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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gov. Jan Brewer makes Arizona cops jobs impossible…and other asinine achievements

For the U.S. governor that, every time you hear something about her you think you have heard everything dim-witted, Jan Brewer crops up again upstaging herself with new idiocies.  Actually this isn’t old, rather a new break in a past blunder like the anti-immigration legislation SB-1070.  The Supreme Court struck down all but the part where law enforcement has to check the immigration status of individuals thought to be in the country illegally, while enforcing other laws.

Nazis also asked for your papers
However, while letting that clause stand, the Supreme Court made it “explicitly” clear that this kind of enforcement could lead to civil rights violations.  Putting myself in the position of a Phoenix police officer, I wondered how I would react to stopping a car with a mixture of Caucasian, plus legal and illegal immigrants.  I wouldn’t know who was what, so what would I do, check everyone to be safe?  I know the cops are trained for this, but so are the Hispanics to uncover abuses.

Temple University law professor Peter Spiro who has followed the legal battles on SB-1070 says, “Further litigation is imminent.”  What that means is that once judged the country’s worst governor, Jan Brewer, by forcing this law through the Supreme Court, has put the state of Arizona in the position of having to defend dozens, maybe even hundreds, of lawsuits.  Her position is bewildering since 73% of Arizonans support the Dream Act, according to a recent poll.

Video on Arizona "Show me your papers" law:

But there is even more Brewer baloney.  One of her appointees, Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Hatch, had the audacity to lecture a female victim of groping by a drunk police officer, “If you hadn’t been there that night {a bar}, none of this would have happened to you.”  

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer on the job
And yes, the Republican National Convention where some pathetic delegates treated Gov. Brewer and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio like rock stars.  The media even begged these losers for interviews and delegates asked for autographs.  The reaction to the Bobbsey Twins in Charlotte was a multitude of boos.

But doesn’t supporting an outright, self-avowed racist, again, sort of give Brewer the credentials of a racist herself?   Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, who is running for Congress in Arizona, said Middle Easterners look like Mexicans and she doesn’t want them in the country “legally or illegally.”  Saucedor Mercer is a Hispanic immigrant herself who gained citizenship in 1991.  Even following the above statement, Brewer reconfirmed her support for Saucedo Mercer.

In the latest example of loose Arizona gun laws supported and signed into law by Jan Brewer, Tucson police raided the home of Douglas Atwood busting him for having drugs and weapons.  In the house were 96 firearms including assault rifles, shotguns, handguns plus thousands of rounds of ammunition.  Oh by the way, Atwood is a federally-licensed weapons dealer.

Dr. Richard Carmona, former surgeon general under GWB, is running as a Democrat to replace the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Jon Kyl.  The GOP, in their fight to retain the position, is trying to discredit the political credentials of the candidate.  But in the past Republicans, namely Jan Brewer and Kyl, tried their best to recruit him for office including Congress and the governor.

Someone with the right to
ask for our papers
And finally, Arizona did win the one exemption in the SB-1070 law to check immigrant papers, but the case has been made repeatedly that the fed’s challenges should have been over racial profiling.  The Supreme Court even commented that even after the papers portion of the law goes into effect, the door is till open to more Constitutional challenges.

I can just see the Phoenix cop now, with all of his or her training but still under severe pressure, asking for the papers of the wrong person at the wrong time.  It goes back to the racially-mixed occupants in the car, above, with so many decisions to be made on the spot.  Just one slip and here comes the feds with another lawsuit, this time over racial profiling.  And Arizonans have Jan Brewer to thank.

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