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Monday, April 1, 2019

Shoot black man first-Ask questions later

RACISM: Confront it-It's still rampant

This is the epitome of racism with the end result a completely innocent person's death. The victim was black. Not sure but think shooter was white. In the scenario a black teenager knocked on what he thought was his and his girlfriend's door at 12:30 AM, receiving no answer. Darryl Bynes, 32, inside the apartment,
didn't open the door, grabbed a gun and went onto his balcony to confront Omarian Banks, 19. After a short conversation, Bynes shot him and then told Police he shot Banks in self-defense.

Banks girlfriend, Zsakeria Mathis explained what she had heard while talking to Banks during the incident on FaceTime...
"I just hear faint voices and a gunshot, and then I hear him yell. And I heard all the fear in his voice and he was just, 'I'm sorry! I'm at the wrong door!' The man was like, 'No, you're not at the wrong door!' And he shot two more times and then it was silent."
 Darryl Bynes had not even been confronted face-to-face with Omarian Banks at this point. The latter was downstairs in the parking lot headed to his car, posing absolutely no threat to Bynes, but the gun nut shot the young man from his balcony in what appears to be cold blood. And it was all a huge mistake when Lyft let Banks off at the wrong apartment entrance and he was confused because he and his girlfriend had just moved in.

This all happened in Atlanta and Darryl Bynes is charged with murder.

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