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Friday, July 13, 2012

Is the “God Particle” the link between science and religion?

It probably depends on your relationship with God, and just how important the creationist theory is in your faith.  Beyond that, there is the belief in Christ that is necessary to be a true Christian.  Further, religious fundamentalism is an organized, militant Evangelical movement insisting on the inerrancy of Scripture.  Even more complicated is the term, “Rapture,” which is shared by many fundamentalists to explain the second coming of Christ.

Religion has become so diversified that it is impossible to define most religions today in the sense of where they originated.  Many will say this doesn’t matter as long as you stick to your beliefs, but there are others who search, even demand, that we discover the secret to creation and salvation.  Christians have the latter locked up in believing it is through Christ; agnostics are confident there is a God, but don’t buy deliverance through the Christ figure.

Higgs boson collider
And then came the Higgs boson discovery, better known as the “God Particle,” without which, scientists tell us, there would be no life in the universe.  But, The Economist reports, it does not explain creation itself.  I can imagine the church pulpits across the country, even the world, on July 8, trying to put this in perspective for their congregations, particularly Christian groups.  Unitarians, on the other hand, might find it interesting.

An Agnostic might say this is what I have been telling you all along.  Since this group does believe in a God of sorts, because they can’t comprehend of a universe this complex without a creative entity, Higgs boson could be the answer to many questions.  Supposition might go something like this: a deity created the “God Particle” and science took it from there in the form of the evolution of man.  The term “evolution” could even take on a more positive approach in religion.

Peter Higgs
Peter Higgs, who first proposed the Higgs boson theory doesn’t seem very impressed by the name it has been given, the “God Particle.”  Higgs is an avowed atheist and would probably not agree with what I have said.  To the atheist, it just happened, the “big bang” as some have identified it.  In their belief, they feel there is no need for the “divine crutch” to lean on to face death. 

We will most likely never bridge the gap between this ideology and passionate religious beliefs, but for most of us, the “God Particle” is the first step to help connect those who want to believe in some order of divine creation and those who are the religious fundamentalists.  This isn’t going to outdo the theory of evolution, but it will certainly give those thinkers who are interested in finding out who they are and why they are here a place to start.

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