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Thursday, September 5, 2019

The American Dream must be saved #2


The Dreamers dream on...  

Earlier this morning it was all about the migrant dreamers who have become seriously discouraged with the American dream as it is interpreted by Donald Trump. The Oval Office lunatic has all but eliminated this foundation of U.S. democracy and replaced it with a tyrannical government that abhors anything that doesn't look like, well...Donald Trump. Actually T-rump is an ugly, repugnant site that most American would like to be rid 2020.

Tawheeda Wahabzada, whose Afghan parents had earlier sought refuge in Canada but then came to the U.S., has all but given up hope for citizenship any time soon with Donald Trump running the show, and is considering self-deporting back to Canada. It isn't just Trump that is to blame...
"Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would rather have the issue of unauthorized migration with us forever, because if they were sincere about solving the problem how would they leverage vulnerable constituencies for votes?"
The Pelosi/Schumer attitude could easily be one reason that Hispanics have lost confidence in Democrats and also part of the logic why they don't come out to vote. On the other hand, "Wahabzada holds a master’s degree in global policy studies from the Lyndon B. Johnson school at the University of Texas in Austin," and could make a major contribution to this country. There are hundreds more out there like Wahabzada that work hard their taxes.

On another front, "Many [migrant] mothers detained in border stations this summer reported the health of their children worsened while in custody, recounting bouts of fever, diarrhea and respiratory illness they say were not properly treated." A flow of migrants entering the country has sent services spiraling down to the point where it has become seriously dangerous, especially for children, some of whom have died.

Border Protection officials have not explained exactly what's going on, no doubt due to the waffling policies of the Trump administration, and the fact that so many top GOP members have visited the facilities reporting there is nothing wrong. There was one case where these people were not being provided soap or tooth brushes, and, much worse...
"according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there have been 921 new cases of mumps in less than a year, in or around immigration facilities."
The Squad...

Measles cases have also been noted. But, the question is what can the Wahabzadas of this country look forward to when it comes to freeing themselves from the shadow of a brutal autocratic government that could care less about these people. A new administration? As long as the likes of the conservative has their way, nothing will change. The light at the end of the tunnel is shining on the "Squad," Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley,  and Rashida Tlaib.

They are loose canons at times, but, wasn't the Revolutionary War started and finished by loose canons?

The American Dream must be saved?

September 5, 2019: THURSDAY NEWS BYTES

Have we lost the American dream? Some think so...  

Tawheeda Wahabzada
"Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," written by Poet Emma Lazarus and emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty, meant to welcome immigrants from all around the world has now fallen on deaf ears. The ears are those of Republicans, starting at the top with Donald Trump and working its way down to the minions of the party. We scoff at the baby boomer generation's me, me, me. Republicans are focused only on themselves.
"It is a truism that whatever starts off hurting immigrants eventually harms us all. On the other hand, if something benefits immigrants that too ends up helping all of us."
There's more...
"When xenophobia hits a nation, this basic principle is forgotten, as a false us-versus-them dichotomy takes hold. A disturbing aspect of American exceptionalism is that this dichotomy keeps being presented as something virtuous; the veneer of exceptionalism blinds us to our common interest and is now breeding the intense storm of resentment that is ostensibly targeted toward immigrants but is actually a reflection of deep self-hatred."
WOW! That explanation would certainly account for the way Donald Trump demeans so many others when in fact it is not them, but himself that he really detests. Also true for other xenophobics and racists; there's just something terribly wrong with them and they refuse to face up to it. And these lowlifes have made it so bad for some, like Tawheeda Wahabzada, here from Afghanistan, that she is considering self-deporting back to Canada, the country of her birth.

Who are the dreamers?...

Wahabzada, 29, says...
"I speak as someone who believes in completely open borders, to a degree far greater than any of the current Democratic Party contenders, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Julián Castro or Beto O’Rourke, are willing to concede."
She feels that comprehensive immigration reform is an excuse to negotiate the rights of Hispanics down for a "bargain which takes away a lot of migrant rights in return for much fewer concessions." We're between a rock and a hard place here since we can't just throw the gates to our borders open without some control that legally qualifies those entering. At the same time, there must be laws passed to grant immigrants citizenship just like those who came through Ellis Island.

More, later this morning.

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