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Sunday, August 18, 2019

What Trump supporters really look like

August 18, 2019: PROGRESSIVE STREET NEWS BYTES...Where Liberals Walk

Trump supporters are less than hopeless  

They try, but this is what they are
Have you ever tried to convince a Donald Trump follower that he is a tyrannical despot scraping the bottom of the political barrel? In my blog posts, I make these and more allegations against the Oval Office lunatic. It zings right past them into eternity because this ego maniac has managed to take over control of their brains, and they can no longer think for themselves. Their abilities are also limited since I can tell most of them don't even read my posts, just headlines. The scenario...
“The sad truth is that with all that Trump has said and done, millions of Americans don’t see where he has ever crossed the line,” Washington Post, columnist Colbert King wrote. “Slurring Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists? Calling for a ban on all Muslims coming into the country? Suggesting that a U.S.-born judge overseeing a Trump University lawsuit should recuse himself because of his Mexican heritage (“He’s a Mexican,” Trump said)? Saying people in the United States from Nigeria will never “go back to their huts”? Referring to Haiti and African countries as “s—hole countries” while wishing the United States would take more people from places like Norway?”
Some of Trump's pathetic supporters...

Colbert adds more...
“Trump’s loyal base of supporters rejects or ignores any charge of bias. They stay locked in, because they see things his way; he is speaking for them,” he explained. “So, don’t waste time trying to convince them that Trump has a dark side. They have heard what you heard; have seen what you’ve seen. The difference: They delight in the Trump thoughts, words and deeds that you denounce.”
King muses that these Trump people just don't care, adding, "after over two years of watching Trump in action, any fans he has left are no different than the president." And left with this, nothing could be worse.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Donald Trump as Julius Caesar

July 21, 2019: WEEKEND NEWS BYTES  

Donald Trump-Fascist in the White House
Could Donald Trump play Shakespeare?

Jim Hightower of Creators Syndicate relates back to the classics and wonders if Shakespeare "could do literary justice to the tortured madness of Donald Trump." Having participated in a little of the Bard's work in college, I say the playwright would have been totally disgusted with the subject. That would be unfortunate since one of his specialties was "tragedies" and we certainly have all of the material for that in the White House today. Hightower says...
"His brags are especially weird because they usually involve achievements he hasn’t made. It’s as though his saying something makes it true — even though everyone except his most naive devotees can clearly see that he’s either hallucinating or lying."
And finally the Oval Office lunatic recently declared "it’s intolerable to have such homelessness in our rich country, but not because so many poor people are suffering..."
"but because business people and shoppers face the indignity of having to walk past the homeless to get to their offices, banks, cafes, etc."
This is so, so pathetic!

Donald Trump/Julius Caesar NY production gets standing ovation...

The cult of "totalitarianism" that supports Donald Trump's lies

Matthew Chapman of AlterNet makes a statement that is so frightening it would make any contra-Trump person cringe with non-belief. He says...
"Trump’s base is a ‘cult’ that may never be deprogrammed."
Do you realize what that means? These poor uninformed, double-digit souls will walk around this earth until they die, spewing the same old crap about how wonderful this moron is. I know one and here are a couple of his comments on Facebook to my criticisms of T-rump...
"Trump does not have a spiteful bone in his body." 
"Why do [you] say that? I feel he [Donald Trump] is the most real person ever elected. He has done, or at least made an all out attempt to do everything he said he was going to do. And he calls things for what they really are."
In an analysis of Donald Trump’s base by The Daily Beast’s Kelly Weill, she says experts label them as totalitarians, based on recent behavior, adding this comment...
“Trump has long stoked bigoted grievances among his followers, but the Greenville rally saw him act as a more overt radicalizer than ever before. And with a portion of Trump’s fanbase now openly clamoring for the physical removal of several prominent Democrats of color, experts are questioning whether the country can repair the damage — even if Trump loses in 2020.”
If the curse of Donald Trump is destined to live on, the moon's population could explode by 2021.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Other than tits, what does anyone see in the Kardashian family?

Kim Kardashian

THE LATEST AND GREATEST! Laura Welch of The Tab says "What is the draw and allure of a bunch of uneducated girls who wear too much makeup? Apparently it is the sheer stupidity of their reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Forming an opinion of the show without seeing it isn't exactly kosher, but in this case simply looking at the individuals involved, I would say their viewer mentality is no better than that of a Donald Trump supporter.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Voter disenchantment sorely misdirected toward. Donald Trump

Everyone in this country, except for those people living under a rock, is disenchanted with the way the U.S. government is being run. Yes, I am even very unhappy with Pres. Obama, although I think he has been a great President on other issues, for his lack of aggression to pass gun control legislation. But to channel this disillusionment in the direction of a maniac like Donald Trump is akin to hiring a psychotic as a babysitter. You people want this kind of individual running your country? If you do, please get

A literal carnival barker, he is currently carrying 36% of the Republican vote. I knew conservatives were less intelligent than progressives, but this kind of thinking puts your IQ in the double digits. This crackpot has brought the best out of his supporters, like reviving those morons that placed Barack Obama's head on the body of a chimpanzee. Now that's what I call class that dwells at the bottom of the barrel. And of course there was the recent barring of all Muslims to the U.S., even if they are citizens.

The GOP has panicked and has no idea what to do. I have an idea. They might call the CIA and see if they can make Donald Trump disappear, at least until the 2016 election is over.

MR. PRESIDENT: If you look frail, if you talk frail, and if you walk frail, you must be frail...

      ...too frail to lead this country for another four years. I know, we all know, what you are afraid of; the lunatic who could win the ...