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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NRA's Dana Loesch blames San Bernardino gun massacre on terrorists neighbor

Dana Loesch armed
Apparently the NRA's head, Wayne LaPierre, is too much of a coward to face the public after the San Bernardino bloodbath where 14 innocent people were gunned down by various weapons including assault rifles. Instead, he sends a pathetic Dana Loesch to do his dirty work in a video "proudly" sponsored by Kimber, a purveyor and manufacturer of guns.

Loesch, a conservative radio host, rails at the "Godless left" but then attempts to lay the blame for the massacre on the neighbor of Sayed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik. It is apparently the neighbor's fault because she was suspicious of the couple but did not want to profile them. Loesch's crazed, downright irrational rantings mirror the current state of conflict within the National Rifle Assn. and the kind of demented spokespeople that support the organization.

And then Salon comes out in an article today saying Dana Loesch has completely lost it and calls her a gun nut. The article describes her performance as a "...vile NRA-backed video linking San Bernardino mass-shooting to every GOP bogeyman." One has to wonder if all conservative radio and TV hosts, starting with Rush Limbaugh, aren't mentally challenged, bordering on actually being psychopaths.

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