Monday, August 20, 2018

LATEST: Montreal also voting on gun ban

Montreal will vote today whether to adopt a resolution that would echo the Toronto City Council’s call for new federal gun controls. It is reported...
"Following the shooting deaths of two people in Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood by an attacker with an illegally obtained handgun in late July, the Toronto City Council adopted a resolution supporting several federal and local gun restrictions. The measure called for a nationwide ban on all handguns and semi-automatic firearms, a prohibition on the at-home possession of firearms, shuttering the remaining shooting ranges and gun clubs in Toronto, and a local ban on the sale of handguns and “handgun ammunition” within the city."
And a pathetic U.S. Congress still pees its pants because the National Rifle Assn. and Wayne LaPierre refuses to allow even any thoughts of gun legislation so they refuse to even consder a U.S. gun ban.

Guns across U.S. border spurring Canadian gun violence

Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control and a professor at Ryerson University in Toronto exclaimed, "historically in Toronto about two-thirds of handguns used in crimes came from the US." She added, "if you look at Chicago, which is the same size as Toronto, Chicago had 10 times as many gun murders last year as we did." But it's getting steadily worse in Canada and you might say there could also be a copycat effect; monkey see Americans getting away with rampant gun violence, monkey figure they can do the same in Canada. Gun nuts have no conscience nor control.

And there are more handguns in Canada today; 660,000 before 2013 to 840,000 in 2016, firearms which, by the way, require licensing.. But the reactions are exactly the opposite to gun violence in Canada from the U.S. Our cowardly morons in Congress say "Our thoughts and prayers are with you," and leave it at that. Immediately Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government proposed new legislation for stricter background checks and record controls. And Toronto City Hall is voting on a ban on handguns in city limits. Take that Wayne LaPierre and your stinkin' NRA.

"Truth isn't truth," says Rudy Giuliani

Will Don McGahn flip on Trump?
This the perfect opening for a piece on another of Donald Trump's lawyers that apparently has a wealth of information on his boss, and thinks it is something special investigator Robert Mueller should know. The article I am reading from a very reputable source is anything but clear on what Don McGahn has revealed or will talk about in the future. The implication is that Trump actually condones what McGahn is doing, urging him to testify from the beginning. Giuliani's comment about truth is, of course, his typical confusion with reality.

It is known that McGahn has "knowledge of intense encounters" with Donald Trump and his cooperation stems from earlier advice from T-rump's previous attorneys. William Burck, McGahn’s lawyer, even credits Trump with a commitment not to interfere. The problem with this is that you can never believe what Donald Trump says. And here's a good reason why...
"McGahn also told Mueller how the president tried without success to get his then staff secretary Rob Porter to warn McGahn that he could be fired if he didn’t deny the Times article that said the president ordered him to fire Mueller."
One former administration official said that Trump  "did not immediately grasp the difference between the White House lawyer and his personal lawyer" when it is in fact McGahn's "job is to protect the office of the president, not Trump the individual."

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Will Catholics re-think their religion?

Let me get this straight right here. I am a firm supporter of the LGBT community; 101%! But it seems perfectly obvious to me that the priesthood must attract more than its share of gay men. And there is nothing wrong with that except, some of them are either pedophiles or turn to pedophilia later partly because of the stupid church law against priests marrying. And yet another ridiculous law that women cannot be priests. This rigid doctrine isn't working and being another firm supporter of Pope Francis, I thought something would change under his leadership. By the way, I am not a Catholic.

Sexual abuse in the Catholic church is completely out of control and with a hierarchy in place to protect the abusers, and at best just move them from one diocese to another where they continue their shenanigans, most of the time unmonitored because the new position doesn't have information on past offenses. It's like pedophilia in perpetual motion. And it isn't always gay; in many cases it involves young girls. I know that Catholics are cautioned never to question the church, and that may be worst problem right there. If there was ever a time the Catholic church should be questioned, it is now.

But who will do it?

Saturday, August 18, 2018

High ranking naval officer is Trump's latest critic

Retired Adm. William McRaven
The architect of the Bin Laden assassination "issued a stunning rebuke of President Donald Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan." Retired Adm. William McRaven defended former CIA Director John Brennan as "one of the finest public servants I have ever known, a man of unparalleled integrity." Donald Trump, who qualifies for none of that description, responded by threatening to yank more security clearances for all others who chastise him. McRaven volunteered to "have his own security clearance revoked in an act of solidarity."

McRaven said...
"Therefore, I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency."
This is truly pathetic when coming from a top navy man who is talking about his former commander-in-chief. Other top officials and military officers said the same. Brennan put it this way...
"This action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics. It should gravely worry all Americans, including intelligence professionals, about the cost of speaking out. My principles are worth far more than clearances. I will not relent," Brennan tweeted after the announcement.
McRaven made a parting comment about Donald Trump...
"Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation."
Good God, how much more of this can we take before this whole country implodes?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Can we turn dead malls into homeless shelters?

This is a great idea from Facebook for making use of the abandoned shopping malls around the country to give the homeless a place to live and receive decent food. The malls are there throughout the U.S., many already closed. In December 2017, CNN Money predicted 300 out of the 1,100 malls that now exist will close over five years. What happens is the anchor store closes, which brings down the smaller shops one by one until the mall becomes a ghost town. The facilities are still there like the food courts to convert to cafeterias and the stores to small apartments and business amenities.

This would require a philanthropic entrepreneur with enough money to get the job done. Maybe Warren Buffett and Bill Gates could team up and put their foundations behind something like this to solve one of this country's biggest problems, one a rich country like the USA shouldn't have. The renovation could include medical facilities, daycare for homeless mothers, financial centers for counseling and aid. There is no end to the possibilities of something that could be done about what has plagued this country for years. Think about it and let me know what you think.

More on this later.

Trump axes ex-Obama officials security clearance due to his criticism

Trump and a determined John Brennan
"Don't piss me off" should have been Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan. This dufus cannot tolerate criticism of any kind and retaliates for anything said or done that doesn't either promote or praise him. Check out this site where you will find a list of those who either resigned or were fired by Trump. But the security clearance thing is new and the Oval Office lunatic just revoked the security clearance for John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Trump said the former Obama CIA chief has displayed “erratic behavior." Translated, he spoke ill of Trump.

Sarah Sanders in delivering the latest bomb citing instances where Brennan supposedly exhibited this behavior. The media has refuted this statement with facts and Brennan commented, nothing will stop me from criticizing the Trump administration. There are several more, all of which have somehow castigated T-rump, all but one from the former Obama administration. In the same CBS news article this observation...
"Brennan has been extremely critical of the president. He called Mr. Trump's joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of the Helsinki summit last month "nothing short of treasonous."
In a tweet from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky...
"Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on @realDonaldTrump ?"
And this is a Republican who apparently agrees that Trump is off the deep end, as usual. The decision to revoke the clearance came a day after Brennan, who headed the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency under Democratic President Barack Obama, leveled a blistering attack against Trump for the president’s tweeted criticism of former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman...
“It’s astounding how often you fail to live up to minimum standards of decency, civility, & probity. Seems like you will never understand what it means to be president, nor what it takes to be a good, decent, & honest person. So disheartening, so dangerous for our Nation.”
Damn! That says it all! 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trump requires NDAs, Obama didn't

Omarosa: You want me to what?

Donald Trump has required non-disclosure agreements from all of his staff, as revealed recently by former Trump campaign and White House aide Omarosa Manigault, and confirmed by Kellyanne Conway. Barack Obama did not require these same kinds of NDAs because his Associate White House Counsel Ian Bassin did not consider it within their capability to require NDAs of their employees. Just another illegal move by the master, T-rump. Re. all this, the media is asking...
"Why should we trust anything you say, when you are legally bound to say good things?"
The non-disclosure seems to center around the recent exposure of trump using the "N" word and MSNBC’s Katy Tur's recent question, above, to Trump 2020 spokesperson, Marc Lotter, who replied...
if he ever felt he was in a position that compromised his integrity, “then I wouldn’t work for that candidate any longer, and that’s just not something I’ve come across.”
Tur pressed further what if he was "appalled" at something and re-asked her question...answer: “if there was something that wrote to a criminal level,” his NDA wouldn’t prevent him from communicating with “the proper authorities.” One major publication reported...
that copies of Trump NDAs that have either been given or described to its reporters “lay out breathtakingly broad prohibitions on behavior and appear to be drawn heavily from similar contracts used in the past by the Trump Organization, the president’s family firm.”
signers promised not to ‘demean or disparage publicly’ Trump, his company or any member of his family — and also not to assist any other politician exploring a federal or state office and barred signers from sharing any information they had learned in the building,  
It would appear to almost any literate person--this of course doesn't include Trump supporters--that Donald Trump has an awful lot to hide. 

Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker a model of Karl Rove scare tactics

GOP portrayal of Democrats
You can trace Karl Rove's back-hand connivances to the George W. Bush administration with every known use of lies and dirty tricks known to the political world. He was still doing it in the 2016 New Hampshire race threatening Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte's opposition. She lost. Wisconsin's Republican Gov, Scott Walker is basically mirroring Rove in his current campaign saying things like...
“Those other things — health care, education — none of that matters unless you’re safe.” then he adds, if Democrats win, you and your family are in danger. Democrats want to let violent criminals back onto the street.
One reporter commented...
"If you were to distill the prevailing Republican campaign message for the 2018 midterm elections to one image, it would be this: a hooded figure in the shadows, machete (or knife or bladed fingers) in hand, waiting to pounce if the wrong candidate wins.
Life is a horror movie and it’s Democrats behind the hockey mask. Vote Republican."
The mostly white and uneducated supporters of Donald Trump eat this shit up with words like “Kill, Rape, Control” and absorb it like the gospel. The Republican no holds barred campaign has even added...

"Kathy Griffin holding the decapitated head of a mock Donald Trump doll, limousines burning in the street. Snoop Dogg literally shoots a Trump impersonator at the end."
Sure looks like to me the GOP is running scared. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

GUN CONTROL: Political gamble Dems must take

Students like these started it all
A confused and uninformed public has welcomed gun rights political candidates for years, but after the recent wave of shootings, has apparently at least somewhat come to their senses. Let's see now, they muse, which is best, the right of a gun nut to carry his weapons anywhere he or she wishes, or the right of innocent individuals, especially children, to live? Even the lowest double-digit IQ should have chosen the latter, but National Rifle Assn. head Wayne LaPierre has drummed the rights of these ringed-nose followers and the sacredness of the 2nd Amendment into the public for years now.

The new trend becomes obvious with the rash of mass shootings, including the killing of 17 students and staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida six months ago. Here's an example of one candidate's message, Philip Levine, in Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary...
“I’m running for governor because I’m a parent who will not stop at anything until we make our gun laws stronger and our children safe.”
To illustrate the difference in attitudes, the number of political candidate ads for gun control has risen from only 559 in 2014 to 18,416 in 2018, a phenomenal jump that would indicate that these contenders are no longer running scared of the NRA. In the races covered there were 57,500 anti-gun-control spots so far, mostly by Republicans. In the Senate, Democrats are picking the gun rights candidates to oppose, although that branch still leans toward gun control opposition. Two-thirds of the American public now wants stronger gun control, and with a Democratic Congress, who knows.

QAnon's strange beginnings

Ever heard of the 4chan site? I hadn't either until I also heard of QAnon, which came up in some research I was doing on Alex Jones. It is described as being "one of the most extreme message boards on the internet," and after viewing it, I would agree, but also adding, downright weird. You can post messages to its board. and people reply like any other social media site, except half of what I read I don't understand but then, I didn't really spend the time. It all started with a small-time YouTube video creator and two moderators of the 4chan website who...
"banded together and plucked out of obscurity an anonymous and cryptic post from the many conspiracy theories that populated the website's [4chan] message board."
They ended up with...
"a Reddit community, a business and an entire mythology based off the 4chan posts of 'Q,' the pseudonym of a person claiming to be a high-ranking military officer."
Some think the mysterious three are doing it just for money, but others believe they are really "Q." Here is another viewpoint...
"QAnon is a convoluted conspiracy theory with no apparent foundation in reality. The heart of it asserts that for the last year the anonymous “Q” has taken to the fringe internet message boards of 4chan and 8chan to leak intelligence about Trump’s top-secret war with a cabal of criminals run by politicians like Hillary Clinton and the Hollywood elite. There is no evidence for these claims."
Read the rest of the NBC coverage here. It looks like one more of those conspiracy theories that you must decide, do I just dump it or take it for what it's worth and make it what I want to? This one does look like it could have longevity. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Even more on QAnon and 4chan tomorrow

Tomorrow I will share some research I've done on the 4chan site which is responsible for promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey snubs gun control again

Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona, isn't the brightest politician in the pack, and he has been considered a worse governor than Jan Brewer, if that's possible, but he made a recent move that may just cost him even more votes in November, based on recent progressive moves in Arizona. The liberals are waking up here, tired of living under the conservative mantle of a bunch of gun nuts who love their firearms more than they do the lives of their children. My gut would tell me these are the same people who drown their kids daily in backyard pools.

Ducey was invited to debate gun violence and school safety at a town hall invitation from March for Our Lives Arizona. All other gubernatorial candidates will be there. Jordan Harb, March for Our Lives Arizona director said...
"Ken Bennett [GOP candidate] clearly does not agree with anything we propose, yet he is still willing to have this conversation with our community. I think, ultimately, this shows how much of a coward Doug Ducey is."
Well, we knew how dumb our governor was, now we confirmed that he is a coward. Not sure if this is the way Harb meant it, but Ducey's cowardice stems from his connection to the National Rifle Assn. who heartily endorsed him in his 2014 run for the office. The Arizona gun nuts took it from there and helped put him in the Gov's seat. The question is, as November draws closer, and the NRA slides further into oblivion when it comes to their power, will Ducey, plus the rest of the gun nut candidates across the U.S., abandon the group for greener pastures, which really aren't there.

Is the Conspiracy theory QAnon's explosion on Internet out of control?

This question of 'who is Q" cannot be answered until we know what QAnon is, and so far that is a mystery that only Q knows. As one reporter commented, since it, “first crawled out of the Internet’s churning goo, the theory has metastasised.” In its gooey slime, it has added Donald Trump to the conundrum. Q followers, who call themselves bakers, follow a path of conspiracy theories called "breadcrumbs," basically believing "the US government has been secretly investigating Democrats and the Justice Department will soon reveal compromising information about Hillary Clinton."

The above, alone, would surely seem to associate QAnon with Donald Trump and his attacks on the Democratic establishment. The whole thing got its start on "the 4chan internet forum titled “Calm Before the Storm.” The page link here has a video of a follower that amassed a lot of information if you are willing to spend an hour with it. The narrator emphasizes that QAnon is neither religious nor political and has its followers such as Rosanne Barr and Curt Schilling. At Trump's Florida rally, signs read  “We are Q,” another “WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL.”

Sarah Sanders commented...
“The president condemns and denounces any group that would incite violence against another individual and certainly doesn't support groups that would promote that type of behavior.”
It's hard to tell if she knows something we don't or this is just another of her air-head statements.

In Arizona, the home of conspiracy theories, Q falsely claimed an abandoned homeless encampment in Tucson was a child sex trafficking camp even after local authorities investigated and found no evidence to support the claim. Another incident, unexplained, in June, an armed Q follower blocked an entrance to the Hoover Dam with his vehicle. But this statement from a NY Times reporter tops them all, commenting on conspiracy theories that are usually about evil cabals manipulating world events...
QAnon, by contrast, “is a conspiracy theory in which the good guys - in this case, Trump and his allies - are in charge."
 Michelle Goldberg should just go back under her rock.

There will be more on QAnon.

NRA "mission" a blatant oxymoron

The mission of the National Rifle Assn. (NRA), whether they want to admit it or not, most likely not, is to put as many guns on the street as possible. They can deny this all they want, but over the years it has been clearly established that Wayne LaPierre's NRA works for gun manufacturer's not its 5 million or so membership. These poor slobs eat up LaPierre's rhetoric, passing it around like facts, which most aren't, while gun makers drool over profits. Their stated mission is to protect the 2nd Amendment and the rights of gun nuts. Simply analyzed, it is a glaring oxymoron.

They just filed a claim in New York against Governor Andrew Cuomo that his "blacklisting" is "jeopardizing" their mission. No doubt they did not define their mission as "to put as many guns on the street as possible," which would seem to me to invalidate the charges to begin with. If they chose that flowery crap about the 2nd Amendment, although this may be true, it is not the real meaning about their existence. It is to sell more and more guns and LaPierre and the NRA will never be satisfied until every house in America is armed from a handgun to an AR-15. God help us!

Monday, August 13, 2018

You'll see more on QAnon tomorrow

It seems appropriate to cover this mysterious subject more since there are so many connections between it and Donald Trump, and I do that in my first blog post tomorrow. I would like to see your comments.

Gun nuts take hit on "Stand Your Ground" law

Stand Your Ground is without a doubt one of the stupidest laws to ever be passed in this country, thanks to Florida's Marion Hammer, top National Rifle Assn. lobbyist. First it was Trayvon Martin killed by George Zimmerman in 2012, who eventually got off scot-free, but since has experienced a number of personal problems as a result. This time Michael Drejka, 47, didn't get away with it with the killing of another black man, Markeis McGlockton in Clearwater, Florida. McGlockton, 28, was shot and killed on July 19, after shoving Drejka to the ground at a convenience store.

Drejka invoked the Stand Your Ground law, the sheriff refused to arrest him on that basis of the law, but Bernie McCabe, the state attorney for Pinellas County, decided to file charges based on the exact same investigation sheriff Bob Gualtieri had collected but did not file charges. Good 'ole boy vs. finally some common sense in Florida. So, another NRA creation for the purpose of protecting the gun nut over the innocent public from gun violence suffers a setback. It is prime time for the public to understand that the only way to stop this daily rampage of bloodshed is to get rid of the NRA.

Most agree Medicare for All is NOW has probed the recent study published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University that says the "Medicare-for-all plan laid out by Bernie Sanders will save American people $2 trillion over a 10-year period. The author of the study, Charles Blahous, says 'wait a minute, maybe I didn't say that.' First of all, I have to tell you that Blahous' paper was sponsored by the Koch Bros., who contribute heavily to George Mason U. And Bernie's $2 trillion savings have a lot to do with his projected savings on medical care and prescriptions that seem to me perfectly logical.

Blahous doesn't disagree with Sanders, just prefers to believe his figures instead, which are less optimistic. Bernie counters with, of course Medicare for all will cost more overall but with its collective savings in purchasing power, plus cutting back on health care needs by helping those who need it, resulting in more general wellness. As before, Sanders presents other major companies who do have universal health care like Canada, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, plus several more smaller and even third-world countries.

The real question is, one Bernie Sanders has been asking for years, is, can we really afford not to have UHC in such a rich country like the U.S., especially when you see so many homeless on the streets, many of which are suffering from mental illness?

Jim Carey will cast Trump/Giulianiin in Dumb and Dumber 3

I can see us now-Maybe even a new star on the "Walk"
Jim Carey, of Bruce Almighty, and the Dumb and Dumber series, just released his latest work of art depicting Donald Trump crucifying Jesus Christ, whom Trump would have us believe was a loser simply because he failed as a carpenter. This is a hobby of Carey that I would like to think he picked up because he loathes Donald Trump as does most of rest of the sane individuals in this country. Re-casting Dumb and Dumber 3 is my idea, but one that has merit because my suggestion for new characters has enormous promotional possibilities. 

Donald Trump and Rudy Giulianiin are the most gullible publicity mongrels on the planet today, and both of them probably just dumb enough to accept the parts. Trump expresses his stupidity on a daily basis but Giulianiin's latest resulted in CNN's assessment of him demonstrating that maybe “lawyer to the president” isn’t the best job for him. After denying making a comment on the Michael Flynn/James Comey "take it easy" request, James Tapper played the tape of Giulianiin clearly saying it. He then turned to obstruction of justice to try and change the subject, most points also wrong.

How this moron ever ran the city of New York completely amazes me, and he must have had one hell of a support team that did most of the work on the 9/11 disaster.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Will Sessions break or bolt if Mueller presses investigation?

Donald Trump is still running scared that Robert Mueller is close to exposing him for being the traitor that he really is for his part in Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Here's the latest move by the Oval Office lunatic...
Trump ratcheted up his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Saturday, tweeting that Sessions was "scared stiff" and "Missing in Action" in defending him...
Truth is, T-rump is scared literally out of his pants of what he either thinks or knows what Mueller is about to come up with, and the question is whether AG Jeff Sessions will eventually give in and attempt to fire the special Council, or take another pass, even resign, if his boss gets too demanding. Sessions is at least an attorney with knowledge of the law, but Donald Trump is a dumbshit with knowledge of nothing, and a warped mind that makes him think he is capable of anything. And folks, do you realize this maniac has been running our country for over a year now?

It looks like the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is getting ready to issue subpoenas for people connected to the controversial Steele dossier, which, no doubt, could have initiated all this. This involves a company called Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, a British former intelligence officer who was hired by the Washington research firm to investigate Donald Trump's ties to Russia. There are too many people in the latter to cover here but I suggest these three sites might explain most of it. As the King said, "'Tis a puzzlement."

Don't like country music and I detest the NRA

I grew up in the South, actually Tennessee, where the Grand Ole Opry originated in 1925, and still is. Am old enough to have been to the original Ryman Auditorium, and my wife and I recently attended the Opry at the new place, compliments of a cruise we were taking. Still don't like country music but do appreciate good talent, and there is still tons of it in Nashville. Along with a love for guns and the 2nd Amendment. My gut tells me that, because of the C&W emphasis on nostalgia, its religious aspects along with the appeal to blue collar rednecks, the gun thing becomes a natural.

My wife (she's not a redneck) loves C&W and we listen to it a lot. But recently singer Eric Church was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine after the Las Vegas gun massacre saying...
“I’m a Second Amendment guy. That’s in the Constitution, it’s people’s right, and I don’t believe it’s negotiable. But nobody should have that many guns and that much ammunition and we don’t know about it.”
I disagree completely about the 2nd Amendment, but the rest he says is right on. He added that he blamed the lobbyists like the National Rifle Assn. for placing a "roadblock" with way too much power over elected officials. He should put all this into a country song with the title, "Let me Count the Ways Guns Kill our Children." And offer to sing it for NRA head Wayne LaPierre at the next Nat'l Rifle Assn. convention. Eric Church is being boycotted for what he said because the NRA has become such a big part of this industry lately. Just another reason for my aversion to C&W.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Donald Jr. forges dad's approval rating

Donald Trump Jr. and his forgery
Like father like son, forever the fraud, this time amateurishly altering a graphic comparison with Barack Obama using Photoshop to reflect a higher approval rating for Donald Sr. It was done by changing T-rump's from 40% to 50% and posting it on Instagram. Actually, the Gallup Poll reported approvals at 45% Obama, 40% Trump. And then after the post Junior said..
“Amazing. I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it. #maga #amreicafirst.”
Apparently, the person with the magic wand was no brighter than the Oval Office lunatic's son since the forging was considered a piece of crap by the press and recognized immediately, because you can easily see the actual percentage covered up with this fake stat. So, although we have known all along that the White House was now populated by a family of idiots, the players seem to find it necessary to confirm this over and over on a daily basis. And on top of all this, the fake artists misspelled America. Perhaps the most pathetic 1st family ever.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter must be added to every Progressive's shit list

Jack Dorsey/Alex Jones love fest
I don't call it censoring when it comes to the crap Alex Jones spews on a regular basis. Journalism, the Fourth Estate, is what is covered by the 1st Amendment in its protection of free speech, not lies, false conspiracy theories and repeated defamation. This guy is the sleazebag of all sleazebags and anyone who follows or supports him, themselves, would reside at the bottom of the barrel. So why is Twitter head, Jack Dorsey, sticking up for the garbage monger and after professing leaning to the left, giving an extended interview to Sean Hannity?

Hannity himself is guilty of perpetrating the Seth Richards murder conspiracy, which even disgusted the Fox News staff. Anytime you see news on Fox, Sinclair Broadcast or nut jobs like Alex Jones you have to assume only a small percentage of the content is true, very small, and it's just best to stay away entirely. There are too many legitimate news outlets out there, both liberal and conservative, and a small amount of Googling will help you find what you're looking for. As for Twitter's Jack Dorsey, as long as he defends this kind of trash radio, I hope his Twitter followers continue to leave.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Did you know Trump supporters embrace QAnon?

OK, what the hell is QAnon? It is hard to explain, if not impossible, but its followers include Alex Jones, Rosanne Barr, Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr., as well as Donald Trump supporters. It comes from the "1996 movie “White Squall,” about a deadly storm, where the QAnon motto “where we go one, we go all” comes from. It seems to have its origins simply in the creation and spreading of conspiracy theories, like that of Alex Jones exclaiming the gun massacre at Sandy Hook never happened. It is a small group so far, but considering the spokespeople, above, could spread into a violent movement it's believed.

There are T-shirts for the people involved, some of which showed up at a Donald Trump rally, the wearers from which he took questions re. conspiracy theories. This concept centers on a mysterious and anonymous online figure — "Q," who claims to possess a top-level security clearance and evidence of a worldwide criminal conspiracy. NPR's explanation...
It goes like this: Special counsel Robert Mueller isn't actually investigating Trump and his 2016 campaign for their possible ties to Russia, and he's not really looking into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
Rather, Mueller was appointed by Trump to investigate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other top Democrats, like former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. According to posts written by "Q" — dubbed "breadcrumbs" by the theory's followers — even Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is a target of Mueller's so-called investigation.
And if you understand all this, please leave a comment and explain it to me. 

Cook Report shows Democrats outperforming GOP by 8 points

The non-partisan Cook Political Report says Democrats have over-performed projections in nine House special elections and could be on track to pick up more than enough seats to take back the majority in November. They only need 24 seats and at this rate are forecasted to get back three-times that number. Twenty-five Republican incumbents are retiring from public office, compared to only ten Democrats, big mouths with no substance like Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy, plus the worst House Speaker ever, Paul Ryan. Now if we could only get rid of Mitch Mitchell.

And speaking of the Senate, three of the most powerful Senators are retiring, Bob Corker from Tennessee, Jeff Flake from Arizona and Orrin Hatch from Utah. There are no Democratic Senators leaving the Senate. Dems are expected to capture a Senate seat here in Arizona with Kyrsten Sinema, currently a representative, in perhaps one of the reddest states in the country. This state will probably be last but as it progresses through purple to bright blue, you'll know the left has finally arrived. The Dems are three seats shy of a majority in the Senate, but many believe it will happen.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

We need more than Cuomo to sink NRA

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made the best first efforts to threaten the National Rifle Assn. in a long time by his legal challenges in NY over their questionable insurance programs and general PR that working with the organization is bad business. But, donations flowed in after the Florida shooting which makes one wonder if these donors are in favor of killing our children in their schools. Otherwise, why would they rush to give money to a group that refuses to ban the very weapon responsible for killing these children, assault weapons?

Meaning, what is required is at least a two-fold approach involving first, electing a liberal house and Senate in November populated by gun control candidates. Second, the gun control movement must initiate an enhanced educational program for the public to convince these die-hards that NRA head, Wayne LaPierre's crusade for more guns on the street is pure bullshit. This philosophy is killing thousands of Americans, not saving lives. The other option is to continue encouraging corporations and banks that it is bad business working with the NRA, for the above reasons.

Country doesn't need what NRA wants

The National Rifle Assn. is supporting Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice, which raises flags and rings bells everywhere to indicate this is bad for the country. Senate swing votes include Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska., Doug Jones, D-Ala., Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D. The NRA's top propagandist Chris Cox says, “It’s critical that all pro-Second Amendment voters urge their senators to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.” The nation's top child killing machine group will never give up on this 2nd Amendment shit until we repeal it.

The gun control folks consider Kavanaugh's position on the 2nd Amendment "extreme" and of course he is in bed with the gun lobby. With the Senate Judiciary Committee expected to begin confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh next month, gun control activists need to get their act going to fight the confirmation. Dems are demanding Kavanaugh records on his tenure with GWB White House, claiming they are critical to public's approval of the justice. The left is hopeful for a delay but with Mitch Mitchell heading up the Senate, any underhanded move is possible from this political swindler.

Tuesday night places Republicans on the run for the House

Troy Balderson, the Republican candidate, looks like he has barely defeated Danny O’Connor in Ohio's 12th District. The reason RealClear Politics thinks it is a Democratic victory is that the District is heavily Republican, the most of sixty in Ohio, and there are still 3,500 provisional ballots to count. The results actually mirror the recent trend for Democrats to take over the house. The last time this seat was open back in 2000, the GOP's candidate won by 10 points. Turnout was down in the rural areas of the 12th district, with the urban areas coming to the aid of the left.

There's more. Democrat votes were even up in the suburbs of this district, which could indicate that the Dems are finally getting off their butts and voting. Outside of Ohio, Washington state, in the its 8th District, which looks like Ohio's 12th, Democrats are ahead by three points. But in the end the Dems must muster up the base force of "urban liberals, college-educated whites, and various minority communities." And it is also time for Progressives to get their act together bringing voters to the polls. And then on to the Senate.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

First Facebook,now twitter-All that's left is the bloggers

I have been blogging now for almost 15 years and both Twitter and Facebook, plus Google+ and now Pinterest have been very helpful in sharing my blog posts. I think Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most arrogant persons I have ever known about, on a parallel with Donald Trump. His (Facebook's) handling of your privacy information is shocking and downright scandalous, precisely why he gets the very minimum required from me. But since the latest uproar against Zuckerberg and Facebook my referrals from FB have dropped to a minimum, compared to Twitter.

Now, Jack Dorsey, who heads Twitter, is defending Alex Jones, the wacky conservative radical and his broadcast network Infowars, after it was banned by Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and many other companies. I am a staunch defender of the 1st Amendment but Jones is a real nut job who came up with the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook Massacre of 26 people including 6-year-old children, never happened. If Dorsey wouldn't censure him for content, he could have for the fact the whole thing is an outright lie, which is a proven fact. Alex Jones followers are even more pathetic than those who watch Fox News.

NRA staggers after hit from friends on gun violence

Dana Loesch promoting gun violence
NATIONAL RIFLE ASSN. LONGTIME INSURANCE ASSOCIATE PLACES ALL BLAME ON THE ORGANIZATION FOR ITS "INFLAMMATORY MARKETING": The NRA has numerous enemies, the most recent of whom is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has attacked the group with a vehemence. He has hit them where it really hurts, their pocketbook. A recent claim by the NRA's head, Wayne LaPierre, said they could go down the tube if this "blacklisting" continues in New York. Cuomo promptly stepped up his campaign.

And now Lockton, the insurance broker behind the NRA’s Carry Guard program, a product that the NY Gov. says is illegal in his state, says it is all because of their "inflammatory marketing," in a lawsuit to sever ties with the organization. They are selling Carry Guard, a policy protecting the NRA's gun nut membership, "through which gun owners could seek reimbursement for legal costs arising from self-defense shootings. It's also just another way to milk this some 5 million disciples of "more guns for everyone," and their gullibility eats it up.

There is no doubt about the arrogance of Wayne LaPierre and his group, but in Andrew Cuomo, they might just have met their match 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

GOP Congress reaches new low to overrule 1st Amendment

REPUBLICANS, AND SOME DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDENTS, "WANT TO GIVE PRESIDENT TRUMP THE AUTHORITY TO CLOSE DOWN CERTAIN NEWS OUTLETS": 43 percent of self-identified Republicans said that they believed “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” Of course, that "bad behavior" would include any criticism of T-rump. Dems and Independents joined in but with significantly less numbers, 12 and 26%. respectively. Most agree this is a result of Trump's tweeting of an "enemy press corps."

On the other hand, the Ipsos poll found that 57 percent of all respondents said that they believed news and reporters were “necessary to keep the Trump administration honest” including a plurality of Republicans. There is no doubt that some of the news media skew their reporting either left or right, decidedly Fox News and Sinclair Broadcast. The liberals have their supporters too but there hasn't been anything like conservative radio before in my lifetime, spawned by Rush Limbaugh and sustained by people like Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, all hacks but effective.

Donald Trump supporters are way beyond stupid

THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE TO DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS IS PROTESTERS KNEELING DURING PLAYING OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: That is in comparison with more restrictions for gun control at a time when children are being murdered regularly in their own schools, and other innocent Americans are dying daily from gun violence in their own neighborhoods. It is obvious to say the priorities of these dullards is misplaced, to say the least.

So now we've passed over 'gun rights at any cost' for trashing an athlete that believes in a cause that many Americans support. But, then, it's a "black" thing and the Trump bunch is considered a gang of racists. Trump attacked LeBron James and CNN commentator Don Lemon recently calling them both dumb. They are both black. Melania came to James defense praising his school for needy he opened in Akron, OH. You have to wonder if Trump followers are simply mentally ill?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Chicago gun killing epitome of NRA's 'Get more guns on street

70 PEOPLE SHOT, 11 FATALLY, OVER THE WEEKEND IN CHICAGO: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel always has someone to blame for the city's gun violence, this time it was repeat offenders, but it all boils down to one major problem: The National Rifle Assn.'s continuous plea, led by its head Wayne LaPierre, that if we had more guns on the street for protection, gun violence would go down. We do and it hasn't. Emanuel and his police department are apparently doing the best they can but obviously not enough.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson appears to be holding the community partially responsible, saying "the shooters need to be held accountable," indicating the need for someone to give up the shooters. Instead, he bemoans, everyone points fingers at the police. As the third largest city in the country, it is far ahead in gun violence of the two largest, New York and Los Angeles combined. But all things considered, it is only a matter of, need a gun? stand on a street corner long enough and you'll make a deal. Or just simply go to the next gun show where they will sell a gun to anyone, no questions asked.

Canada boycotts U.S. products...thanks to Donald Trump

CANADIANS ARE PISSED AT TRUMP-AMERICAN INDUSTRY SUFFERS THE CONSEQUENCES: We have Canadian friends who lived in the U.S. for years and recently returned there; can hardly wait to get their take on the "boycott America" movement. We talked several times in the past about life there compared to the U.S., and I have never heard anyone so satisfied with their country's government. The guy was here for the development of a special software project but since has returned home.

There was a lot of criticism for the U.S., some of which I refused to accept, but most of it was valid. We talked primarily about politics and, of course, 99% of their critique made sense because of our Congress, and the election leading to Donald Trump in the White House. They left just in time. And as far as these folks were concerned, Canada's universal healthcare works fine, even with the wife experiencing cancer. All in all Canada is a great place to live, the reason they went back after so many years. Its progressivism is what impressed me most.

And don't start telling me, 'if you like it so much, why don't you move there.' I believe the United States is the greatest country in the world, but in the last several years it has gone to hell in a handbasket and anyone who can't see that is living under a rock. We could take some direction from countries like Canada who admittedly has its problems too, but seems to portray a more relaxed and prudent atmosphere. I particularly like their gun control. Our friends are happy as hell back in Canada, and I am anxious to hear their reaction to the snub of the U.S.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Melania rams LeBron James up Trump's a**

A Ménage à trois of beauty, class and stupidity
Unless there is some underlying reason for what she did, Melania Trump just made her husband look like the fool he is and always has been. After T-rump spews his latest racist slur calling LeBron James dumb, along with his CNN interviewer, Don Lemon, both black, after James' criticism recently of the Oval Office lunatic. The first lady praised LeBron James saying he is doing "good things on behalf of our next generation," adding, she would like to visit the new school. Just how far up his backside this went is not clear since we've heard nothing from Trump.

And is it possible this is the opening salvo in a new revolt by Melania to undermine the maniac that has constantly belittled her over the years? It would seem appropriate if there is some kind of conspiracy to sabotage Trump just before the mid-terms and get even for her abuse over the years. I'm full of stuff like his but wouldn't the sane among us do most anything to get rid of this psychopath?

Trump racism tops that of Southern bigots

I grew up in the South and regularly experienced the purists of racism, but Donald Trump's style of racial bigotry is some of the worst I have seen. And, it would appear that he is more dedicated to it with his blatant perpetual delivery of insults to anyone...not like him. And that would include most of the world. Basketball player LeBron James just spent millions to open a school in his home town of Akron, Ohio for at-risk children. Don Lemon of CNN interviewed him. This is what Trump said of the interview...
“LeBron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made LeBron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!” (referring to Michael Jordan)
Both James and Lemon are black, as is Michael Jordan, whom Trump probably included trying to offset the backlash that his comment would receive. It didn't.

T-rump is a like a wart on the back of this country's butt that just keeps growing and won't go away. It had to take an appalling mixture of evil genes to spawn this atrocity and apparently it has been passed down at least three times. God save the universe!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Protesters swarm on NRA Fairfax, VA building

GUN CONTROL MOVEMENT TAKEN DIRECT TO NAT'L RIFLE ASSN. MAIN OFFICE JUST OUTSIDE WASHINGTON, DC: Support for the demise of the NRA is knocking on the doors of their headquarters TODAY and are demanding "the revocation of the heavyweight group's tax-exempt status." There are grounds for this charge based on questionable donations made by the NRA to political campaigns over the years. In other words, they bought the votes of the conservative blockheads in Congress, even some turncoat liberals. John McCain of Arizona has received the most over the years, $7,740,521, while offering in return his "thoughts and prayers" for the innocent victims. Pathetic!

NRA's arrogance backfires

Typical NRA lavish exhibition
OTHER THAN MARK ZUCKERBERG, WAYNE LAPIERRE, THE NRA'S HEAD, IS THE MOST ARROGANT BASTARD IN THE WORLD. Donald Trump, of course, is in a class of his own. But LaPierre has refused for years to negotiate with gun control advocates over even the simplest of issues like background checks and uncontrolled purchases of firearms at gun shows. What is startling is that 84% of the public supports background checks, as does 70 to 80% of NRA membership. Finally, the momentum is for gun control and more important, to get rid of the National Rifle Assn. and its staff of child killing terrorists. We know what the real problem is, the cowards in Congress; maybe we can change all of this in November. See NPR's latest.

Friday, August 3, 2018

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals shoots down NRA

ANOTHER NOTCH REMOVED FROM NATIONAL RIFLE ASSN. GUN: California court says no to NRA challenge of California Unsafe Handgun Act and upheld the forbidding of "concealed carry permit holders from possessing firearms on school grounds." This terrroist organization that has been allowed to operate without restraints for years under its head, Wayne Lapierre, is now on the run.

Is the NRA finally facing extinction? Or just crying wolf?

NRA GOING DOWN THE TUBE? The National Rifle Assn. head, Wayne LaPierre, says, "it is in grave financial jeopardy," and has filed a lawsuit to stop what it calls New York's "backlisting campaign" costing the NRA “tens of millions of dollars in damages.” Finally, that is the way to get rid of this terrorist group by cutting off their funds, bank connections and insurance coverage. The business community has already awakened to the damage this gang of child killers has caused and the general public has increased its approval of more gun control. Congressional cowards might even find themselves with the courage to stand up against the NRA.

Read more:

"NRA complains New York state crackdown is hurting them financially and they may have to shutter some operations"

Why is the NRA boycott working so quickly?

Other than tits, what does anyone see in the Kardashian family?

Kim Kardashian

THE LATEST AND GREATEST! Laura Welch of The Tab says "What is the draw and allure of a bunch of uneducated girls who wear too much makeup? Apparently it is the sheer stupidity of their reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Forming an opinion of the show without seeing it isn't exactly kosher, but in this case simply looking at the individuals involved, I would say their viewer mentality is no better than that of a Donald Trump supporter.

Donald Trump Says He Will Be Indicted On Tuesday

  THAT'S TODAY... Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has brought the case to this point, now looking at a possible indictment. Trum...