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Monday, October 3, 2022

Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis Threatens Looters With 2nd Amendment


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis makes the uninformed statement in the aftermath of hurricane Ian that it wasn't heading to Ft. Meyers, where it was definitely aimed and there was extensive destruction, but rather to Tampa. Florida Attorney General candidate Daniel Uhlfelder has spent the weekend sounding the alarm against these comments...
"claiming that it was well-known where the storm was headed and well in advance. He told Raw Story on Sunday that he thinks DeSantis was too distracted to better prepare for the storm."


And then, "There are indications that Lee County's (Ft. Myers) comprehensive emergency management plan was ignored." Apparently Lee County didn't order evacuations until Tuesday with Ian due to hit on Wednesday. This while other nearby jurisdictions took such action one or two days earlier.

DeSantis Puts Looters On Notice After Hurricane Ian...

And in an attempt to save his credibility, DeSantis told looters they had better stay away from Ft. Myers because Florida is a 2nd Amendment state. In effect admitting that he can't protect Floridians' property so he urges homeowners to shoot looters. All this while the state is now reporting 88 deaths from the hurricane.

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