Sunday, January 31, 2021

This country is lost until...


We get rid of radical Republicans like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene...

Is there any doubt that "incendiary language from President Donald Trump and his enablers led to the violent insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6?" I think not and most level thinking Americans will agree. The Washington Post says...

“More than six in ten Americans (64%) now say that Trump has encouraged white supremacist groups, compared to 57% in September 2020.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Donald Trump clone who recently exclaimed that Trump was still supporting her, on her side. And can you believe...
"only 35 percent of Republicans are willing to hold white supremacists — the ones who paraded through the Capitol with Confederate flags, wearing “Camp Auschwitz” shirts and threatening to murder then-Vice President Mike Pence — responsible for the attack."

But I may be way off here. Targeting only radical Republicans may be a mistake. The way the GOP has turned tail and is now sucking up to Donald Trump again points out the fact that none of them can be trusted. That's right. Let's get rid of all Republicans. Read more...

Has the NRA been laying the groundwork for the deadly Capitol riot for years?


The NRA, led by head gun nut, Wayne LaPierre, is capable of anything to further their cause of putting more guns on the street. In spite of the gun violence over the years, LaPierre regularly whips up his base of double-digit gun huggers to buy more and more guns. There are 390 million guns out on the streets of a country of 329 million people. Pathetic! Nick Suplina, managing director for law and policy at Everytown for Gun Safety says...

"The violence that we saw at the Capitol, the firepower that they brought with them, may not have been part of the NRA's call. But they're responsible for getting us to this moment."

The ideology that guns will solve the problems confronting this country and the fact that the 2nd Amendment is sacred is pure bullshit and should be exposed for what it is. Suplina continues...
"They should not be allowed to distance themselves from the Frankenstein monster that they've created. This is the NRA's handiwork. Years of conspiracy peddling, fear-mongering that the government is going to come take your guns and your freedom, and the call upon Americans to do something about it, to take action, that's what we saw on Jan. 6..."

And the worst is not over, according to those who know. These maniacs are still planning violence, and it could be worse than we saw at the Capitol. Read more...

Wiggles desperately looking for a forever home

Please tell everyone. I just want to live.

Wiggles has been in the St. Louis animal shelter for 14 years, and, although well taken care of, she would love to go home with someone, spending the rest of her life in a loving home.

Wiggles has a large tumor that can't be removed due to her age. But, "despite having those issues, the shelter said Wiggles is a sweet girl and loves everyone." She would make a great companion for anyone looking for a furry friend. Read more here.

Just call 618-466-3702 in Godfrey, IL, or go their site here.


Monday, January 25, 2021

Animals deserve a good life

Please tell everyone. I just want to live.


Did you know the average "holding period" for animals at your typical Humane Society before they are euthanized is only 5 to 7 days? Some may hold them longer but that would be out of the goodness of their hearts. This does not include animal rescues, which are no-kill organizations; these are non-profits and welcome your donation. What I am leading up to is you might consider visiting your local Humane Society when you are ready to adopt a dog or cat.

Charlie Boy and Croissant are in the Jackson County, Michigan Animal Shelter, 3770 Spring Arbor Road, a shelter/rescue, but each is in a special needs situation that requires the right forever home. Charley Boy is a 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who is totally blind but still lives his life and doesn't cause him to be worried and afraid of new people. We had a blind cat and it was amazing how she managed to navigate our house, learning most of this on her own. says, "Croissant is a 6-year-old male cat who is big and beautiful just like a fancy French pastry. Croissant’s owner died and he was left abandoned in the house." Croissant likes people, and with a little cuddling and re-socializing, he will be a great pet for the right family. For those of you living in the Jackson, Michigan area, here are some specs. from Jackson County Animal Shelter...
"A meet-and-greet with a dog is mandatory. A cat room walk-through is available to test reaction. The dog adoption fee is $150 for medium and large dogs and $200 for puppies and small dogs, which includes vaccinations, microchip and sterilization."

"Cat adoption fees are $60 for one cat, $80 for two, which includes applicable tests, vaccines and spay/neutering."

Read more here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


Only one day left and apparently Donald Trump is afraid of legal repercussions if he pardons himself, family, and Republican Congress members who helped incite Capitol riots. Now, just go away tomorrow T-rump, and let Joe and Kamala fix what you have done.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


Only 2 says let and Trump hasn't pardoned himself yet. Will he?

Latest News Digest/Page 3

Capitol riots enablers Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley of Missouri, already the target of congress for helping to incite the Capitol riot, have...
"frantically searched for a political sweet spot: They’ve tried to condemn the violence without retracting or apologizing for their active role in sustaining the big lie that incited it."

But the horror is actually seen in the video that accompanies this piece. Scroll down for the video and, folks, it is a MUST WATCH! Here's the article: Appalling new video of the rioters is a big problem for Trump’s GOP enablers

Trump is headed for debtors prison when he leaves office. In the same period of time he spent hallucinating in the Oval Office, loans in the hundreds of millions of dollars will come due, and there may be nowhere to go for more. The Hill says debt holders have...
"backed away from business arrangements with the Trump Organization, sapping future income from the debt-laden president. Three banks have announced they’re cutting ties with him — including Deutsche Bank, his biggest creditor — limiting his ability to refinance debt."

There's more...

"Trump owes creditors at least $315 million, mainly through mortgages for Trump Organization hotels, resorts and golf courses, according to his 2020 financial disclosure. A Forbes analysis of Trump’s finances, however, found that Trump likely owes at least $1 billion to creditors, some of which he has personally guaranteed."

The financial industry is calling him,  'Toxic Trump. Read more:  Debt cloud hangs over Trump post-presidency


Donald Trump met with his elite advisory duo, Ivanka and Jared, to discuss some 100 pardons he has planned including...
"white-collar criminals, high-profile rappers and others. It will likely include some pardons aimed at advocating for criminal justice reform, as well as controversial pardons for political allies."

Reportedly, there are those who have paid for pardons. Business as usual. Read more: Trump preparing another 100 pardons, commutations beforeleaving office: reports

Billy Graham was a religious icon that most anyone could admire, even atheists. His son, Franklin Graham, on the other hand, has a twisted mind that has led his followers down the trail of Donald Trump idolatry. Although Graham said after seemingly criticizing Capitol rioters, "I don't think it was the president's finest moment." Then, the article exclaims...
"But Graham said he doesn't expect the tumult at the Capitol to deter evangelical Christians from supporting Trump."

There's more...

"I don’t think he had any understanding in that moment of what was going to take place," he said. "None of us did."

Franklin Graham, like so many of his pathetic religious followers, have helped make Donald Trump the maniac he is today. And this is why so many Americans have left the church. Read more: Evangelicals and other faith leaders still support Trump after deadly US Capitol attack

Time for a quick compendium on Donald Trump's lies racked up in his four years in the White House. AlterNet leads with this...

"For the last four years, fact-checkers have had their hands full keeping up with President Donald Trump's unprecedented level of dishonesty. While The Washington Post reported that Trump had delivered more than 22,000 false or misleading claims..."

The article calls Trump's dalliance with untruths a "disgraced president's" tweeting claims that likely had something to do with the outcome of the 2020 election. We're thankful for that and there's much more. Read the article: Here are the most dangerous and notable lies Trump spewed during his presidency

Arizona Republican representative Andy Biggs is the scumbag of this state's lowlife GOP. Biggs, along with twin scumbag Paul Gosar actually wrote a letter to Donald Trump in 2019. "reinforcing their support for the president’s desire to spend billions of tax dollars on a border wall." Today, Biggs has been accused of being part of the recent Capitol riots. The rep. denies but...
"Ali Alexander, who led rallies nationwide to try to overturn the results of the presidential election, called Biggs a hero of the movement during the rally at the Arizona Capitol and led a chant in his name."

Another GOP jerk to dump in 2022. Read more: New videos emerge tying Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs to 'Stop the Steal' movement

The time has finally arrived where it is likely that this country will find out whether Bernie Sanders' Progressive agenda is feasible. The Ps know it is and some moderates think there are possibilities. My gut tells me that President-elect Joe Biden, deep down, believes in Bernie as his Chairman Senate Budget Committee, and is convinced his issues can help this country. God knows it needs help after Donald Trump. Yet Republicans see a nightmare...
"that a champion of working-class people and the common good—one who has dedicated his political career to curbing poverty and injustice while denouncing corporate greed, endless war, and the cruelty of a for-profit health system that leaves millions upon millions uninsured or without affordable access to care—would assume the powerful position of chairing the Senate Budget Committee is about to become reality."

Go get 'em Bernie. Read more: GOP nightmare of Senate Budget Chair Bernie Sanders is about to come true

Republican fears just might come true. Donald Trump could well be the defining factor that the GOP is so misguided and corrupt that it no longer deserves the right to exist. At least as it is. It started with Karl Rove in the Geo. W. Bush administration where lying and deceit became staples for the Party. The progression of fabrication of the truth compounded by the GOP's corruption provided T-rump the perfect 'welcome wagon' he needed. But...
"The last four years under President Donald Trump's leadership have been tumultuous for politics but the end of Trump's reign has dealt a hefty blow to the Republican Party."
And now after the Capitol riots, incited by Donald Trump, we are going into a modicum of quietude under our new president, Joe Biden. With Kamala Harris at his side, the hopes for this country are once again optimistic. And if the Republicans implode, well, it couldn't happen to a better gang. Read more: Some in the GOP worry the party will not survive after 4 years of Trump


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Latest News Digest/Page 2


Remember the early days of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign when no one thought he could win, even top politicians short-changed him: Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) confidently explained how Trump was "not going to change the platform of the Republican Party, the views of the Republican Party… we're much more likely to change him." Uh huh. Moscow Mitch turned out to be his biggest cheerleader. Read more: Republicans knew they were making a deal with the devil — now they're paying for it

Donald Trump can add to his list of deplorable acts in his lifetime the fact that he is the "only American leader in a century with more than 400,000 deaths from one event on his watch." From the very first denying day, Killer D led the U.S. down the path of decimation from COVID-19. And now after his 2nd impeachment Donald Trump still believes he did the right thing. Pathetic! Read more: 'Blood on his hands': As US nears 400,000 COVID-19 deaths

Remember that commercial, "Where's the beef?" Today the cry is 'Where's the vaccine?' Donald Trump made promise after promise to get Americans vaccinated now to slow down the surge of coronavirus. That's after bungling the pandemic from the beginning. Here's a quote from the Oregon Gov., "I am demanding answers from the Trump Administration. I am shocked and appalled that they have set an expectation on which they could not deliver, with such grave consequences," This says it all. Read more: 'Deception!': Oregon governor slams Trump --revealing 'there is no federal reserve' of vaccines

Donald Trump has been impeached twice and stands at the threshold of being convicted by the Senate. Trump is in the throes of "political, financial, and legal setbacks that cumulatively spell utter ruin." It is unreal just how many people wait in utter hopeful anticipation for that day. Read more: Trump Is on the Verge of Losing Everything

To begin with the Constitution's case of checks and balances has not worked for Donald Trump. "On January 6, 2021, the head of the executive branch, Donald Trump, incited a mob to attack the legislative branch and then did nothing to stop it." And the likelihood of the Senate convicting Trump after his second impeachment seems limited. And this is only the latest of the Oval Office lunatic's string of corruption over the last four years. Read more: The case against Donald Trump – simplified

Donald Trump comes in gangbusters with the GOP with top ratings even after the Capitol riots. Analysis: 87% of Republicans are morons, idiots, imbeciles...there are more descriptions but don't have the time to spend on this trivia. A new poll "found that 43 percent of voters nationwide gave Trump a positive job approval rating." Is there any hope for this country? Read more: Trump approval remains stable in new NBC poll...

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


Only 6 days left to ridding this country of a traitor and insurrectionist. 

Wild West Trump lovin' store owner pulls gun on customer over mask

I live in Cave Creek, Arizona where the cowboys, and non-cowboys as well, pack heat. We're a suburb of Phoenix where you'll find hundreds of gun packin' citizens walking the streets, some of which with absolutely no training for the weapon they can carry wherever they go. Even bars. And, Arizona is ranked at the top when it comes to road rage shooting, Phoenix itself 7th in the nation. Although there is a connection, guns are not the real subject of this post.

There is a store in Cave Creek by the name of Teeslanger, just up the road from where I live. I have no idea what the name Teeslanger means and that really isn't important in the meaning of this post. It is about the store's owner, Scott Cerkoney, who pulled a gun on a customer just because he was wearing a mask for protection, when in fact masks are required in Maricopa County where the store is located. Here's the account from The Foothills Focus...

"Upon entry, the man said Teeslanger’s owner, Scott Cerkoney, told him to leave. Cerkoney got in the face of the victim, who did the same to the shop owner. The man said Cerkoney then pulled a gun on him, demanding he leave, as confirmed by statements from witnesses and in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office report."

This is one of Cerkoney's unbelievable statements: "You need to leave my store right now, I do not allow people to wear masks." This moron doesn't allow people to wear the protective piece that is proven to save lives in the COVID-19 pandemic, recommended strongly by the CDC, and required by a mandate from Maricopa County. There is a sign at the store entrance, forbidding masks and that declares, “This virus was a weapon used by the Democrats to steal an election!”

"MCSO alerted Maricopa County Public Health and the Arizona Department of Health Services regarding Teeslanger's no mask policy." However, Arizona's governor, Doug "Dufus" Ducey, has repeatedly ignored the complaints against store owners like Cerkony, which is one reason the state is ranked highest in the world for its coronavirus chaos. It another reason the virus has produced 4,944 new cases today, 152 deaths.

Confirmation from county officials...

Teeslanger’s no-mask policy is a “direct violation of the Maricopa County face-covering ordinance,” said Will Humble, the Arizona Public Health Association’s executive director. He is the former Arizona Department of Health director.

Humble further: he described the county’s mitigation measures as “paper tiger ordinances,” explaining how many businesses defy executive orders and mask mandates without enforcement or repercussions. Thanks again to Trump's clone, Doug Ducey, who has chosen to lead Arizona in the same direction as the White House maniac did the nation. And that is why the U.S. has 23,805,620 cases as of today and 397,284 deaths.

Following the same line, Arizona has 649,040 cases, 10,855 deaths. Humble has another comment about people like Cerkony and top officials of Arizona...

“Lots of people out there like that, and he’s getting away with it,” Humble said about Cerkoney. The store owner “will continue to get away with it because there’s no enforcement in the state by design, by the governor, Dr. (Cara) Christ—and you can print that,” Humble added.

Here's more...

Teeslanger is located in Prickly Pear Plaza and sells a variety of souvenirs, including politically themed T-shirts with phrases like “Take your COVID-19 and shove it…” and “Votes Don’t Matter,” as well as “MAGA” merchandise. Outside of the store is a replica of President-elect Joe Biden’s head on a pole that guests can punch.

There's much more to read about this anti-masking lunatic in The Foothills Focus. And I'll let you know when they put this double-digit gun nut and anti-masker away.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


After yesterdays Donald Trump incited riot, he should not make it to Jan. 20.

You think coronavirus is bad, let me tell you about the after effects


The CDC's Dr. Anthony Fauci has all but demanded that the American public wear a mask, and stay at a distance of at least six feet when in a social gathering. He couldn't demand it under non-believer Donald Trump, but we got the message. At least those of us who have asserted the mentality to believe the scientists who have been proven to be correct with the facts over and over. Fauci and his peers have taken it further by warning against gathering in large numbers.

However, the mentally challenged non-believers continue to startle those of us daily who are confident just how bad the pandemic is. In the U.S. alone as of today, there have been 21,800,681 COVID-19 cases, 369,135 deaths. Folks, that's over 350 million fathers/mothers, brothers/sisters, grandfathers/grandmothers, uncles/aunts and just friends who have died unnecessarily because Donald Trump and his gang of incompetents failed to address the pandemic.

Here's a headline from GBH News that puts this all into perspective: "How Many Have To Die Before Nonmask Wearers Realize The Pandemic Is Not A Joke?" And what these people don't take into consideration--probably due to their impaired mentality--is the fact that not wearing a mask could lead to the death of others, even family and friends. And then there are those who say, "It's only a virus." Stupid as it may seem, this concept is shared by many non-believers. 

Yes, it is a virus that, aside from its infectious nature requiring a possible hospital stay to shed the infection, has potential long-lasting effects that make it much more than "just an infection." An article in Elemental, "The Long-Term Health Impacts of Being Infected With the Coronavirus," talks about just that. Keep in mind now, this is well after you have suffered though the infectious stage of the virus, which can be agonizing, according to survivors.

There is plenty of talk out there about catching the virus and potentially dying from it but not as much about the after effects following initial stage recovery. You're better now and you didn't die so you're home free. Afraid not. Elemental, a new science-backed health and wellness coverage publication, says...

"There is growing concern about the potential long-term consequences of Covid-19, with reports of symptoms lingering for weeks and even months."

First concern, your lungs... 

"The good news is that if your symptoms are relatively mild and you don’t need to be hospitalized, there are good reasons to believe you’ll make a full recovery."
However, Albert Rizzo, MD, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association, says there is a risk of scarring and more permanent lung damage in people who are hospitalized and ventilated.

Next, your heart...

"Over the past two months, one of the deadliest effects of Covid-19 that has emerged is its impact on the heart.

“'I think what is clear is that there are a number of different [cardiovascular] manifestations of Covid-19,' says Mariell Jessup, MD, chief science and medical officer of the American Heart Association. “Some people are getting this heart attack looking syndrome, some people are getting this myocarditis kind of syndrome, and some people are just getting garden-variety heart failure in response to an overwhelming pulmonary infection."

The brain...

"There is mounting evidence that SARS-CoV-2 also impacts the brain. In a study of 214 Covid-19 patients, one-third experienced neurological symptoms, including dizziness, headache, and cognitive impairment."

The body's immune system... 

"Another consideration is how SARS-CoV-2 could impact a person’s risk for other infections. In a recent study, researchers found that 20% of people with Covid-19 were also infected with other viruses, including influenza, rhinovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus."

And don't forget your overall well-being...

"A final consideration is the consequence of hospitalization or weeks of being bed-bound on the body’s recovery. The consensus is that the worse someone’s health was before they got infected and the more severe their coronavirus infection was, the longer it will take them to regain their strength."

Rizzo says “It can take months to a year for some of that recovery to occur. But as you might suspect, it’s going to vary from individual to individual, again based on what was their condition prior to that care and how severe was their case." The point is that we have a new variant of the virus which is supposed to be significantly more transmissible, thus, more cases and more deaths. More on that coming up in a new blog.

The general consensus is practice the virus guidelines and stay as far away from COVID-19 as you can. Three is so much more in this article that you should read.


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


Dems could win the Senate today which would make Joe Biden's job so much easier when he goes into the White House in 14 days.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


Sincerely afraid we won't get rid of the 'reverse the election' wackos even after Jan. 20, when Joe Biden takes over the White House.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Countdown to January 20, 2021


GA Atty. Gen. could prosecute Trump for Sec. State illegal phone call in just 16 days...

Donald Trump self pardon could prevent Raffensperger and other federal prosecutions


There is a recording of a one-hour phone call this past Saturday between Donald Trump and the Georgia secretary of state, Republican Brad Raffensperger. Trump wants him "to 'find' enough votes to overturn his defeat," according to the Washington Post. Some of the conversation...

"Trump alternately berated Raffensperger, tried to flatter him, begged him to act and threatened him with vague criminal consequences if the secretary of state refused to pursue his false claims, at one point warning that Raffensperger was taking 'a big risk.'”

Raffensperger, along with his office's general counsel...

"rejected Trump’s assertions, explaining that the president is relying on debunked conspiracy theories and that President-elect Joe Biden’s 11,779-vote victory in Georgia was fair and accurate." 

And in a Guardian editorial, a headline, "The US president is seeking to bring down a system that defeated him." Yes, just because it defeated him and this baby boy is not used to losing. This malarkey has been going on for weeks, starting with the overwhelming results of the November 2020 election. The Guardian says "T-rump has, "manufactured a controversy purely to maintain power and to overturn a legitimate election."

He can't take a beating, especially losing by 7 million popular votes to Joe Biden, an Electoral College victory of 306 to 232. There are calls out to arrest Ted Cruz for sedition because of his antics to overturn the election. Then there is Louis Gohmert who makes an open call for violence as 11 more Republican senators sign on to the sedition plan. And just keep in mind, this whole scenario has been popularized through the authoritarian actions of Donald Trump.

T-rump cannot stand to lose, flailing and tweeting almost hourly on conspiracy theories of how the election was fixed, and filing lawsuits which have been repeatedly denied by the courts. The Guardian tells us why...

"After all, Mr. Trump has not been punished for his transgressions against tradition, decency and the law. Instead, he has been rewarded. He thinks he can get away with almost anything. The Republican party has only itself to blame for incubating Trumpism, a parasitical ideology that threatens to take over the host."

Yes, Republicans are 101% responsible for the insane antics of Donald Trump. The GOP leader of the Trump parade is Moscow Mitch McConnell, himself one of the most corrupt politicians that have ever come to Washington. Yet McConnell was recently sent back to head the Senate, and Donald Trump, with millions of supporters, is talking about running again in 2024. However, if he continues to break the law as with Raffensperger, he'll have to run from jail. 

Conservative talk radio is the talk of the misguided

  There is no question that conservative talk radio has been and still is in the forefront of that genre. It is so well developed and consta...