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Friday, March 6, 2020

"NO" to anything Democrat says Moscow Mitch

Moscow Mitch McConnell, political terrorist
He promised it after President Barack Obama was elected, for two terms, and he fulfilled his commitment, almost. We did get Obamacare but little more. This slimeball literally prevented Obama's appointment of federal judges, even blocking "Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland from even getting a hearing." McConnell laughed while talking to Sean Hannity...
"If I’m still the majority leader in the Senate think of me as the Grim Reaper. None of that stuff is going to pass,” McConnell said while speaking to community leaders in Owensboro, Ky." There's more...
 I guarantee you that if I’m the last man standing and I’m still the majority leader, it ain’t happening. I can promise you,” McConnell added."
Spoken like a true political terrorist, which is exactly what Moscow Mitch is. If Kentucky re-elects him in November, these voters will rank on a par with Donald Trump's double-digit supporters. Go Amy McGrath. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Moscow Mitch "discusses" coronavirus while U.S. citizens die

McConnell: Discussions underway on 'precautions' in Capitol over coronavirus 
The Senate blockhead and his minions
This wingnut is spewing more crap about "if any steps need to be taken within the Capitol amid growing fears about a widespread coronavirus outbreak in the United States." "IF," when the U.S. has at least 100 cases, 18 of those in King County, Washington, where there are also 6 deaths. Worldwide, there are now 92,000 cases and 3,100 deaths. Hopefully, Kentuckians can see the stupidity in this moron and elect Amy McGrath in November...READ MORE...

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Can the group Fix Our Senate dump Moscow Mitch

Moscow Mitch McConnell has done everything possible to thwart the Democratic agenda, starting with Barack Obama's administration to the impeachment of Donald Trump. He is running against Amy McGrath in Kentucky for his Senate seat and so far it is a close race with McGrath closing in on McConnell in rankings and fundraising. Now she is getting some help from a new group named, Fix Our Senate, which aims to unseat Moscow Mitch.

The organization provides facts on McConnell...
"McConnell is both extremely powerful and highly unpopular, with a favorability rating of 29.8% in the latest average of polls tracked by Real Clear Politics." He has an unfavorable rank of 48.
"McConnell is already the least popular politician in America — now, we’re going to shine a light on McConnell and every ally who supports him," the group's director, Joshua Karp, a Democratic strategist and communications consultant, tells us.
FOS says it will contend that Moscow Mitch...
"is disproportionately responsible for wealth inequality, rising drug prices, conservative judicial confirmations, hyper-partisanship, legislative gridlock and the likely acquittal of President Trump in the Senate trial."
Fix Our Senate is connected to SEIU, Demand Justice, Indivisible, Protect Our Care and For Our Future.

But here's what McConnell adviser Josh Holmes told Axios...
the group is "welcome to take a number and get in line" in order "to fleece donors into underwriting yet another expedition in search the left’s white whale."
Obviously, the blatant arrogance does not stop with Moscow Mitch. The FOS attack promises to expose...
"McConnell and his record and leadership strategies to share with activists and surrogates and shape opinion."
Bon Voyage and the best of luck!  

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Moscow Mitch digs hole to defeat deeper


Moscow Mitch courts more trouble for 2020... 
Pathetic to the end

Did you know that "The diversion of military funds to pay for President Trump’s border wall obsession is taking money away from more than 100 military projects around the country?" This also shows just how low Moscow Mitch has stooped to "enable Trump’s corruption." Here's the scenario...
"The Senate majority leader has not only assisted and protected Trump in doing great damage to our democracy, for naked partisan purposes, though that’s a major stain. But McConnell also has in effect now prioritized the mission of enabling and defending Trump’s corruption over the interests of his own state and its constituents."
One of projects losing funding, a planned middle school at the Fort Campbell army base in Kentucky.

Hopefully Amy McGrath is listening to this in her fight to unseat McConnell. But she is tough becoming "the first woman to fly in a F/A-18 fighter jet in combat and took on 89 missions in the Middle East, fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents." And there is flak coming from another direction, "Next to electing a Democratic president, the Democratic National Committee’s top goal for 2020 is achieving a majority in the U.S. Senate."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that one of her major strategies is to get rid of Senate head, Mitch McConnell, better known as Moscow Mitch. Dumping Trump isn't enough, according to Pelosi, McConnell is almost as dangerous and underhanded. The Speaker is...
"planning to kick her anti-McConnell campaign into high gear in the fall — and she will be aggressively focused on 'his refusal to pass meaningful legislation.' Doing so, according to a Democratic congressional aide, enables House Democrats to 'tout the good they’ve done and also, helps show the importance of Dems taking back the Senate.'”
Here's a quick analysis of McConnell...
"The Kentucky Republican has been unpopular in his home state for years, but this summer has seen his approval rating plunge to 18 percent after MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tarred and feathered him with the nickname “Moscow Mitch,” and he’s increasingly seen as 'the man who sold America,'" according to Rolling Stone.
Bob Moser in a magazine profile said...
“For so many years, McConnell has seemed maddeningly invincible. But now, just a few years after achieving his lifelong goal of becoming Senate majority leader, it appears that every political sin the man has committed on his relentless march to power is coming back to haunt him at once.”
Kentuckians say, DITCH MITCH...

Here's more for Amy McGrath's campaign...
"Moser catalogs the Senate majority leader’s political sins, dating back to his swiftly broken campaign promises to back abortion and collective bargaining rights in a 1977 race for Jefferson County judge executive, up to the shady deal earlier this year to lift sanctions on a Russian oligarch whose company Rusal announced a $200 million investment in Kentucky."
There is much more in between, as an example his comment that his goal, when Barack Obama was elected, to make him a one-term president. He didn't, but it clearly labeled Moscow Mitch a raging racist. A 47-year old Paducah resident has said it best,,,
"eventually [after initially voting for him] it dawned on me, like a lot of people, this guy really doesn’t give a crap about us. He’s all about stockpiling his own squirrel-nut factory for his winter. Public records are public records, and you can see how his trajectory has gone toward wealth. Back home, I’m still making the same amount of money I was making! I think he’s got a real good chance of being booted this time.”
We can only hope so.

And, as if to make up with all the greed and corruption of his career, Moscow Mitch has now decided to turn the lions on Donald Trump in the impeachment controversy. This means that he will definitely bring a decision for impeachment from the House to the Senate for a vote. First of all, this will not exonerate him for what he has done, and second, he actually has no choice if Speaker Pelosi can come up with the votes. Here's Mitchell's statement...
"During an interview with CNBC on Monday, McConnell confirmed that he wouldn’t pull any stunts to obstruct a trial in the Senate — neither the Senate rules nor the partisan split would allow for such a thing.
“I would have no choice but to take it up,” McConnell said. “How long you are on it is a different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up based on a Senate rule on impeachment.”
 Nancy Pelosi quotes Lincoln, "Public sentiment is everything"...

The one phrase here that bothers me is, "How long you are on it is a different matter..." It may be irrelevant but if there is one thing we know for sure, Moscow Mitch cannot be trusted! Here's MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's take...
"McConnell is panicking about 2020. 'This is a very, very big deal,' O’Donnell wrote on Twitter. 'First, McConnell agrees with Schumer’s unanimous consent request for whistleblower documents and now this. McConnell is doing exactly what he should be doing if he thinks he might need a different nominee for president.'”
But then we get Pence, and although Salon's Bob Cesca feels Mikey would be more "compliant" I feel he is a complete idiot. Cesca also thinks Trump could resign saying, "it wouldn’t shock me if Trump decided he’d rather quit than have his tax returns and other documents exposed like dick-pics on TMZ." But McConnell still isn't done with bringing impeachment it to the Senate. With...
"Chief Justice John Roberts as the presiding judge in Trump’s trial, McConnell could call votes, requiring only 51 senators to approve, to overrule the chief justice’s decisions on, say, what evidence is admissible or not. The upshot: Senate Republicans can write and pass new trial rules according to McConnell’s whimsy."
Is this what the slimy lowlife McConnell has up his sleeve? We'll soon know by observing his handling of the impeachment in the Senate. If he exudes bold confidence in the procedure, you can expect the wheels to come off. But Cesca also brings up the prosecution of Donald Trump after leaving office...
"The only legal way Trump can guarantee he won’t be prosecuted after he leaves office is to resign with a Gerald Ford-style pardon from Pence. That’s it. Someone should tell him, because I’m sure he hasn’t yet considered the Sophie’s Choice he faces. Resignation and a presidential pardon, taken together, are Trump’s only path to avoiding prison shy of pulling off another improbable election victory, which is no sure thing, whatever he may say."
I would hope that prosecutors are vigorously pursuing how to overcome this pardon and put Donald Trump in jail where he has belonged for years.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Moscow Mitch McConnell promotes 2020 election Russian meddling

July 26, 2019: BULLETIN...Moscow Mitch McConnell 

Moscow Mitch in full uniform
Mitch McConnell could also get hacking help from Russians

In my earlier post, "Mitch McConnell 'fixes' 2020 election," I failed to get into the aspects of how this selfish, loathsome individual is blocking election security in hopes that the Russians will help him beat Amy McGrath. She has all the credentials to beat McConnell, and wouldn't that be a sweet respite for the people of Kentucky and the country. Republicans likely won't agree, but the Senate minus Moscow Mitch would be the best thing that ever happened to this country.

Moscow Mitch welcomes Putin into 2020 election


Mitch McConnell wish-list for 2020 election
Mitch McConnell welcomes 2020 Russian election meddling

It is pretty much agreed from Congress to the American public, even the people of Kentucky where he is from, that Mitch McConnell is the lowest of lowlifes. With absolutely no qualms about what came out in the Mueller Report, and recent Robert Mueller testimony, this slimeball "blocked the advancement of legislation to secure the nation's election system." In other words, he laid out a welcome mat for Russian interference, and, any other foreign country interested.

This should be so obvious to the people of Kentucky, even Republicans, that they dump him from the Senate in 2020. Here's the scenario...
"McConnell declared the effort partisan and insisted the Trump administration has already done much to secure the nation's elections."
All pure BS, of course, but nothing can be done as long as this political tyrant is in office. He barely won in his last election, but this time think Amy McGrath will pull off a win, not an upset since all polls indicate that Mitch McConnell is despised almost as much as Donald Trump. And that's pretty bad. U.S. elections are far from being secure; experts have been warning of foreign meddling for years. 2020 could be a landmine for this epitome of democracy.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Mitch McConnell in Amy McGrath's sights

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk  

July 12, 2019: ‘Everything that’s wrong with Washington started with him,’ a headline from Raw Story refers to Mitch McConnell. But now he has a credible candidate challenging him in 2020. It is Amy McGrath, "a former Marine Lieutenant Colonel fighter pilot with a Masters from Johns Hopkins. A BS in political science from the U.S. Naval Academy. She’s 44. A Democrat. The mother of three and married to a life-long Republican."

RS reports...
"McConnell is not liked in Kentucky. His average approval rating is just 25%, and his unfavorable is 46.7%, according to Real Clear Politics."
Here's a tweet from McGrath...
"I’m running to replace Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate. Everything that’s wrong with Washington had to start somewhere—it started with him. With your help, we can defeat Mitch and defend democracy. Join us: (link:"
McGrath lost a close election for Congress in 2018, by less than 10,000 votes, 51% to 47.8%. But "McConnell is not liked in Kentucky. His average approval rating is just 25%, and his unfavorable is 46.7%, according to Real Clear Politics." Amy McGrath wrote McConnell a letter at age 13, which he never answered, provoking the comment, “I’ve often wondered how many other people did Mitch McConnell never take the time to write back, or even think about.”

Robert Reich exposes the loathsome Mitch McConnell...

In a Politico piece, McConnell is called  “Cocaine Mitch,” “Nuclear Mitch” or the steward of the “legislative graveyard,” admitting,  he’s the “Grim Reaper” anyway, so he’s loving every minute of it. Mitch the misrule mechanic, thinks all this is funny, stonewalling anything that comes from Democrats, no matter how good or important the legislation is. The racist in this lowlife proclaimed, "my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president." He didn't.

If Kentucky voters dislike Mitch McConnell as the above figures would indicate, an approval of only 25%, unfavorable 46.7%, and Kentucky voters continue to reelect the man, then I would place these poor souls in the same category as the clueless, double-digit Donald Trump supporters. Amy McGrath raised $2.5 million in the first 24 hours of her campaign eclipsing presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Want to be beat Mitch McConnell? Make a contribution to Amy McGrath here.

MR. PRESIDENT: If you look frail, if you talk frail, and if you walk frail, you must be frail...

      ...too frail to lead this country for another four years. I know, we all know, what you are afraid of; the lunatic who could win the ...