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Saturday, April 18, 2015


CONGRATULATIONS! Safeway has done what the Kroger stores have refused to do: ask customers not to bring firearms into their stores. But Everytown for Gun Safety says that Safeway is already under attack by gun extremists so the food chain needs your support more than ever. Shoppers at Kroger and Fry's, owned by the huge chain, should head over to Safeway now and enjoy the low prices and discounted gas. If Kroger loses enough customers they will be forced to enact a no-guns policy. However, the reason these gun nuts can brandish their weapons in public like this is because of weak state laws re. the ownership and concealed and open carry of guns. Like Arizona, where all you need to own a gun and take it anywhere is a warm body. Think about it. The next time you are selecting your produce, that AR-15 standing next to you could be owned by another Seung-Hui Cho, or an Adam Lanza, or an Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, or a James E. Holmes, or...

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