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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May shootings in U.S. show an astonishing increase over March and April

The figures are more alarming than April where there was a 37.5 percent increase over March.  In April there were 66 dead from 69 shootings.  The month of May gave us 90 shootings, 69 deaths with 131 wounded, the latter added in this report.  Doing the numbers, that’s another 30.4 percent increase in shootings, an increase of 3 deaths and scores wounded, some of which may have resulted in death by now. 

Guns are easily available to anyone at gun shows

In two cities, Chicago and New Orleans, I listed the shootings as “Multiple” due to so many unknowns by police.  When two major cities like these have a problem this severe, you must examine the gun culture.  Chicago and Illinois have some of the most stringent gun laws, New Orleans and Louisiana some of the loosest.  Since the Chicago dilemma seems to center around heavily armed gangs in the city, the obvious answer would be the proliferation of weapons.

In multiple shootings over the Memorial Day holiday, there were 10 deaths and 41 wounded.  The Day after Memorial Day, New Orleans experienced several shootings resulting in 3 deaths and 6 wounded.

But the figure that shocked me almost as much as the increased percentage in shootings was the 131 woundings.  Some of these were severe, life threatening, therefore possibly resulting in additional deaths by now.  How can an American citizenry look at numbers like this and not be horrified?  Especially after my recent post, “Canada Laws prove that gun control works,” illustrating the enormous difference in shootings and gun deaths between our two countries.

Now here are the grim statistics:

  • May 2, Dallas, TX, 2 dead, man and woman, fatally shot in an apartment.
  • May 2, Kissimmee, FL, husband suspected of shooting and killing his wife and another man and wounding his pregnant daughter.
  • May 2, New Orleans, LA, 3 people shot in three different incidents.
  • May 2, Gilbert, AZ, the infamous racist, neo-Nazi J.T. Ready family shootings leaving 5 dead including himself.
  • May 2, San Antonio, TX, 16-year-old girl shot in her front yard at her birthday party.
  • May 3, South San Francisco, CA, 3 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents shot while serving “high risk” warrants.
  • May 3, Carson, CA, 14-year-old shoots and kills his father in his home.
  • May 3, Ellicott City, MD, man shot and killed woman then believed to have killed himself.
  • May 4, Albion, MI, homicide shooting one block from a police station.
  • May 6, Cincinnati, OH, 6 wounded in shootings at a party.
  • May 6, Albion, MI, shots fired seriously wounding a man.
  • May 6, Plainfield, NJ, 3 shootings in area leaving one man dead and two wounded.
  • May 7, Pleasanton, CA, mother and daughter shot, expected murder, suicide.
  • May 8, Tulsa, OK, security guard and patron shot at night club.
  • May 8, Scottsdale, AZ, member at Scottsdale Gun Club accidentally shot himself in the chest and had life-threatening injuries.
  • May 8, Thornton, CO, son dead, dad in critical condition after shootings.
  • May 8, Yuma, AZ, shooting a trailer park leaves one man in serious condition.
  • May 8, Tunica County, MS, in the first Mississippi highway shooting, Nebraska man is shot to death on Interstate 55.
  • May 9, Mesa, AZ, man shot and killed by police after threatening another man with a gun.
  • May 9, Fort Carson, CO, 2 wounded by gunfire resulting from a car crash.
  • May 10, Miami, FL, police officer and immigration officer shot by carjacker who eventually shot himself.
  • May 11, Tunica County, MS, second Mississippi highway shooting killed woman.
  • May 11, Yuma, AZ, 2 people killed after road rage events called act of self-defense.
  • May 11, Oakland, CA, 1 man killed, 1 man wounded in East Oakland.
  • May 12, Page AZ, man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend.
  • May 12, Newark, NJ, 1 man shot and killed and security guard wounded at social club.
  • May 13, Harrison Township, OH, fight in club parking lot leaves 2 wounded.
  • May 13, Gainesville, FL, 2 people are wounded in a tent-city altercation.
  • May 13, Los Angeles, CA, Idaho wide receiver Ken McRoyal killed when attending a Hollywood party.
  • May 13, Buckeye, AZ, man dies from gunshot wound by suspected illegal immigrant.
  • May 13, Raytown, MO, jogger killed by passing car with no apparent motive.
  • May 14, Zanesville, OH, 18-year-old shot in the neck on street.
  • May 14, Tucson, AZ, man shot and wounded by neighborhood resident when he wouldn’t stop firing his own gun.
  • May 15, Port St. John, FL, 5 dead after mother shoots 4 kids, then herself.
  • May 16/17, Columbus, OH, 2 shootings a 2 days in close proximity, one connected to cocaine.
  • May 17, Louisville, KY, 3 people shot and killed and 3 others wounded in a two-hour gun spree.
  • May 17, Fort Wayne, IN, 2 Arizona men dead from different shootings in 2 neighborhoods.
  • May 18, Cape Girardeau, MO, 2 Arizona men dead from shooting that appears to be murder-suicide.
  • May 18, West Bloomfield, MI, 17-year-old fatally shot by his 74-year-old grandmother.
  • MAY 18, Phoenix, AZ, a man and his pit bull dog were shot and killed after a physical struggle for a gun/
  • May 19, Palmetto, FL, 2 drive-by shootings resulting in a police chase that ended with suspects’ car crashing into another car.
  • May 19, Phoenix, AZ, man killed in shooting believed to be related to sale and purchase of a stolen car.
  • May 19, New Orleans, LA, man wounded in Algiers section of city.
  • May 19, Philadelphia, PA, man shot and killed in No. Philly.
  • May 19, Philadelphia, woman shot and wounded in the neck and mouth.
  • May 20, Philadelphia, PA, man shot multiple times pronounced dead in southwest Philly.
  • May 20, New Orleans, husband accidentally shot his wife, also in Algiers section.
  • May 20, Louisville, KY, 2 off-duty officers wounded by gunfire close the location of prior-week deadly shootings.
  • May 20, Independence, MO, unidentified man killed inside a residence, one of five shootings this Sunday.
  • May 20, Plant City, FL, 4 people shot and critically injured in a vehicle.
  • May 21, Tempe, AZ, 2 men are dead in apparent murder-suicide.
  • May 21, Oklahoma City, OK, 8 people shot after NBA playoff game between the Thunder and the LA Lakers, one in critical condition.
  • May 21, Golden Valley, AZ, man fatally shot his girlfriend, and after barricading himself, shot himself.
  • May 24, No. Omaha, NE, 1 16-year-old dead and 15-year-old critically injured in two shooting.
  • May 24, Baltimore, MD, man shot and killed in East Baltimore.
  • May 24, Seattle, WA, father shot in head is dead in one of several Seattle shootings over just a few days.
  • May 25, Knoxville, TN, 2 men wounded by guns in East Knoxville.
  • May 25, Avondale, AZ, female in critical condition after shooting in high school parking lot.
  • May 25, Phoenix, AZ, man killed during argument at a house party.
  • Memorial Day Weekend, Chicago, IL,, 10 dead and 41 wounded from shootings throughout the city.  Most violent period was hour-and-a-half stretch early Sunday morning when 13 people were shot.
  • May 26, Seattle WA, man wounded in leg from shooting apparently meant for someone else.
  • May 26, Charleston, WV, shooter waved gun at pharmacy workers and is shot and killed by one of workers.
  • May 26, Tulsa, OK, 2 shot and wounded, both in serious condition.
  • May 26, Tulsa, OK, teen is shot and killed after her high school graduation.
  • May 27, Seattle WA, 4 drive-by shootings early Sunday morning.
  • May 27, Seattle, WA, home invasion left man with life-threatening gunshot wound in his chest.
  • May 27, Kansas City, KS, 4 shootings in six hours; 1 in apartment bldg., another shot on highway, man shot through window of jeep was critically injured, the fourth when an SUV pulled up beside man shooting.
  • May 27, Glendale, AZ, man arrested for reportedly injuring his girlfriend’s son and killing her cat with a BB gun, while intoxicated.
  • May 28, Chicago, IL, member of Coast Guard killed on South Side.
  • May 29, Phoenix, AZ, woman dead from shooting; husband suspected.
  • May 29, New Orleans, LA, 9 shot, 3 killed including 5-year-old at birthday party.  Woman actually killed on way to party.
  • May 30, Seattle, WA, 2 dead 3 wounded from shooting at local café.
  • May 30, Indianapolis, IN, man shoots to kill one, wounding 4, before fatally shooting himself.
  • May 31, Sacramento, CA, drive-by shootings at opposite ends of city.
  • May 31, San Bernardino, CA, one shooting, man shot multiple times in back but expected to survive.  The second shooting, mother and baby suffered minor wounds.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Canada Laws prove that gun control works

In its drive to open the world to more guns, the U.S. has now decided that our neighbors to the north are ripe for the picking.  Mexico remains lucrative but why not invade a country with sensible gun laws.  U.S. gun runners see a rewarding market in Canada where certain kinds of guns are hard to get because of stricter laws.  Criminal groups and terrorists up north are finding a ready supply of weapons smuggled from the U.S. by “straw” buyers from Michigan to Florida.

In the years 2007 to 2011, Canada submitted  6,574 guns to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for testing; a small amount compared to the 99,000 guns sent by Mexico.  However, virtually 100 percent of Canadian guns were traced to the U.S. with over half linked to a retail purchase as compared to Mexico where two-thirds were traced to U.S. manufacturers or importers, one-third to a U.S. retail purchase. 

Not allowed in Canada
The difference in violence between the two countries is obvious with the Mexican drug cartels wanting AK-47 assault weapons and the Canadians looking for handguns.  They are used by drug rings, Asian ethnic groups, Mafia types and motorcycle gangs.  The Canadian government decries the “comparative ease of gun purchasing in the U.S.  Former Toronto mayor David Miller commented: “For us, it's a river of guns flowing north."

Canada gun laws are specific in their regulations.  As an example, in Canada the right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law.  No automatic firearms or certain type of handguns and no automatic or assault weapons.  You must pass a background check, character references are required for a gun license, and records are maintained on gun ownership.  Also, you must re-apply and re-qualify for a firearm license every 5 years.  Training and testing are also required.

Now who could possibly find anything wrong with gun laws like this?  Easy, the thugs at the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) and their collection of a few million member bootlickers who bow to the organization like the Oceania subjects to Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.  It’s pathetic but NRA head, Wayne LaPierre, has these poor souls right where he wants them.  Sitting at the kitchen table making out checks to his group of goons.

And get this…you cannot carry a concealed weapon in Canada unless you are a part of law enforcement.  What will all those helpless people on the street do when they have no NRA gun totin’ protection against the hordes of bad guys that are always lurking in the shadows to do them harm?  Should American concealed carry nutcases come across the border to rescue those in distress?  Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter.

And here are some figures that will blow your mind.  I would like to see you gun worshippers deny these facts.  In the last year that numbers are available, 2009, Canada had a total of 173 gun homicides compared to 11,493 in the U.S.  OK, you said the U.S. population is much greater than Canada’s and you are right.  Deaths per 100,000 people in the United States were 3.7 compared to only 0.5 in Canada.  Figures don’t lie.  Canada is safer with stricter gun laws.

There have been changes in the Canadian firearms program.  One, you no longer must register non-restricted firearms.  And it was decided to destroy all existing non-restricted firearms records.  In case you are not familiar with Canadian gun laws, non-restricted firearms are rifles, shotguns, and any not referred to in the restricted category.  Isn’t it interesting that these people have actually registered their handguns and no one has taken them away yet?

NRA storm-trooping membership
So we’ve covered all the bases when it comes to sane gun control and proved without doubt that you can have gun laws that restrict gun ownership and still not have all-out gun violence on the streets.  It is clear that a civilized country can still pass and maintain gun control laws that work, something that has to be initiated by its government.  Are Canadians just smarter than Americans, or is it just a higher level of common sense?  Whatever the case, it works.

If I had to put my finger on the U.S. problem it would be firmly pointed at the NRA.  With their lobbying expertise, gun manufacturers that keep the till full, and a slew of loyal, if neurotic, members, they have pushed this country to the point where killings by guns is an accepted daily occurrence.  All this is compounded by an inept Congress that is scared to death of Wayne LaPierre and his NRA bullies.  The final blow is the fact that these screwballs think they are right.

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