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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Political Satire: Will Bernie Sanders sue Donald Trump

A lawsuit might just work against loudmouth
If anyone knows a fraud it is Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for the 2016 Primary along with Hillary Clinton. The Bern says Donald John is a fraud because he wants to "...undo financial regulations enacted following the 2008 financial crisis as a betrayal of his campaign promises to stand up against Wall Street." If there is anyone who stands up to Wall Street, it is Bernie Sanders. He said Donald Trump is a good showman but a hypocrite by deserting the middle-class voters after campaigning heavily on this issue.

Sanders sued the DNC so why not the President of the United States. The Bern would sue Donald John, on behalf of the workers of America, for breach of contract, citing his promises to them in his presidential campaign to stand his ground against the financial giants. The courts recognize some promises as legally sound for litigation, and considering the number of pledges Trump has already broken along with the numbers of lies uttered to prove his points, there is a natural precedent for the broken promise charge filing. I can see it now...
They probably wouldn't jail a sitting President but can't you see Donald John confined to the White House wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring his every move. At least Melania would know where he is then.
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