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Monday, September 3, 2012

Rep. AZ Gov Jan Brewer endorses Barack Obama for President; Too stupid to cover but unforgettable

Arizona’s mind-challenged governor, Jan Brewer, did it again, and this one, perhaps, tops them all.  With that typically goofy but spacey smile on her face she said: "I know that if President Obama is elected in November, which I hope that he is, that he will be able to come together with all of us and come up with a solution and I believe he will secure our borders and therefore we can resolve all those other issues; it's a simple matter,"  “Simple” is the correct term for Brewer.

Brewer finger-waving incident
If anyone needs the border secured around them it is Brewer; to keep her in her office where she can utter all the stupid remarks she wants without embarrassing Arizona.  Again.  One of her most famous flubs was the brain freeze—the brain part is questionable—when she floundered for 2 minutes in an opening statement to a debate with her challenger Terry Goddard.  This is considered rare since it is pre-prepared and supposedly rehearsed over and over.  Uh huh.

But ding-a-lings never learn, as evidenced by Brewer’s finger-wagging incident with President Obama on an Arizona airport tarmac that hit the international wires, making many out-of-staters wonder just who elected this political flunky.  I can tell you first-hand; a ding-a-ling group of voters, many of whom are racist, that support her because she signed into law the anti-immigration bill SB-1070, most of which has been gutted, the rest under legal attack. 

Jan Brewer endorses Barack Obama:

Brewer, following President Obama’s move extending temporary work permits to more than a million undocumented young immigrants, passed a directive that said this group could not get Arizona driver’s licenses that would allow them to get to work.  Called mean-spirited, it is plainly the work of an intolerant radical that is obsessed with the power of her office.  What Brewer has done is require Arizona to defend even more lawsuits that are already being planned.

And just following the 2-minutes seen around the world, Brewer insisted on doing it again for the American public and her eager, pathetic Arizona followers.  She exclaimed one bright and sunny day that decapitated bodies had been found by law enforcement agencies along the US-Mexico border.  Of course the claim was bogus and once again she cried out, “I misspoke.”  The state only inherited this bungler because Janet Napolitano left office to join Barack Obama’s cabinet.

Brewer announces headless
bodies in the desert
Once upon a time the Arizona Republic—very conservative—was touting Jan Brewer for Vice President; that’s before the primary narrowed down to Mitt Romney.  Now I am no expert on choosing VPs but in my estimation, this would have ended up a bigger disaster then John McCain’s Sarah Palin.  I even envisioned Brewer on the ticket with Rick Perry where they would outdo the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  Possibly even Laurel and Hardy.

In the Phoenix New Times James King said it is coffee spitting hilarity, if you read the Republic headline early in the morning with your first cup.  King did a poll at the end of his article asking, “Could Jan Brewer really become Vice President Jan Brewer?”  The voting answers were: “Yes,” “No” and “Kill me now.”  Yes and No pulled 7.2 percent and 26.3 percent, respectively.  Kill me now pulled a walloping 66.5 percent. 

It really says something when you’d rather join the deceased than live with Jan Brewer in Washington.  Unfortunately, progressive minded Arizonans are stuck with her until 2014.  She’s even considered a third term which is against the state constitution.  Now talk about revolt.

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