Saturday, May 2, 2015


In his first 24-hours in the race to be the Democratic nominee for president, Bernie Sanders raised over $1.5 million, outdoing all his Republican challengers. Hillary Clinton declined to release the figures on her first day. Now that's a good thing and very positive for someone who is relatively unknown, but Bernie has a long way to go. In 2012, Barack Obama raised $715,677,692 and spent $683,546,548. Mitt Romney raised $446,135,997 and spent $433,281,516. What his first day proves is that Sanders has an excellent base to which he can appeal and they are responsive. I do not know exactly how many Progressives there are in the U.S., but based on a series of reliable sources, I am projecting some 30 million. President Obama received a popular vote of 65,915,796 in 2012. So Bernie Sanders will need a portion of the balance of Democratic voters; some 40 million not necessarily considered Progressive. His chances are looking better each day.

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