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Monday, August 16, 2021

Republican killing machines: Gov. Ron DeSantis/Gov. Greg Abbott


The Republican death cult has smoothly extended its reach from a general attitude of callousness for the American people to actually proposing and legislating their deaths in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moscow Mitch McConnell led this movement when during Barack Obama's administration, saying he could care less about America. All he wanted was to deny Obama a second administration. He didn't. But McConnell has gone on to continually attempt thwarting the Democratic agenda.

Then only recently Moscow Mitch did the same with President Joe Biden, followed by Kevin McCarthy's invitation to insurrectionists to join the Republican Party. As L. Davis Bond said in the Galveston County Daily News...

"These two men care nothing about America. They only care about getting elected, so they can take care of the rich and be rich and powerful themselves."

And there you have the basic purpose of the Republican Party, the above and to stay in power so they can stonewall or undo anything in the Democrats' a

genda. The GOP has no mission of its own, only to block the left at every turn. And this goal has become more obvious as Republican governors like Florida's Ron DeSantis and Texas' Greg Abbott have become killing machines to circumvent every move Joe Biden makes in his objective to control the deadly coronavirus.

I have done a series of posts documenting just how Abbott and DeSantis have attempted to literally destroy their states by blocking any precautions set up by the CDC, especially banning mask mandates and undermining vaccinations. All this when Texas has 3,322,528 cases, 54,385 deaths; Florida 2,875,150 cases, 40,528 deaths. Combined, there are over 6 million cases between the two, and Texas is number one in new cases and new deaths. Here are some of my posts...

Who should know more about addressing the coronavirus than the scientific community, which all Republicans seem to disregard with disdain: "More than 800 Florida physicians implore Gov. DeSantis to allow local school mask mandates."

Greg Abbott has mercilessly pushed his denial in Texas forcing one school superintendent to comment that she "can't do the one thing she wants to protect students." Further, "'I am frightened by what is coming': Texas officials scramble to staff hospitals as Covid-19 surge continues."

And here's one that takes the cake, DeSantis and Abbott screwing around with peoples' lives, especially the school children: "Abbott and DeSantis playing 'game of chicken' in balance between killing their constituents and owning the libs: columnist."

 Abbott at his very best putting his killing machine in motion: "Texas governor files legal challenge to end Dallas County mask mandate."

After the above, there should be no doubt that the Republican Party places

absolutely no value on the lives of American human beings. They can try and explain it away with any number of excuses, but it still comes down to their greed for power. But what is even more frightening is that a certain portion of American's agree with this lunacy, thus, why these political lunatics do what they do. The ringleaders are Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott but there are more.

President Biden has come on strong against those GOP governors that rally against masks and the vaccine telling them to act to save their constituents or "Get out of the way." If they don't, they may have no choice in 2022 and 2024.

Here are three of my recent blogs on the Covid-19 pandemic:

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