry, will be resisted.

With the combination of the four, an AI (artificial intelligence) computer model could be generated that would very possibly tell us the next location of a mass shooting, even those on an individual basis. It's a matter of combining the right variables to solve the problem. But it's all questionable whether most of this could be accomplished in a Republican environment. However, with the NRA on the ropes and on its way out, and a Democratic takeover in 2020, there's hope.

Wanna know more about artificial intelligence?...

Not sure whether this should be government run or private enterprise, but it will take the feds to assemble the data necessary, plus enact a law requiring everyone register their guns. No doubt this will be the major hurdle, an act that may also demand getting rid of Wayne LaPierre and his NRA. But both are a good thing. I personally have created AI models that were able to predict the customers for a mail order catalog that would spend the most money.

We will need to analyze the household characteristics of the mass murderers to date (around 50 since 2014) using the guns per household, demographics, and lifestyles, plus online surfing behavior. Building the AI model will have to determine two things. One, based on the appropriate variables, what is the area where the next mass shooting is most likely to take place? Two, which households are most likely to house the shooter?

Wouldn't it be nice to give it a try for the sake of our children and innocent adults?

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