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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Donald Trump turns Singapore Summit into burlesque

The Donald Trump administration produced a movie about Trump, Kim Jong-un and a world being saved by these two maniacs. It is self-serving, of course, but the T-rump team takes that a bit further by portraying the Oval office lunatic as our next savior. Although he hasn't risen from the dead, and he doesn't have a cross, at least one we know of, he does have a devoted bunch of followers in numbers much more than twelve. Kim Jong-un is the great warrior that must make up his mind to join the master of peace.

This is a video you don't want to eat immediately before or soon after you watch it. Remember now, this is the President of the United States that feels he must resort to these theatrics to get a foreign leader who has been branded by the world as a madman to like him. But still, it is a movie you must watch because it will portray on a screen just how much this idiot some of you elected to the White House thinks of himself...

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