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Monday, January 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders nailed Sunday's debate

If you watched last nights Democratic debate you should be even more convinced that Bernie Sanders should and will be our next President. All the immaterial Republican candidates aside, this was a battle between three extremely well-qualified individuals that want to go to the White House in 2017. I say three because Martin O'Malley is now a shining star for the 2014 campaign, proving why he has remained in the 2016 race.

But the night was Bernie's and he made good use of it to point out the differences between his campaign and that of Hillary Clinton. It's all about change, which, by the way, is what put Barack Obama in the oval office in 2009. Bernie Sander's Revolution is catching on and Clinton can't cope with the fact that the American public sees a future in Bernie's Independent approach. Yes, he is truly the Independent the country has been waiting for that will set the two-party system on its heels.

As you will see in tomorrow's post, the Bern has already made great strides in So. Carolina but Sunday's debate should improve this even more.

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