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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Evangelicals do "celebrate" Donald Trump, even though...

Billy Graham
...they know all about Donald Trump's affair with Stormy Daniels, his endorsement of alleged sexual abuser Roy Moore, his reference to “shithole” countries, his toxic tweets, recurrent racism, or general crudity, and a multitude of other things the Oval Office lunatic has said or done over the past two years. One thousand--can you believe it--evangelical ministers, supposedly of God, "plan to meet the president, both to “celebrate” his accomplishments (as one leading pastor put it) and to rally Christians for the midterm elections."
Former GWB speechwriter, Peter Wehner, revealed in a New York Times op-ed page last December, “Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican.” After being a part of both the evangelicals and the Republican Party all his life, it took Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore to make him reconsider. His opinion of Donald Trump's Republican Party is...
"a threat to conservatism, and I have concluded that the term evangelical—despite its rich history of proclaiming the ‘good news’ of Christ to a broken world—has been so distorted that it is now undermining the Christian witness.
I was a huge fan of Billy Graham, even though I am an agnostic, and believe he showed the epitome of living what you preach. But I agree with Stephen Prothero, a professor of religion at Boston University, who wrote in Politico...
“to chart the troubled recent course of American evangelicalism—its powerful rise after World War II and its surprisingly quick demise in recent years”—one need look no further than the differences between Graham and his eldest son, Franklin, who took over his empire."
Prothero talks of the fact that Billy Graham was "a powerful evangelist who turned evangelicalism into the dominant spiritual impulse in modern America.” But, "his son [Franklin] is 'a political hack' who 'is rapidly rebranding evangelicalism as a belief system marked not by faith, hope, and love but by fear of Muslims and homophobia.'” Franklin Graham clearly qualifies as a religious fanatic in the worst way. Martin Luther symbolized modern-day evangelicalism with his fierce ideas, vehement language, and combative intellectual style. Evangelicals have carried the ball from there.

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