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Friday, March 4, 2016

Shouldn't we listen to Vermont to tell us about Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders Vermont shop tattoo
Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane came home to some 4,000 screaming supporters congratulating him on his Super Tuesday success. And rightfully so since he carried the four most diverse states. And the Bern won 86% of the Vermont vote yielding all 16 of the state's delegates. Who in this country knows Bernie Sanders better than the people of Vermont? This man wins elections by tripling his opponents' vote.

From Mayor of Burlington to the U.S. Senate, Sarah A., a 10th-generation Burlingtonian said, “He put us on the map for more than just weed and Ben and Jerry’s.” The Revolution started in Burlington, and Rebecca Haslam exclaimed, now “We are at ground zero of the political revolution.” Poetry professor at the University of Vermont who co-wrote Sanders’ autobiography commented,
He has been dramatically important to the redefinition of the state.”

It is true that Vermont is a "tiny homogeneous state" almost all white but since starting his campaign, the Bern has shown the he can understand the problems of the black and Hispanic populations. His background in civil rights is not to be questioned. Besides, if you have the passionate urge to help people, all people, like Bernie Sanders does, and have 30 years in government experience to back it up, it would be hard to vote for anyone else for President. Right?

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