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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hating has turned into a popular participant sport

Compliments Marlith
There is a poll taken that asks the question, “Which celebrity do you hate the most?” and is produced by California-based E-Score Celebrity.  You’d think we had had enough of this kind of crap for a lifetime with a Congress that outwardly hates each other.  As man example, in Arizona the high level of animosity toward Hispanics and just anyone who is different is prevalent all over the state. 

It was in November of 2006 that Michael Richards of “Kramer” Seinfeld fame who went bonkers on the stage of the West Hollywood Laugh Factory club, when an African-American heckler got under his skin.  In a 3 minute tirade, he used the “F” and “N” words repeatedly against the man.  It was so bad that the majority of the audience left, repulsed by the action.  It’s all on video you can see here.

But you’re still wondering about that “Hate” poll;” well, the winner was Casey Anthony, the 25 year-old woman that was tried and acquitted for killing her little girl.  She is currently hiding out and, perhaps, not even aware that she is the “Most Hated” person in the U.S.  Former The Hills reality TV star Spencer Pratt came in second, Nadya Suleman, the unemployed California woman that popped octuplets in 2009 to add to the 6 she already had was third, and O.J. Simpson was fourth.
I decided to Google “Most hated in Arizona,” since that state has such a bad reputation in the “abomination” category, and you’ll never guess what I got.  A FacebookGroup page with the blazing headline, “The Most Hated Women in USA Mrs Jan Brewer The Governor of Arizona.”  Other sites found in the search were, “Arizona, most hated state in the Union” and last but certainly one of the most interesting, “The third most hated Senator John McCain of Arizona.
It’s time to put all this nonsense to rest.
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