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Monday, June 18, 2018

Classified report proves Trump's N. Korean Summit failure

Oh God, what the hell am I doing?
If anything, Donald Trump gave up the store in his negotiations with Kim Jong-un at the Singapore Summit. An Israeli foreign ministry report says the meeting "left many open questions about how the two countries will pursue denuclearization." Published by Axios, "The Israeli foreign ministry report also says that the Trump administration backtracked on many of the demands it had said it would make in the run-up to the meeting with Kim." The general response from many nations and the American Congress is that N. Korea's intentions are less than what is expected by T-rump.

According to the classified report, the Oval Office lunatic has decided to make a move recommended by China last year but rebuffed, "to halt joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea while denuclearization, a proposal known as “freeze to freeze,” was a significant reversal of Washington’s previous position." N. Korean experts exclaim that...
"the agreement between the Trump administration and the regime of Kim Jong Un contained very few concrete plans of action."
I am definitely not a John McCain fan but the Senator is knowledgeable in foreign affairs and he disagreed with and criticized Trump for his handling of the meeting with Kim Jong-un. Specifically, "arguing that Trump was wrong to agree to suspend joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises." He expressed simply that T-rump got nothing in return for what he gave away, one of which was canceling the military exercises. We need something "concrete" re. denuclearization, and how about N. Korea's record on human rights, McCain commented.

Trump's decision to suspend military exercises worried even some of his supporters on Capitol Hill in that it, "undermines our security and alliances.” You have to wonder what the man is doing after all the abuse he directed at Kim Jong-un in the past like calling him a "rogue," "madman," "gangster," and "maniac," the latter one of the very words used to describe Donald Trump today. And after all the insults flung at Kim in rapid fire fashion, he comes home from the Summit calling the N. Korean leader, "very smart." That's for sure, the way he suckered T-rump into this Summit meeting.

The world is also asking, what the hell was Trump thinking when he saluted a N. Korean general when he was being introduced. I was in the Navy and was taught that you do salute rank, and as an enlisted man the officer always returned my salute. But doesn't this dufus know that he is the President of the United States, in a foreign country, and his salute might be interpreted as honoring the human rights atrocities of N. Korea? Sarah Sanders said it was courtesy but Chris Cillizza of CNN had this to say...
1) Trump didn't really know what he was doing. And that is because he admittedly made absolutely no real preparation for what was perhaps one of the most important foreign policy meetings the United States has ever participated in.
2) Trump knew exactly what he was doing. He was in a kissing ass mode, which he had initiated earlier to impress Kim, and his salute of the general was just follow up in keeping with "sending a message of respect to Kim."
Unfortunately, this is a summary of Donald Trump's success at the Singapore Summit...
“'Chairman Kim has told me that North Korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site,' Trump said in the wake of the summit in Singapore on June 12, without detailing which site Kim had pledged to dismantle. But an analysis by monitoring group 38 North revealed that there is still no evidence that North Korea is destroying anything."
Donald Trump was desperate for success at the Singapore Summit and it eluded him completely.


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