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Friday, March 2, 2012

What U.S. company do you hate the most?

In today’s environment where big business is focused entirely on profits, it would be near impossible to determine just how many companies are hated for their lack of concern for their customers.  But
24-7 Wall St
, through “substantial” research, has determined those that are “loathed” the most.  Their results are based on customer care and satisfaction and the way the company conducts its business, such as profits, earnings, products development and brand valuations.

According to MSN Money, online businesses take a big hit with their unhappy number of enemies, no doubt due to the fact that much of the time it is impossible to reach someone for satisfaction.  This compared to smaller companies with less customers.  There’s also the current economic situation where employers have had to fire or lay off their workers.  A large variety of sources were used to determine the results, which you can see in the above link.

The results are arranged in no particular order and here are the
24-7 Wall St.
5 most hated companies.

Facebook's Mark zuckerberg

1.    Facebook: There are 800 million online users of this social network so there is plenty of room for unrest.  It is no doubt that a great deal of the problem is the arrogant founder Mark Zuckerberg’s flamboyant attitude toward his customer’s privacy.  “Facebook has the lowest customer satisfaction score from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.“  The company’s customer service was described as poor by 25.9 percent of users in 2011.
2.    American Airlines: This airline has had its problems, currently being in bankruptcy, having lost $234 million in January.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal, American was picked as the worst airline for customer service by the annual Middle Seat scorecard.  “For the past five years, American has been among the worst three airlines at on-time performance.”  They are at the bottom of the American Customer Satisfaction Index with a score of 63.
3.    AT&T: JD Power gave them the lowest score in their wireless customer care performance.  The feds accused them of trying to form a monopoly with the buyout of T-Mobile and Consumer Reports gave them their lowest satisfaction rating for cellphone standard service providers.  MSN-Money-IBOPE Zogby International says that 26 percent of AT&T’s customers rate their service as poor.
4.    Nokia: Unhappy shareholders here with market share dropping repeatedly with their stock declining 50 percent this past year.  The company was tied for lowest overall satisfaction in JD Powers 2011 Wireless Traditional Mobile Phone Satisfaction Study and also received the lowest ACSI score for wireless telephones.  Interbrand reports that Nokia’s brand value has dropped 15 percent from last year.
5.    Goldman Sachs: You knew we had to get around to Wall Street with this company one of the largest offenders during the financial crisis.  The government sued GS for fraud in 2010.  Fraud accusations continued with two lawsuits for selling mortgage products valued at $15.8 billion. The Federal Housing Finance Agency just this past Fall made another accusation that Goldman Sachs embellished the quality of $11.1 billion of another group of mortgage-backed securities.

Later, the next five most-hated companies according to
24-7 Wall St.
and reported by MSN Money.

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