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Friday, April 26, 2019

Mueller formulates plan to nail Donald Trump after White House

The perpetrator caught
Although questionable Justice Department guidelines say that a sitting president can't be indicted, Robert Mueller's just released report provides several guidelines to get Donald Trump when he is ejected from the White House in the 2020 election. Mueller's knowledge of the law gave him the background to assemble "an investigation into obstruction that could outlive President Donald Trump's time in the White House and his temporary immunity."

That means when T-rump is just another man on the street, law enforcement at all levels will be able to vigorously pursue the evidence provided by Mueller. One of the questions is, will Trump have enough money and legal power to fight off these attacks. In deciding how to approach the debacle...
"Mueller wrote that he was adhering to DOJ guidelines and also considered the 'burdens' an indictment would place on the President's ability to govern and respond to the allegations while in office."
That's nice, but when most of the country just wants to get rid of this ego maniac, it falls short of public expectations that want to get the United States back to normal again. People want a return to respect, something they haven't seen any of from the Oval Office lunatic. Mueller's wording in the report leaves the door open to "future criminal exposure for Trump when he is no longer in the White House." And there's much more...
"Trump's immediate criminal exposure is protected by his status as president and also by the decision of Attorney General William Barr, whom Trump appointed, to not bring a case." Convenient! Although Mueller did not pass along the investigation to Congress, he pointedly reminded it of their responsibility...
"a constitutional checks and balances role and can consider obstructive acts under its impeachment authority."
The House is now seriously considering impeachment since T-rump has refused to release his taxes. And the New York Attorney General has actively begun its investigation of Trump after Deutsche Bank turned over, "financial records related to its business with President Donald Trump." With everyone closing in, it appears that the fraudulent Donald Trump could soon meet his reckoning. And about time.

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