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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The mysterious statistics of firearm deaths the NRA doesn’t want you to know

I am writing this after a comment on this blog relating to my latest post on monthly U.S. shootings by Joan Peterson who publishes the Common Gunsense blog.  There is a significant difference in my numbers and the actual because only a few of the gun shooting incidents are reported in the media where I get my data, compared to the actual number of total firearm deaths and firearm homicides that actually occur nationally. 

Per Joan, the best statistics come from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

As an example, the CDC reports total firearm deaths annually at 31,347 which breaks down to 2,615 per month, 603 a week and 86 per day.  In my June report I show a total of 128 shooting deaths compared to the 2,615 figure from the CDC.  The CDC reports firearm homicides at 11,493 a year broken down by 958 monthly, 221 weekly and 32 a day.  My monthly report does not break out homicides but most deaths are, with a few suicides and accidents periodically.

I surfed around the CDC site and noticed they highly recommend a state reporting system on all categories of deaths, including those by firearms.  They even have a model states can follow to set up this kind of compiling and reporting.  So why don’t states initiate a system that would document firearm deaths taking into consideration the recent increases.  Is it due to budget restraints?  Partially, perhaps, but not entirely.

It is mostly because the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) and others in the gun lobby won’t allow it.  That’s right.  NRA money and guaranteed votes make local, state and federal politician think twice before crossing the organization.  The NRA fights mercilessly against record keeping of any kind when it comes to guns.  Just look at the reaction when President Obama started the reporting of U.S. firearm sales from gun dealers along the border with Mexico. 

This is an ongoing altercation between the gun control advocates and the gun bubbas that so far the latter is winning.  Most on the gun control side will tell you that the NRA is no more than a bunch of arrogant, raucous jerks that demand their way or nothing.  No negotiations, no giving of any kind; sounds just like the GOP stumblebums in Washington.  Yet the gun deaths go on, increasing on a regular basis, and the American public and politicians do nothing about it.

Go figure.

In the future I plan to reach out to organizations that might be helpful in the assembling of a more accurate report of the number of firearm deaths, starting with the CDC.  If you know of any, please have them reply by comment to this post.  My goal is to put together a mandate for Americans that is convincing enough that they will demand that the Congress and the White House take action. 

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